Burpple Eatups!

Burpple Eatups!

Featuring Artistry, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Joo Bar, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), The Tuckshop, Seasons Bistro, Sacha & Sons, PasarBella (Suntec City), The Royal Mail (Restaurant & Bar), Pies & Coffee (Rochester Mall)
Raine Liu
Raine Liu

Really #failed at guessing the fruits/vegetables that were in 3 different concoction! But 4 of our #BurppleTastemakers were successful and was well rewarded!
Had a hand in making my own Squeezed! Buns - choosing my own ingredients to pressing it in the UFO toaster! (Did my bun without "supervision" and my bun got "stuck" in the machine 😹) #Squeezedsg must have known we had been pigging out too much and gave us an early Christmas detoxing session 😹 Thank you for hosting and detoxing us and @burpple for the invite!!


People might frown upon hearing this - zi char and wine? What a weird pairing?

Imagine Coffee Pork Ribs with red Valtravieso Joven or Har Jeong Gai with white Prosecco.
However, we were strangely surprised actually how they can go together.
Our favourite pairing would definitely be the Moonlight Hor Fun with white Riesling and how the crisp, light Riesling wash away the oiliness of the Hor Fun.

I may not be the person for wine but this interesting experience makes it really easy to get to know more about wines #75clmoments

On the table: Kins House Salad ($9), Tataki Tuna ($13), Forest Mushroom Soup ($9) & Wintermelon Chicken Bouillon ($8). Noteworthy would be the Tataki Tuna made with sashimi grade tuna that is pan seared to medium then topped with mesclun greens, homemade pickles and honey mustard sauce. The other picks would be the soups that were very comforting to the bellies 😌


Tartufina ($24) of TRUFFLE paste and Mozarella. May sound really simple but if you love truffle, this is definitely the pizza for you! Basically just whole truffles mashed and spread like a sauce ALL AROUND the WHOLE pizza! I bet you can totally imagine the explosion of truffle taste dancing right inside your mouth!
Fellow tastemaker @kaiyle, who is a truffle lover (like me), couldn't help but have extra servings of it despite being really stuffed!
Thanks @ciao_sg for the warm hospitality and @burpple for the invite! We had a seriously delizioso time!


If you are swinging by @thetuckshop for some brunch today, do not miss out, I mean MUST ORDER The Tuckshop Carrot Cake ($6)! The crispy carrot cubes are sprinkled with magical seasoning which made them extremely addictive! (Though the menu wrote - sambal sauce & chive, but my tastebuds says magical seasoning 😂) Easily one of our favourite dishes, not too long later, all was left was that white claypot!


Beef shanks soaked in beef stock, bell peppers, tomatoes with added cayenne and paprika to heat it up.Would have one to tuck myself cosily into bed tonight 😌

Thank you #piencoffee for the introduction of your pie-ping hot new menu! And #burpple for the invite! 😋


Of Jumbo Pork Sausage, Hashbrowns, Poached Eggs with Dou Ban Jiang Hollandaise Sauce on Artisan Bread with my favourite sautéed Mushrooms.This will definitely make a mean breakfast to make it Terrific Tuesday 😂

Thank you @thetuckshop for the Egg-citing Egg-ilicious time! & @burpple for holding yet another Fun and yummy BurppleTastemakers Eatup on Saturday! 😋


How? You might ask? As the first dish to be served for the night, one whiff of the strong truffle and bread fragrance primary set our tummies all growling while wiping our saliva away while capturing its beauty.
Despite the shooting, the Truffle Brioche remain pillowly soft and warm, it was a good welcome and start to our meal at #thedisgruntledchef's new branch at Ann Siang. The nori butter on the hand, was outstanding. Slabbing some onto the brioche elevated the whole taste.


This was our final project of Ice Cream 'wich-es with their new SPECTACULAR SPECULOOS flavour!
Hmm... shall try this at home with some Sxxxxy cookies and with the tub of ice cream they gave us to bring home 😋

Thank you #benandjerrysg and #burpple for the brrrrrrrr-illant experience!


Check out this juicy Cheeseburger ($17) - really love the tender soft beef patty on this! Sorry non-beef eaters, but this was one of my favourite from yesterday! Look at that glistering bacon siting on top and you'll know the deal is sealed.
Fancy the pickles that came with the burger which balances the whole taste of it and especially good after the bacon filled menu.
Thank you #burpple and #ombsg for the awesome oh-my-bacon time yesterday!


This beautiful garden of desserts is a display of chef's selection of desserts in tasting portions.

Our favourite part would be the chocolate mousse, the vanilla ice cream and all of the ingredients that were thrown into the equations that were too many the chef had to read it off paper 😂


Raine Liu

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