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Riding on the Hallyu wave, there seem to be more and more Koreans cafes or restaurants in Singapore. You can easily get Bingsu, Korean fried chicken etc here now, that you don't have to fly to Korea to satisfy you food cravings.
Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Expect the popular Korean "jjamppong" (spicy seafood noodle dish) to be re-invented by having flavours from around the world.

Traditionalists can still satisfy their jjamppong craving by ordering the spicy Cha Ppong ($15.80) filled with mussels, squid, prawns and quail eggs. Come in two level of spiciness, it was hard for me to finish on own especially I can’t take spicy food. Or slurp up Vongole Ppong ($16.80) whereby the clam broth is spiked with white wine and garlic. Springy noodles, rich clam broth with a light spicy kick, the soupy dish was different in a good way.


Birthday Feast! Didn’t expect that the table will be soon groaning under the weight of all the food when we ordered. At lost on what to order, we went for the recommended Set B which comes with
- Heuk Moksal aka Premium Black Pork Collar
- Hujae Samgyub aka Smoke Pork Belly
- Hangjeong aka Pork Jowl
- Mushroom platter
- One choice of soup
- One choice of pancake (chives, seafood or kimchi)
- Makgeolli aka Korean Rice Wine
- Oreo Bingsu
And as we felt it might not be enough, we still add on Ginseng Chicken and Marinated Chicken. OPPSIE!

Luckily there was a staff helping us to barbecue the food so it was pretty hassle free for us. A variety of side dishes and well cooked meat, all we need to do is to polish off the food!


Whenever it gets so hot and humid, means it’s time for some icy cold dessert. Nunsongyee is one of the first to bring in this soft snowy bingsu that previously have to fly to Korea to get.

Green Tea Bingsu that’s generously topped with red bean paste, matcha ice cream and mochi! We just can’t get enough of this. Now quick question, who still remember where is the first Nunsongyee outlet?


What better way to end Friday with, especially when you sip a bottle of chilled beer and soak in the evening breeze by Singapore River. Munching on boneless crispy fried chicken in soy sauce or yang nyum flavour, it feels as though I'm back in Korea again!

Love how the soy sauce complete the fried chicken and just wanna keep having more. Didn't quite like yang nyum as the spicy kicks in after a few bites.


One can hardly miss this fermented rice wine when in Korea, or in this case having Korean food. Served in a huge pot, is easy to drink as it's slightly sweeter as they mixed in natural honey. Plus this goes well with the 4 Colours Pork Belly Set we had!

One can hardly miss this fermented rice wine when in Korea, or in this case having Korean food. Served in a huge pot, is easy to drink as it's slightly sweeter as they mixed in natural honey. Plus this goes well with the 4 Colours Pork Belly Set we had!


E!GHT Korean BBQ second outlet is now at Level 4 of Shaw Centre. Similar look and feel as they remain the industrial interior but one thing I love are those Korean MVs that's kept loop, especially happy when Scarlet Heart's OST appear *heart flutters

Didn't have time to visit Korea this year but seem like they're now serving thick cuts of meat. To bring you the same dining experience, you'll get to indulge in Big Hog Plate ($45) an amazingly huge 360g of lightly seasoned Hungarian Mangalisata pork belly. Full fledge service here, allows you to indulge without hassle of getting "smoked", ensure each piece is juicy with slight crisp. Served with thickly sliced onions, king oyster mushrooms and traditional mugwort rice cake with honey dip on side.


Will be nice to enjoy the Design-Your-Own Bibimbap for lunch.

Is one dish I'll love going back for. Chicken tenders, tteokbokki and garlic cloves generously glazed with honey butter but not overly sweet. Just can't get enough of those fried tteokbokki!


Picking one carb, one protein, three complements before choosing either original sauce (slightly spicy) or soy sauce. Interestingly they have Quinoa as a carb option, which is a great alternative to white rice but not found in traditional Korean dishes. Served on the hot plate, sizzling sound of bibimbap just make you want to mix it up and dig in quickly!

Still hungry? Get a side of Honey Butter Chicken ($18), Joo Wings ($18) or Yucha Makgeolli Slush ($36 for large) for a full meal experience!


Masizzim now offer even more varieties!! Stews served in cast-iron pots, kept bubbling hot with live flames. New dishes include Spicy Seafood Stew ($36.80) or Spicy Seafood Beef Stew ($38.80), adding your choice of Korean udon, sweet potato glass noodles, topokki or cheese. Base are made of gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) and you can choose the level of spiciness, max is 4 though level 2 was probably my best before flames comes out!

Seafood stew here will tempt your tastebuds as prawns, mussels, crayfish and squid are cooked in clam-based broth accentuate by Masizzim's beef rib stew sauce.


After the craze with honey butter chips and mixed nuts, we now get to devour crispy fried chicken glazed with this salty-sweet sauce, showered with even more honey butter seasoning.

Chewy pan-fried topokki (Korean rice cakes) complements the dish well that I couldn't help but "steal" them from my table mates. As always portion is huge and recommend for sharing especially it can get too sweet after a while.

Good to know that this outlet is actually open till 3am. Now I know where I can head for late night supper 😉


A bit of sweetness can drown out a whole load of bitterness. So I’m always having sweets 🧁🍧🍡

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