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Sandwiches / Burgers

Sandwiches / Burgers

Featuring Artistry, Park Bench Deli, Third & Sixth, 52 Sandwich Shack, 25 Degrees Singapore, Wolf Burgers (PasarBella @ Suntec), burger joint, Be Frank, Old Boys Gallery, Artisan Boulangerie Co. (VivoCity)
Katherine Catapang
Katherine Catapang

Had the pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, both great! I like the pulled pork one just a bit more. Really worth it after Burrple Beyond.

Tried out this new fast food place that sells bahn mi's. Went for the original (rebel original i think?) And it was alright. Bread could be a biiiit fluffier.

Actually couldnt taste the salted egg flavour much. But chicken was juicy and made for an enjoyable burger.

This cheesesteak sammich and Deliveroo's super efficient delivery is a gift from the gods.


This stuff is goooood. Loved both dogs but i think the cheesy one is a bit better! Received good service from the two ladies at the kiosk too.

Pretty affordable at 14++. I had the one with the burrata cheese and parma ham (#2 i think). Quite nice, but not the best burger in town. As you can see, bread to meat ratio is off. Patty wasn't as juicy as I was expecting too.


Pretty good, but something was missing. Flavours were quite muted, it didn't leave an impression and I can't even recall the taste now. But to be clear, it definitely was not a bad burger. Just forgettable.

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As said in ther menu: 160g dry-aged beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, maple-glazed bacon, easy fried egg, crispy hash brown, smothered in maple hollandaise, between french toast buns.

Crazy indulgent!! As you can see, this burger is packed with all the possible breakfast elements that they can fit, and it all goes well together. My fave part are the buns! The touch of sweetness is a good balance to all the other savory ingredients. I had this for dinner, but I imagine that it's best to have it for breakfast. Will probably keep you full for half the day ahead. Comes with a choice of salad or fries. This on the Entertainer 2016, I noticed that it's not in their list of 2017 merchants, so better try this before the year ends.


Read mixed reviews about this so I managed my expectations. Happy to report that I enjoyed it! Had my patty medium rare and it came out really tender and juicy. Might be under-seasoned to some, but you can always add salt and pepper as they provide it on each table. I loved the bun too! Soft and buttery. Major plus points for the ambience of the place. I'd say it's best to go on a weekend to avoid the weekday lunch crowd. This was really pricey at 16.80++ though, but thankfully it's on The Entertainer. We also had to fork out $3.50++ for a bottle of Dasani, so don't come thirsty haha. Better yet, just go for their beers! In conclusion... I will return!


Comes with cheddar, bacon, egg, and caramelized onions. Everything I like in a burger! Came with crispy wedges too. U.P. is only $20 nett, imagine how much of steal this was with The Entertainer!!


Had this Deliveroo'd and sad to say, it was awful. The steak was cold!! Not room temperature but actually cold, like it just came from an ice bath. So that means the onions were cold too. Chimichurri sauce was bland. Ugh. At least the bread was decent?


The real krabby patty. Gosh just look at it! Every bite of this was so delightful. I like my burgers the classic way with beef, but this one made me happy the way no other beef burger in SG has done before! Hahaha. I love how they kept the accompaniments to a minimum, only lettuce and tomato, letting the patty and and the chili crab sauce (in a separate bowl) shine. Oohh, and the bun they used was great too! Not dry, unlike most places. Lastly, it comes with a generous portion of nicely done crispy fries. Excited to go back and try their famed PB&J french toast!


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