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Fine French

Fine French

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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

Oven-roasted Australian lamb chops prepared flawlessly on a bed of curry-seasoned couscous with chopped pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, roasted garlic, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Pricey? Yes, but definitely worth the splurge!


I love anything papillote as every bit of flavour is preserved within the parcel. Each spoonful of the creamy fish broth was bursting with briny flavours of the sea, and the tiger prawns, clams and octopus were all cooked beautifully. The dill bread topped with grated Gruyere was perfect for mopping it all up till the last drop.


Wonderful poached rhubarb stalks with massive quenelles of slightly tart rhubarb sorbet and vanilla ice cream (we still had plenty left even after trying sooo hard to ration the precious stalks), served with dots of custard, rose jelly, as well as a good sprinkling of crumble.


Pigeon done beautifully two ways: roasted breast meat till pink in the middle and tender Frenched legs after a low and slow confit. The bird and jus' savoury punch was balanced by the delicate rhubarb and rose purée plus crunchy grapes 'a la Aussignac' — seed and nut-studded praline-coated grapes from chef Longworth's time under chef Pascal Aussignac of Michelin-starred Club Gascon in London.


It's easy for veloutés to get cloyingly rich but this wasn't. You still get the creamy texture but the charred cauliflower florets break the monotony. Love the nutty notes from the brown butter too!

Get this with their super value-for-money lunch set: $18/$23 for 2/3 courses! Available on weekends too.


I usually find French onion soups a little hard to finish on my own, but with no bread layering or gratinéeing here, you get to enjoy the broth's depth of flavour from caramelised onions and veal jus on its own.

Get this with their super value-for-money lunch set: $18/$23 for 2/3 courses! Available on weekends too.


If you’ve never had good canelés before, make a pit stop here to try legit ones — they use tin-lined copper molds from France to nail that perfect crisp, caramelised shell around the fluted cake!

With three sizes to choose from, I liked the good crispy crust to dense custard middle ratio the Medium size ($3.50) offered, but if you want more crunchy surface, then the Cocktail size ($1.80) is the way to go. The oversized Grand ones ($5.50) had too much soft insides, so I wouldn’t really recommend it.
Flavours wise, my favourites were the Framboise (raspberry with raspberry brandy) and Mediterranean (with orange zest and Grand Marnier). If you’re a purist, they make a pretty solid Traditional canelé with vanilla bean and dark rum too. 👌🏼

You can have it for dine-in, perhaps with a cup of Mariage Frères tea, or bag a box and share it with others at home or at work!


A feast for the eyes and the taste buds starring sweet and succulent prawn chunks poached flawlessly and balanced by a medley of textures and flavours of tomatoes including marinated cherry tomatoes, tomato 'marshmallow', and fresh tomberry (smallest tomatoes in the world!) with samphire. Love how chef battered and deep-fried the prawn's 'whisker' too for an added crunch.

While many places aim to let the produce speak for itself, many chefs end up overcomplicating dishes instead of bringing out the ingredients' natural flavours. What I really love about chef Jason Tan is his restrain and respect for the produce, as well as how every element has a purpose in every creation.


What an unassuming name for something so gobsmacking, possibly the best chicken dish I've ever had to date. The piece of sous vide breast was beyond succulent and was somehow more enjoyable than the pan-fried thigh. Not that the thigh wasn't good – it was well seasoned with a golden brown finish, but I've never tasted such juicy chicken breast before with its delicate flavours shining through. Even that generous shaving of black truffle took the back seat.

The rich 'surf & turf' jus that is added to this dish tableside packs some serious punch of intensified umami flavours, skillfully extracted from crustacean shells, veal and chicken. Even the morels and grilled romaine were beautifully cooked, and so was the creamy and smooth sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke) purée. Come here for a seriously gastronomic experience with your special someone and I promise it'll be worth every penny. p.s. Their lunch sets are considerably more wallet-friendly!

Random fact: We were told that the chicken used here are sourced from Toh Thye San farm and their chicks (as in, 🐣🐣) are from France and then reared in Malaysia.


This was insanely delicious. The well-marbled Kagoshima beef was cooked to perfection, served with vegetables fricassee and fresh morels. Scoop an indulgent dollop of the signature velvety Joel Robuchon mashed potatoes on the side and you're well on your way to heaven.

Weekend Lunch Menu (Saturdays only), $78/$98/$118 for 3/5/7 courses


The liquorice-kissed fennel sauce strikingly complemented the sweet steamed sea bass and langoustine finished with fat, creamy slugs of sea urchin. This tastes as good as it looks, if not better.

Weekend Lunch Menu (Saturdays only), $78/$98/$118 for 3/5/7 courses


If you’ve had the signature L’Œuf de Poule before, opt for this refreshing combination of the green mustard sorbet with earthy beetroot and crisp apple chunks instead. I didn't expect to enjoy this so much – truly a very pleasant surprise!

Weekend Lunch Menu (Saturdays only), $78/$98/$118 for 3/5/7 courses


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