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Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

It's more than just chin chong chin chong
Ray Tan
Ray Tan

Tucked at a corner below a block of hdb lies this zhi char coffee shop which serves bloody good asam catfish. You know people usually attack the belly part of the fish because it's the most tender. But with the catfish, every part of the fish is equally tender and the asam gravy is pretty wicked! Personally, I think the other zhi char dishes are so-so but the catfish is one not to be missed! Not sure if the catfish is a cheap fish but for $28 a whole fish it's damn worth it! Pls be reminded the catfish needs to be ordered like 2-3 days min in advance. Recommended to make reservations for dinner as well. This place is pretty small and the crowd starts pouring in after 7pm.
想吃鯰魚嗎?那不如到黃家咖啡店一趟. 大量推薦這家的亞參鯰魚! 魚肉又嫩又新鮮,配上亞參醬汁味道更佳! 別道的煮炒品質還好,但鯰魚儘量別錯過!

I know the picture looks like charred pieces of shiat. Pardon the photography but these are actually amazingly tender pork ribs which is Por Kee's highly acclaimed signature dish. Can't really taste the champagne though. 香檳排骨 排骨的口感超鬆軟!香檳的味道需要些調整就完美!贊👍


Osmanthus jelly with wolfberries coupled by a soufflé egg white ball stuffed with red bean paste. The jelly looks fanciful but taste pretty bland. The soufflé was impressive though. Fluffy texture and flavorful red bean paste produces some great tasting dynamics!

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Part of a Chinese course dinner which costs about $200 per head. The skin is crispy like one would expect it to be. Thereafter, the meat of the poor bare pig is then diced and stir fried with some kinda pepper seasoning which tastes really good! Nvr knew sg actually has such a fine Chinese restaurant out there.

The Double Blessing($22 excl tax) aka 双拼 on the restaurant's menu is the absolute BOMB! Char siew and roast pork are both mf tender to the extend I was doubting if I'm actually eating pork! If this is the last meal I will have on my deathbed (touchwood) I really wouldn't mind! Lastly, pls make reservations to avoid waiting and don't come after 8pm for dinner. PS: they might run out of their signature dishes. I actually had the last order of char siew while the poor couple beside were scowling in discontent as I gave them the diao look


Bak Kut Teh spare ribs ($8). It's the pepperish style kind. Soup is nice but spare ribs kinda tiny and little.

White Seafood Beehoon ($12). It's the wet style. The gravy is tasty and they r pretty generous with the seafood! Other notable dishes include the potato leaves, fried bean curd and ngor hiang!

Crispy roasted chicken ($18). Skin is crispy but the meat was a little tough. This place is known for their coffee pork ribs and salted yolk prawn ball though

Ray Tan

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I'm a food anal. Appease my connoisseur tongue please👅

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