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Where’s My Greens

Where’s My Greens

Let's try out what everyone's been raving about!
ZC Ong
ZC Ong

$15++ ($9.90++ for lunch). This hearty bowl of goodness. Fresh salad greens, black beans, salsa, corn, guacamole and roast chicken cubes! Flavourful salad and leaves you all filled and satisfied after the meal! Though on the pricey side, service level could be improved further with more attentive staff... 💪🏼

Poké Bowls can be a tad expensive but this “overflowing” size bowl with lots of rice (I mixed rice and salad) will make you very full (Beware!) so it’s really value for money! My friends got the Original flavours and it was too salty, so get this spicy mayo, tastes better!

Ambience is great on a weekday lunch! Built a bowl of Singapore flavours infused salad bowl to enjoy the afternoon in this serene Gallery!

It was on entertainer app and we felt the need for healthy food, so we gave it a try! For $15, this humongous bowl of quinoa, chicken breast cubes, lentils, guacamole, grilled sweet potato cubes, Korean tofu, avocado purée, nacho chips and baby cabbage is... quite complicated. We were thinking if we should mix them or eat them separately, but I prefer the latter way! During lunch peak hour, we wished they could be a tad faster! (Warning: not really for those who prefer strong taste, as this could be a lil bland for some; but if you do, there’s also spicy sriracha sauce to go with which should do the trick!)


Salmon Zoodles: made of grilled salmon fillet, shredded zucchini, fried egg, edamame, feta cheese with miso sauce ($12.90) - goes well when all ingredients mixed together, as the zucchini soaks up the saltiness of salmon and miso! Perfect with the yolk flowing!

Great Veggie Burger: made of cauliflower and quinoa mashed into a patty, pan-fried green spinach olive bun, garnished with pico de gallo, greens and grilled mushrooms ($13.90) - I'm often surprised by the many ways of cooking cauliflower (e.g. Cauliflower grains)! This burger comes with a strong hint of cumin, yet all goes well with the perfect green olive bun!


Instead of a bowl, it comes in a plate! We decided to have something healthy for lunch, and boy can someone do justice to this place, it's so quiet over Friday Lunchtime! We certainly enjoyed the peaceful neighbourhood ambience, and this plate of Poké - salmon-tuna mix with 2 scoops of rice and a scoop of potato macaroni and refreshing pineapple mint salad (~S$15)! The taste is neat and tidy - different from the messy mix you see in usual poké bowls out there! Bring your friends along to enjoy this authentic Hawaiian poké in a plate!


ZC Ong

Level 6 Burppler · 129 Reviews

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