SG Hawkers!

SG Hawkers!

Featuring Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Changi Village Hawker Centre, A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), Xin Yuan Ji (Bugis), Springleaf Prata Place (Jalan Tua Kong), Sumo Big Prawn Noodle (Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre), Pepper Bowl (Amoy Street Food Centre), Bee Kee Wanton Noodles (Lorong Lew Lian), Yan Ji Seafood Soup (Old Airport Road Food Centre)
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

My verdict of this dish is kind of mixed. The broth is clean tasting with subtle sweetness and umaminess from the seafood as opposed to what I was expecting an omph with a pack of thick seafoody flavors. Which I guess it’s good in a way lest it get too gelard towards the end, but definitely there could be more oomph to it! The seafood were definitely fresh, but just find their fried fish on the saltier side. But I definitely like the addition of fried egg floss and rice pop, giving the dish a different texture.

Making their meat cake from scratch, they have a good crunchy and bouncy texture. Soup was mind blowing, despite its milky brown color, broth was filled with a blend of umami and meaty flavor! It's that good and precious that the soup was never filled to the brim. Seafood was all fresh, big and juicy. Always wanting for more! Totally warm your stomach on a cold rainy day.

These are the gems! One of the many snaking queues you'll witness when you're in the Changi V hawker. They have basically 2 main items on the menu - Fish soup and stir fry Sambal/black bean Fish Head. Both are simply finger licking good! The fish soup was light yet flavorful as though the broth was simmered with loads of ingredients with a hint of Chinese wine taste. Thick slices of fish that was smooth and odourless. While the stir fry fish head was superb. The sauce were thick with good balance of savory and spiciness. Bitter gourd was softened and well absorb the dish sauce leaving behind just a tiny winny bitter aftertaste. Fish head was not that boney and they had considerably good amount of meat to savor on. Price of dishes were reasonable too given the generous portion! Fish soup ranges from $4-8 while the stir fry fish head is at $12, $18 or $22! Highly raved about!

The 45mins queue trend is over! Seafood is sweet, fresh and succulent but soup seems to be lacklustre in flavors. You can taste the savoriness of the soup but missing the sweetness from the seafood. But one thing is true, not too much of MSG (or not at all) as I did not have to quench my thirst thereafter.

Handmade noodles that were chewy and springy to bite on. Flavorful piquant sauce that goes well with the noodle. Generous with their portion of ingredients with their potato prawn and sauna egg being my favorites!

Loving the golden crispy edged egg prata that wasn't too oily. Accompanied with a little spicy and sour fish curry was a perfect combination of both!

Not your usual wanton mee but one perfumed with TRUFFLE oil! A little springy a little soft noodles filled with subtle truffle taste whilst the charsiew and wanton retaining its original crispy flavors! Delightful combination of east meet west!


Hawker no longer sells the usuals! More innovative foods has come to hawker. One fine example is Pepper Bowl. Tender succulent beef slices together with hot peppery sauce over a bowl of rice topped with a runny flowy onsen egg. Such a delectable and delish find in this Amoy hawker among the busy cbd area! You got to try it yourself! #hawkerpedia


Have you heard of Tuck Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun situated right in Hong Lim Market? Their famous Crayfish Prawn Horfun was first introduced to me by my dad since many years ago when I was still a kid. I still remembered how fresh and sweet the crayfish was back then. And i always wondered what secret ingredients have they used in their sauce that makes the whole dish so yummy and delicious. Many years later and after Hong Lim Market have undergone a renovation, so glad that I managed to drop by the stall again recently. The never ending queue still remains and the taste of the crayfish horfun stays as delish and nostalgic. Thick gooey savory sauce paired with medium size fresh, crunchy crayfish and succulent few pieces of prawns at only $7 still remains as THE ONE I'll go for whenever I have a craving! #hawkerpedia


Cheap and good wu xiang! Crispy prawn cracker with firm wu xiang, sausage and squid dough fritters! Everything for just a friendly $4!

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Where to find a bowl of good prawn noodle around the PSA port? Just look out for the long queue which will never fail to appear during the lunch hour! Amoy 虾面 starting from the basic $3 to the added additional ingredients at $5. The $5 bowl consist of prawn, pork ribs, small intestine and pig liver! Quite a generous servings of noodles and ingredients accompanied with the sweet chilli sauce. Their broth is another highlight of the stall. Thick broth filled with essences and fragrance of the prawns from the long hours of cooking. Best combination of good stock + generous servings of prawn noodle!


Tried this special style of dish? Deep fried Ee mian with slice fish in black sauce. Crispy thin version of Ee Mian which totally soak in the essence of the sweet yet brings about a little saltish black sauce. Paired with slices of fish with the skin being a little too chewy though. Quite a creative and delightful dish nonetheless.


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