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China-Chinese Food

China-Chinese Food

For my ultimate love of ma la (麻辣) especially.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang
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Ordering is exactly like how you order mlxg - pick your ingredients, they weigh them and you choose the level of spice you’d like. The main difference here is the type of soup you can opt for. They have 3 types, the Clear Herbal Soup, Sour & Spicy Soup and of course, the Spicy Soup. I went for the Spicy Soup at medium spice. Although it says soup, it was more saucy like a stew and came with a bowl of seaweed soup plus chili sauce! I thought the chili sauce would be redundant, but found myself dipping ingredients into it for that rather addictive extra tangy flavour (similar to Thai sauces). It was fiery at medium spice. Would have this again!

📍冒菜 Mao Cai
Vivocity Kopitiam, Stall R12


Had just one other biang biang noodles before in Chinatown and between both, I preferred the sauce used here at Xi’an Impressions as the tomatoes weren’t as overwhelming. Biang biang noodles are much wider than our variation of noodles and if you love mee hoon kway’s texture, this is probably something for you. Portion here was huge and toppings were mainly vegetables. It might get a bit too much after awhile, hence would recommend to get another dish to go along and share them with a friend!

📍Xi’an Impression
Kopitiam, Jurong East MRT Station


I know I know, this bowl looks mega spicy but it actually wasn’t! Think the mlxg stall here in Food Junction changed after their previous renovation as the taste seems kinda different. Got the soup version for lunch cause it was pouring outside! Ingredients were pretty fresh but though it was still a comforting spicy broth for the cold weather, it wasn’t as flavourful. Remember to use your Passion Card to get a 10% discount during certain timings.

📍Xiao Man Niu Mala Xiang Guo
Food Junction, Nex

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Always only had Da Zui Ba’s mlxg via food deliveries and even then, it was usually a great bowl. Finally got to try it freshly fried and it didn’t disappoint!

Think there’s a minimum order of $7, which came up to a huge portion for me for the ingredients I picked. Other than the lotus slices, everything were pretty fresh. Loved that it was very thoroughly fried and bold on its flavour, spice and peppercorns. Even the wide potato noodles that some stalls usually undercook, are done nicely soft and chewy here. Their spice levels are a tad higher than the usuals, so make sure to adjust accordingly!

Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi / Yong Xing Coffee Shop
Blk 155 Bukit Batok Street 11 Singapore 650154


Priced per portion, the mlxg here is very affordable, at $1 for veg, $2 for chicken/pork and $3 for beef/mutton/seafood! It was very fragrant with just the right amount of peppercorns, but a little oily and had much less salt - personally didn’t find this bowl as shiok cause I’m all for stronger flavours! Spice levels are also lower than usual, so take it up a notch if you’re a fan.

📍Tian Tian Xiang Shang Spicy Ma La Hotpot 天天向上麻辣香锅
Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre #02-21


I don’t take beef but what’s here is a mixture of beef tendon, brisket and tripe among other vegetables like baby cabbage, potato and turnip - braised and then simmered for more than 4 hours in spices.

Thank you @yunnans for having us and @brandcellar for the kind invite! ✨

Jewel Changi Airport #02-217
10am to 10pm Daily


Unlike most liang pi I’ve had, the sauce here is much thicker and more savoury - wasn’t the kind I expected but it was still nice! The noodles are cut thinner than usual and although they weren’t as chewy, the flavours were absorbed thoroughly. Would have liked a touch more acidity to balance out the heaviness better though.


A pretty nice side to have, a common Chinese skewer you’d find with a rub of spices.

Thank you @fatbird.sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨


Though these crispy bites were pretty addictive, there were more fried chicken skin than chicken chunks. Probably best to manage expectations.

Thank you @fatbirdsg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨


A good simple dish to have as a palate cleanser in-between the mouths of ma la. Refreshing smashed cucumbers with a generous amount of garlic!

Thank you @fatbird.sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨


Good sharing appetiser to go for! The beancurd strips are tossed in an addictive sour-spicy sauce. Ours were gone pretty quickly! 😂


Ordered a variety of skewers and our favs of the night were the Grilled Bread 烤面包 ($1), and Grilled Scallop 碳烤带子 ($4.80)! All skewers are grilled back in their kitchen but are kept warm on the heated box placed on each table. Most of the skewers are rubbed in the same spices and you get to choose the level of spice you prefer. Their Grilled Bread surprised us the most, it was toasty and buttery, topped with lots of sugar but still had a touch of savouriness. Probably sinful but tasty!


FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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