Merry Meal(s) In Malaysia

Merry Meal(s) In Malaysia

Search for good food across the border! Food trail in Malaysia here we come (-:
timtam_tum ✨
timtam_tum ✨

Easily my favourite meal in JB recently, doing chinese cuisine full justice was this fresh and soft garoupa fish in a light sauce that is all you will need.

We also had other typical dishes like duck, pork ribs, vegetables and their signature handmade parsley beancurd which were all well done. Bonus points is the indoor air conditioned setting at Pekin. There is much reasons why the restaurant takes the space of 2 building within the street.

The trip we ate and ate:
One of the best things I had were these kuehs and claypot coffee at ICC Pudu. I haven’t had softer kuehs with freshly grated coconut yet. This becomes a must visit pin when in KL.

Mum found the KL Hokkien Mee slightly underwhelming without the right wok hei flavor, I was looking forward to the chicken wings recommended but was similarly unimpressed with the nicely fried but small looking pieces of boned poultry.
The saving grace were the slightly boiled
fresh cockles, my go to shellfish 🤪
Maybe the fact that we took the extra initiative to travel here for the food brought about pent-up expectations. Otherwise Tiong could have been just another nice place to have local food.

The bread lot in Malaysia continues- a few cents cheaper than lavender but the fragrant distinct coffee cap of lavender’s coffee bun is currently still unmatched.

Brother declared this the best wanton noodles in JB and his SOP every time he drives in. They were no doubt very good with all the right things you would want from this Asia noodles dish.

Only open in the evening a neighbour Lok lok pushcart gives you some snacks to munch on after an already satisfying plate of noodles.

Right below our “Airbnb” - this instaworthy bar attracts your influencer like crowd, literally 80% of the tables filled in the evening were heavily made up pretty ladies and soms guys haha

That aside a nice spot to get some decent cocktails with a live band.

[Part 4] Basic is … coming to JB to break the bank at Lavender because why not get Changi Jewel worthy bakery bakes at ~1/2 the price?

Special mention to the coffee bun which has the most fragrant and well infused coffee flavoured cap I’ve tasted in any coffee buns. This one give roti papa a huge run for its money and I dare say Lavender fares better IMHO

[Part 3] Basic is … coming to JB to have commercialised secret recipe cheesecake for tea because for the price we pay here this is good for a desired sugar high

[Part 2] Basic is … having Roti Papa because the salted butter center is a work of art, but the bread seemed less fresh as compared to previous experiences? 🥺

[Part 1] #Basic is … coming to JB and having Auntie Anne’s because it’s 1/3 the price and great

[Malacca] Consolation when we visited on a Monday where the owner rests and does not prepare any of his impeccable Nyonya rice dumplings/ Popiah. The shop was only open for customers to collect their preorder rice dumplings.... And thankful for us to snag a tub of extremely affordable and great tasting- melt in your mouth Kueh Bangkit.

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[Malacca] Through word of mouth we got hold of the address to this private property turned nyonya food "factory" of a establishment.
These are the best Ang Ko Kuehs (aka Kuih Koo Merah) I've had, fine yellow bean paste; wrapped around in a perfectly soft and chewy Kueh exterior. The sesame version was delectable with the strong hint of nutty sesame in the Kueh skin.
We established after tasting at least 15 variants of food items to go for the traditional Kuehs (i.e. Kueh Ko Sui etc) and forget the other fried items.
Their big savory nyonya dumplings are comparable to the ones we first fell in love with a few months ago in malacca (refer to previous posts in this file) and wanted to get but couldn't as the uncle maxed out his order capacity...

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Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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