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Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Featuring Kajiken (Square 2), Tsuta (Pacific Plaza), Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant, DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Ichiban Boshi (Velocity), Ichiban Sushi (IMM), Ramen Monster, Tsubohachi Izakaya Hokkaido, Mr Bean (Khoo Teck Puat Hospital)

Spicy togarashi soup with choice of 6 oden pieces (radish, chikuwa, tsukune, plain fishcake :)

Had the ala carte Japanese buffet! One of the best Japanese buffets in Singapore. Ordering via a iPad and food comes in beautiful serving plates. Great service. Have to make reservations as they have 2 seatings for dinner approx around 6 and 8pm. They do not take walkins!

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A new addition to Mr Bean’s eggwich menu.

Taste bit like takoyaki with the mayo and the katsuoboshi. It didn’t have the usual cabbage like okonomiyaki has but had small bits of carrot and other bite sized vegetables within with a savoury pancake. Topped with an egg on top, it made a satisfying meal replacement on the go!

Went just for the michelin star that this shop is known for! The ramen came in 4 different soup bases (shio, shoyu, miso, duck). We were given a choice of less salt with the soup bases.

My shio version of soup felt light to taste and I could appreciate the tinge of truffle oil. Bone broth soups are still the best though ><

However, have to say the noodles are wonderfully al-dente. I had the onsen tamago and it was a little disappointing as the inner yolk wasn’t as runny as I had hoped it might be...

Overall, didn’t rlly meet my expectations for a Michelin star ramen :/

Kudos to service tho!

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A homely dish perfect with warm soft and sticky Japanese rice. An assortment of Japanese mushrooms (Enoki, Buna shimeji, Shiitake and oyster mushrooms) stewed in flavorful dashi shoyu broth with eggs scrambled on top, and a surprising unearthing of soft silken tofu beneath the mushroom medley. Not for the meat fanatics but something balanced and nutritious for dinner.

Not the best taken of photo as the noodles are sadly not captured in this picture. This ramen shop sold kyuushu thin noodles vs hokkaido thick noodles. Of which I tried the former, the noodles had a gentle chewy texture and allowed for quick slurps with its thin size. A choice of lean vs fatty charsiew was given and I gladly took the choice of lean as I liked the firm texture of the meat as opposed to gelatinous texture of fattier bits. The soup in itself was not overly oily and had a creamy milky texture, although not one of the most flavorful I have had. A disappointment would be the onsen tamago (egg), it had been overly cooked and lacked the soft boiled egg texture that we all love of the ramen eggs! Overall a good ramen with most of its attraction on its noodles ;)


A simple and belly-warming dish. Warm rice topped with salmon and seaweed flakes, sitting in a bowl of steaming Dashi broth. A simple meal to end the night and to warm the belly before a long flight overseas. Price of $4.80 for this simple rice dish; not for those with large appetites ;)

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Rich chicken broth that makes the dish so belly warming <3 with springy udon noodles. Great service on ichiban's part. ordered a dish which my mum didn't like and got a replacement of teriyaki chicken!