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Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Places you go to to treat yourself
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

The hae mee tng m is chock-full of natural goodness and flavour from the prawns! The broth has no additional sauces or seasoning, and a lot of the flavour comes naturally from the prawns they use to cook the stock. Pricey, but yummy! They offer Japanese somen as an option, but having tried both I think I still prefer the traditional vermicelli


Poached French white asparagus, Iberico ham, sautéed mushrooms and chicken jus makes for a excellent combination of flavours and textures. The asparagus was tender and really juicy, and the whole dish was elevated by the nice smokiness and savouriness of the Iberico ham. Really gets your appetite going for the main course.

Decided to replace the pigeon with the beef from their set menu, and lowkey regretted it because the pigeon was excellent while the beef was just okay. It was a tad tough, and the parsley purée was a bit overpowering. The potatoes and lardons were a nice touch though.


One of the highlights from Cheek by Jowl were not their meatier mains but rather their barramundi.

The fish was fresh and flaky, with the skin perfectly crisped; no hint of fishiness at all. The bonito butter added a nice creaminess and richness to the dish, as well as a lot of flavour. The caramelised onions provided a nice sweetness which complimented the savouriness of the fish really well.


Glorious, glorious T-bone steak from Valentino's - cooked to a perfect medium rare. Each piece is incredibly tender with a nice amount of fat that just melts in your mouth.


In case you can't see, below that huge pile of truffle (!!) is white asparagus with a sunny-side-up. Very simple, no-frills appetizer - no sauce or anything like that. The aroma of the truffle combined with the runny egg and sweetness of the asparagus made for a delicious combination.


One of their signatures and a must-try! A little bit pricey, but oh so worth it. The lobster meat has been (conveniently) scrapped out, mixed into a creamy concoction before being stuffed into the empty lobster shell and baked for a short while to brown the top crust. The cheesy mix really boosts the flavour of the lobster, but yet isn't too gelat so you can probably order this as your main (it's so good you wouldn't want to share). Super rich and creamy, you will find yourself scraping (in vain) the empty lobster shell for more.


Creamy and thoroughly-infused with truffle aroma, this is definitely one of the highlights from Five Nines (999.99). The consistency was perfect - not too sticky and very smooth. The rice was also cooked nicely and not too hard. The addition of foie gras is always great, especially here because it complimented the truffle flavours really well. If only the portion was a little bigger!


Pasta was cooked perfectly, but the star was definitely the scallops and abalone. The scallops were so fresh, super tender and very sweet. The abalone was not tough and rubbery - very supple and soft. Amazing fresh seafood that really makes this dish.


A generous dollop of uni atop toasted sourdough. This was simply perfection. The uni was so fresh and sweet - great way to start the meal!


Unfortunately, they weren't serving onglet that day. But this was still the highlight of the meal. The beef was super juicy and tender. It had an amazing sear while the inside remained pink and quite rare, which allowed the steak to retain all its natural flavours. Never had bone marrow, but I was surprised at how it just melts in your mouth. Loved their onion sauce, which paired really well with the beef. Wouldn't mind paying for 300g all to myself.


Crazy good starter! The beef topping had an almost a jam-like consistency and was perfect with the toasted sourdough. The flavour combination was amazing - it was sweet, sour, and smoky. The pickles gave its nice crunch and tartness to the whole dish. A bit pricey, but definitely worth the money.


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