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Western Fanfares

Western Fanfares

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Paddy Hills, Alter Ego, Potato Head Singapore, Hambaobao, South Union Park, Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan), Brothers in Fine Food, Little Creatures, Refuel Cafe
Jasmine Shen
Jasmine Shen

Medium rare is the way to go, lest for me 😆

Juicy & well seasoned beef patty cooked to perfection is the star of this burger. Caramelised onions, lettuce, bacon adds up to flavor & texture. Try it! Share it so you can order more food to try 😆

Cured creatures (pizza) in the background was too sour & spicy for me. Its pork salami, cheese, chilli flakes on a thin crust. The crust was quite hard to bite on. Maybe the other pizzas might be easier to eat?

Do try their craft beers too, and they do give out beer samples if you ask!

I had the HOPT soda - salted lychee and I love it! The light salty taste came at the end of it which made it enjoyable. Refreshing taste of lychee.

Had the 1-for-1 from burpple app!

The little creature (burger): $28
Cured creatures (pizza): $23
HOPT salted lychee soda: $7
Craft beer: $9 onwards

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Interesting breakfast - soft boiled organic egg, crispy feta, fresh cucumber, olives, tomatoes, hummus with pita. Healthy mixed of vege & hummus with pita is loveee! ($20)

To note: Cannot share! Too gooood

All day breakfast - smoked salmon & scrambled
Eggs could never go wrong! Super love their scrambled eggs 😍 All time favorite! ($12)


Delicious comfort food! Just as what the title says, strong tom yum with the right amount of spicyness, fresh clams & al dente pasta. ($19.50)

To note: huge portion


Digged this corn soup, heartwarming, comfort soup!

Soft tender slices of duck meat with al-dente pasta, its so good!

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Steamed barramundi with seaweed pasta, shitake mushrooms, sweet peas, yuzu kosho & dashi broth ($25)

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Juicy beef patty between english muffins, apple spag, bacon & chips as sides! ($24)

Delicious thick pancakes with charsiew alike bacon, a cube of affogato icecream, salmon, caramelised onions! Its a big portion, Good to share between 2! ($22)

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What you can find inside this poke bowl:
Salmon sashimi, rice, limed avocado, roasted cashews, pickled veggies, fish roes. The taste of this poke bowl is somewhat unique but acceptable. Good to share so you can try other dishes! Yiak yiak!


DAMN DELICIOUS. Though soup was quite sour to my liking. Its okay, i has my cheese toast. You can taste the boneless ribs in everrry bite #veryyummy #pleasetryit


Tangy & good (just like what the menu says) eat it with your hands~


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