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Hawker Fare

Hawker Fare

Brave the heat of Singapore and you'll be duly rewarded with some of our best foods. Full of our culture, great taste and value for money, I always find myself craving some good hawker fare.
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Dex Neo
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Mmm hmmm... Saucy, spicy and generous with the juicy minced pork, I can’t recall the last time I’ve had a bowl of mee pok this good! The noodles had a QQ texture and soaked up the sauce perfectly, with just the right amount of twang from vinegar. If you want prawns, fork out a little more as only >$5 options have them!


Apparently Lim doesn’t sell their Hokkien mee in the day. :( So I settled for their CKT instead. It was nubbad, with a light wok hei and a good spicy kick. Didn’t enjoy the tiny little prawns used though as it dried up.


Hunting down the best mala in People’s Park Complex is no easy feat, there’s just way too many options! Our search brought us to this corner stall with its disgruntled lady manning the stall. For ~$13, we got this pretty massive bowl packed with all kinds of veg, mushrooms, sliced meats and of course luncheon meat. Shoutout to the perfectly crisp potato slices that I loooove (don’t know how all these Chinese stalls do it). Although we got 中辣, felt it could do with a little more oomph. Definitely a nice, affordable bowl of MLXG, though I’ve had better.


Tucked away along Foch Road(opp Cheng Mun Chee Kee), The Tipsy Wolves seems to have opened quietly in March. A western stall that seems to have quite interesting dishes to its name, their beer-battered barramundi was actually quite yummeh, with a thin, crisp crust encasing soft, flakey fish. We couldn’t stop dunking everything into their thick homemade tartar sauce too.

Opened by a bunch of young dudes, I only managed to dig out that the chef used to work in a restaurant. Though not much is known about their background, their FnCs speaks for itself. Definitely keen to try their other dishes like their laksa pasta and grilled pork belly.


Old Airport Road has no shortage of prawn mee, but then I heard about this stall tucked away in the middle that offers live prawns! Kallang Cantonese Live Prawn Noodles’ (#01-83) Tank-to-Table concept nets you one live prawn/$2 and obviously, it was suuuuper fresh. Easy to peel, firm and sweet flesh, and don’t even get me started on the juicy head... 👅 The rest of the bowl was good too, with an umami-sweet prawn broth, sprinkled with a generous topping of fried shallots and lard. Definitely a thumbs up for the uber fresh prawns!


Done with their minor facelift, Lam’s at Race Course Road is back with some upgrades to their menu, but I’m going with the tried and true choice of their salt baked chicken thigh. I always pick rice over noodles cause it’s just soooo good at soaking up all the juices oozing out from that moist, tender chicken. Add $1.80 for their jammy eggs (a little salty today though) and you’ve got a pretty good lunch. 👅💦


You didn’t read that wrong! This set at 吃了吗 is a mere 5 buckeroos and it comes with pomfret (well, half a pomfret). Chanced upon this stall at Golden Mile Food Centre with a looooong queue in the morning and jumped right in. The fish is steamed perfectly and comes in a light soy sauce. The set even comes with steamed egg and watermelon slices! They’ve got a total of three sets, the other two fishes being sea bass ($5) and grouper ($6). They open from 10:30 daily and closes once they sell out, so I’d recommend you come early.


Can’t believe it’s taken us this long to try this amazing braised duck! We got half a duck and added on the works; liver, gizzards, eggs and a whole slew of other goodies. Everything was super yummeh drenched in the dark, aromatic gravy. The duck was tender and tasty, the liver was soft, fresh and had an amazing bite to it. There was even this curious flat “jellyfish” like item that had a springy bite that we enjoyed – turned out to be duck’s intestines!

All this for $38, we’ll certainly be back. Friendly, affable service too though the midday Geylang sun is no joke, this was well worth a little discomfort.


Nothing much new to add as it’s been as good as previous visits. The thing that sets them apart from other BCM places for me is that they know exactly when all their pork components are on the brink of being done, resulting in soft, velvety slivers of liver, pork slices and that fatty mince. Came at 5pm to a pretty short queue and dug into this bowl by 5:30pm! Definitely come by only during the off-peak hours unless you like to queue. 😂


Easily my favourite fishball noodles around. Soft and bouncy, these are the best textured fish balls I’ve ever had. The soup is clean and light, but still packed with flavour. My go-to when I’m not feeling picky in Orchard.


A new craft beer hawker stall called Coffee Fusion/1965 Craft Beer just opened up in Golden Mile Food Centre! They bring in their beers from the US and I got the Mocha Porter; a nice, dark brew with a slight bitterness that reminds me of coffee. Besides beer, they also sell coffee here, though that might be slightly less than legit.


My go-to for soy sauce chicken in Chinatown; silky smooth and oh-so-tender. Even the breast meat is ridiculously soft and moist, you wonder how they achieve these results without fancy gadgets. Other than the chicken, be sure to grab some of their braised homemade tofu! It’s amazingly smooth and a perfect vehicle for their light, savoury braising liquid. Aunty will often joke, “Maria Virgin’s tofu is the best!” 🙃


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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