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Photos which show you places that I go for lunch and enjoy my food. Usually something healthy because I believe in eating clean for lunch and indulging in amazing food for dinners. Definitely a list that weight watchers and health conscious people would love.
Royce Tan
Royce Tan

This is definitely one of the best things on Tanuki Raw's menu. Not only was it delicious, the fries really taste extremely amazing with huge portions of thick cut fries served with the truffle aioli. What I really liked was that they allowed and were willing to refill the truffle aioli sauce for us the moment we finished and wanted more. The service was good and quick. Fantastic place to go to if you want to have a good meal. This sweet potato fries is $10.90 well spent!!

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$19.90. Very worth it especially since the black Angus short rib tasted fantastic especially with the truffle soy, black garlic brown butter sauce. The onsen egg was good and the yolk was runny when we cut it open. The pan seared foie gras taste so good with the sauce and I find it to be extremely affordable. You will surely feel full after eating one of this dish. Fantastic and unpretentious!!

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$22.90 for this chirashi don. Felt that it was very feeling and special. Also the price is rather affordable for a chirashi don with so many huge pieces of sashimi. One of the nicer places to eat japanese food and even when it wasn't during the lunch hour, there were still many people there. I found the service to be very quick and fast considering they had to prepare such an aesthetic bowl of chirashi don. It was very special and definitely worth every single cent of your money. Recommended if you like sashimi because it will satisfy you! Fantastic place to eat Japanese food

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$3 for this amazing bowl of goodness. The soup had flavour and tasted fantastic. Every dish that you order is cooked on the spot, resulting in the waiting time for this Japanese stall to be extremely long. I had to wait almost 20 minutes for this kitsune udon. But I find it really worth it if you compare it to other food in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. You can even upsize at an affordable price! The udon was fantastic, not too hard and not too soft. My favourite would be the kitsune because it is sweet and the amount of kitsune they give definitely stands out as to me as generous.

$7+ for this dish. Totally not worth it and I suggest that you shouldn't order this at all. While there was no problem with the spaghetti, the whole dish was bland and disgusting. It was not seasoned well and very dry. Completely difficult to even eat it. There was just not enough taste to this dish, making it rather average. Disappointing and over-priced to say the least.

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3 for $3. Really love this chocolate chip cookie because of the sweetness and richness of chocolate chips provided in the cookie. It is soft and tastes amazing! Love cookies from Subway, one of the best that I have eaten.

Chose the turkey sub with honey mustard. I really love turkey sub because it is healthy and nice, honey mustard is one of the best dressings around. The bread is soft and nice, making it really amazing to eat. However, I feel that it is very expensive and till now I'm not sure how their pricing system works.

$2.50. Extremely cheap and good food and I really love this store very much due to its good service and speed, at the same time, maintaining the quality of the food they prepare. The ban mian is one of the best in school, not too hard and not too soft in texture. The yolk was running and definitely one of the most shiok things in this dish! Always love eating this dish and just drinking the soup as well. My comfort food.


$3.50. Really worth it however I felt that the noodles was not springy enough and I did not like the fact that they gave too much noodles. Also, there were some portions of the dish whereby the noodles were all lumped together, making it nearly impossible to eat. Soup was very salty but the fishball was good, it was huge and round. Wouldn't eat this mee pok again though, don't really find it that fantastic.

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Really cheap and my first time trying. However, I do not really know why it tastes a little sour but it was definitely worth a shot at this Indian dish. Pairing it with the different curries was amazing and sumptuous!

$4.20 for 6 pieces and kway teow. It was definitely worth it with the kway teow being soft and easy to eat! However, I did not like the fact that they put garnishes into my food without asking me. Soup was tasty and the sweet sauce was amazing. Did not really like the chilli sauce though. Overall, a good choice for lunch if you are trying to eat healthily.

This dish was certainly affordable at $7.20, being one of the cheapest mains on the menu. However, I felt that the soup was too salty and they gave too much hor fun. People trying this dish for the first time would definitely be surprised at the hor fun not in stripes. Despite this, I felt that there was sufficient fish ball and chicken meat ball given. The chicken meatball tasted really wonderful!!

My Food Haven. Taking you through my food exploration. On a mission to look for the best food in Singapore!!

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