For a refreshing, citrusy drink, this IPA hit the spot. The space is pretty quiet now, so it’s good for catching up with friends with old classics playing in the background. They have some bar bites too like tater tots and dumplings in chilli oil! Not sure how they’ll fare, but most things taste pretty good with a few swigs hahaha.


One of the only drinks they don’t let you sample, this oyster stout is something else man. It’s rich and heady, with a smokey (almost meaty) flavour that’s pretty crazy. Then comes undertones of a light brininess, which I guess is why it’s called oyster stout.

It is a lot to handle, so I’d share this if I were to get it again.


Wow. Behind this crazy meme lies a super intense black IPA that definitely worth a try. Very hoppy, malty and though pricey, give it a shot!


This was refreshing, light and a perfect follow up to the heavier stout I started with. Loved the subtle cardamom flavour that comes in at the end. ❤️


Pick from ten rotating craft beers on tap here. Beer enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice, you can even sample the beers before committing to one if you’re feeling overwhelmed!

I got the Rouge; a brown ale that features “hazelnuts and brown nectar” which completely hit the mark and delivered on those flavours! I hear their range of beers changes frequently, so you might find your choices completely different when you head down, but I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

Some light drinks here really help to get you into the mood for their food. Hands down our favourite; the Fresh – Elderflower Spritz. Refreshing, light and not too sweet, this one hit all the right notes for us with its floral scent and invigorating addition of mint.


Got their House Brew which was this pale ale. Light, refreshing and easy on the palate, this was an unoffensive beer that you might like even if you aren’t a beer person.


A slight spin on the Mai Tai, the Very Mai Tai uses Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and adds egg white for a punchier, smoother rendition of the drink. 🍹

Really enjoyed this and on Thursday, they have Thursday Cocktails where they go at $12 per pop all night long! The Brightside seems like a really buzzy place and with its cheery decor and board games, a great place to have drinks with friends or maybe for a birthday/hen’s night. 😝


Geddit? High Tea? Just look at that cup! Whether it's something whimsical and fun, or a more serious drink, there's always something creative with their drink presentations.

Vodka, peach liquer, lavender, lemon, white vermouth and yuzu tea. A very citrusy, floral drink that was a delight while still providing a good kick. Remember, pinkies out. 🙌

Reviewing drinks is always hard (sometimes cause I forget what it tastes like 😂). But the drinks at The Other Room left a pretty good impression with their unique flavours and presentation.

But first you'll have to find this hidden, cosy bar. I won't spoil it, but you'll feel like you're part of a special club as you're ushered in.

My drink was one of the easier ones to swallow – a combination of whisky, matcha, mint, lemon and celery. Thankfully the celery was quite muted (I hate celery 🙊) and the drink felt very 'juicy'. A great drink to start the night with before moving on to more serious booze.


True to form, I picked the most girly drink there was here. But man, when it's tastes this good, I don't care what the haters say 😂

Soaking in strawberries and rose buds, this mead was delightfully light and floral. You'd have no problem downing a keg full of this. What can I say? I like my drinks with an umbrella in it. 🍹


The 1925 Brewing Co. has gone through a revamp in their concept where the derivatives of their beer brewing processes are incorporated in their menus! 🍻

One of our favourite cocktails of the evening – the Love Nectar – featured a reduction of their pale ale, Yellow Van. Not overly sweet with the honey, it struck a great balance where you could just keep downing glasses of these inspired drinks. 🍯And if you're looking for something to kick the night into overdrive, ask the bartenders for a little drink called the Lemon Party, you won't regret it. 😂


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