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Eclectic woodfired restaurant. Craft beers, wines and cocktails.

109 Rowell Road
Singapore 208033

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11:30am - 11:00pm

11:30am - 11:00pm

11:30am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 04:00pm


11:30am - 11:00pm

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The prawns were fairly large and meaty but the highlight was in the sauce. Absolutely intense, it was brimming with smokiness, savouriness and prawn umami. We immediately wanted to get a second serving, unfortunately their waiting time was too long lol.

A must try!

NOTE THAT the smoked pork belly in the sides menu is served with a tomato sauce instead, so it's not the same thing

Really tender and flavourful, but tasted some what like chinese food in terms of the seasoning. The skin isnt crispy btw it's v soft, kind of like braised pork

Despite the little lightbulb provided by the adorable waitress, the lighting was still lacking so i apologise for the quality of the photo

An absolute stunner of a dish, the Lamb ribs were so intense, yet without much gaminess. It was very well cooked and quite tender as well, but the surprising part were the bones which were so soft i didnt notice i ate half the bones. It was basically mush and i was surprised to Find only a small chunk left of the rib bone before i realised i consumed the rest.

The accompanying items were all quite good as well. The avo pesto was interesting in that it's really a midway point between avocado and pesto. I tot it's gonna taste like pesto but the avocado made it a lot milder. Still enjoyable tho

Glad i ordered this as it was mainly due to curiosity on how good asparagus could actually be. Portion of the burrata definitely seems reduced compared to reviews by other burpplers previously, thus it was found a bit wanting but flavour was there.

The asparagus were seasoned and spiced very nicely, and the cook was essentially perfect as well. Tender but still retaining a crunch, it's really a Surprise how well it works with the wonderful burrata. Burrata is usually the star of any dish but for something with little inherent taste, this dish really shows the potential it can have as a Side, much like Dwight Howard for the lakers this season.

Due to health Concerns of my dining partner, EVOO was omitted and thats definitely a mistake in my eyes. Nonetheless, this was really good and a must-try for the high quality and execution


Food here is roasted to order and really takes a very long time when we were the only customers, so better to have one person come early and order first.

This particular dish was very well roasted to the point of being super crispy. Only the interior tastes like Artichokes, the exterior are basically potato crisps. Overall not the best in flavour but luckily the other dishes were better.

Their balsamic is really sweet tho and i love it

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We ordered Blackened Barramundi and Pork Belly and both were good! ⁣

Super love the pork belly fats 🤣, it was very soft! Barramundi was good and fresh too but the sauce were inclined towards being sweet. Avocado was super good and fresh as well! ⁣

We also ordered an additional rye sourdough which was yummy too! It came with butter and olive oil+vinegar to go along with your sourdough. ⁣

If only Burpplebeyond is entitled to choose other main dishes as well! But still a super yummy and satisfied meal, we’ll be back! ⁣Staff was super friendly and helpful too~