All the works plus a homemade beef patty. Had this to-go so we didn't see the uncooked middle till we were home (nothing a quick splice and blow torch couldn't fix). Took a bite from the edges before doing that and it's actually pretty juicy, though overall it's a little too underseasoned for my liking. I would recommend requesting for medium doneness if you plan on ordering this!

Like most side dishes, you also get quite a generous amount of fries.


Enjoy their signature crispy battered chicken cutlet in between soft buns with lettuce, tomatoes, caramelised onions and squiggles of mayo dressing. Preferred this over the beef burger, but would have liked a slightly heavier seasoning.


Aglio olio-style pasta with chicken chop chunks, shimeji mushrooms and cherry tomato halves. Not something I would order but a friend wanted pasta and picked this over the other recommended pasta (Creamy Smoked Duck). Personally, I would have preferred more salt (friend found it just nice), and wished for tomatoes cooked till soft and extra juicy.

If you're a fan, you can add sous vide egg for 50 cents.


Finally tried this new Western stall in my hood, which recently relocated from Techview in Kaki Bukit.

I like that they give the fillet a good sear, crisping up a fair bit of the skin. In addition to the usual black pepper and teriyaki sauces, they also have salted egg, curry, cream and cereal sauces. I went ahead with the recommended garlic black pepper sauce even though I usually avoid black pepper sauces. I was hoping for a stronger garlic taste overall, but instead it was rather mild compared to the pepperiness.

For every main, you get a good mound of greens plus a choice of one side (fries, mashed potato, butter rice, or cheese fries for an extra dollar), as well as a bowl of soup of the day (today's was potato potage).


We've been pretty fortunate to still have yummy options available even after our hawker centre closed for a year-long renovation. After my default soy sauce chicken noodle stall vanished, this stall became my go-to for days when I had to get my meat on.

While their char siew and sio bak are both good, it is the duck here that is truly exceptional. I'm not even a big fan of roasted (or braised) duck, but I really like their rendition. Tender with a pleasant bite, not to mention super succulent and flavour-packed (and all snatched away even before I could snap a photo)!


This is one of the stalls I will miss most when my neighbourhood market and food centre will close for a year come November. 😒

I popped by today for one final hit but they're almost done packing and ready to move, so if you've been wanting to try/need your Guan Hin fix, catch them when they relocate to Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre (#02-180)!

The old couple behind this stall make their own carrot cake and it's unlike any I've tried. Instead of starchy, chopped up cubes, theirs come in bigger bricks with a most intriguing texture that is almost like a QQ mochi. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ The uncle that runs this stalls does not hold back in the amount of eggs and black soy sauce that he uses, so expect a burst of savoury flavours in every spoonful (and say yes to the chilli)! πŸ‘…πŸ’¦


While this may not be the best soy sauce chicken I’ve ever had, this stall sure is one of my favourite stalls at the market (currently undergoing a big renovation).

A group of conscientious aunties and uncles start their day by nimbly filling and folding wantons and dumplings, while the poaching liquid for the chicken simmers away in a huge vat. The perpetual queue here is testament to how good the food is, especially the soy sauce chicken noodle. The meat is tender enough while the noodles are springy, and they never skimp on the sweet and savoury zhup and the super shiok chilli (somehow, it always tastes better when da bao-ed).
The serving portion of every dish here is incredibly generous too, and whenever I request for extra veggies, the friendly auntie will always oblige and insist on not charging extra.

Other than the Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle, the Dumpling Noodle and Soy Sauce Chicken Rice are good too. The latter may not pack as much flavour punch as the other dishes, but their homemade chilli sauce will instantly fix that for you. And if you're a fan, the Chicken Feet Noodles are also very popular here.


Been trying to get my colleagues to come to mah hood and this finally made it happen!
Note that this super duper uhmayzing hotpot is not on the menu and that you should call the friendly uncle (Richard, 98492125) at least a day beforehand to reserve.

For four of us, we opted for the $60 one and got:
βœ… refillable heavenly broth: imagine a robust prawn noodle soup with a tinge of sweetness from the prized crab added into the crustacean-y sea
βœ… loads of seafood: one whole crab, prawns and clams β€” all sooooo fresh! πŸ¦€πŸ€
βœ… meat++: super tender pork ribs, simmered-till-gelatinous pig tails, well-cleaned intestines, chewy skin 🐽
βœ… unlimited carbs (choice of rice, yellow noodles, kway teow or bee hoon) 🍚🍜

And the bestest part? The uncle will even encourage you to bring your own add-ons! So make sure you bring some pre-washed and -cut greens, tofu and a bag of mushrooms from home. πŸ„πŸŒΏ Alternatively, make a pit stop at the wet market right next to the food centre (if the stalls are still open) or go to the Kallang Bahru FairPrice (Blk 71) just in front of the hawker centre!

[The higher end pots (up to $100!) include more premium ingredients like abalone.]


My favourite cupcake here in cake form: uber moist dark chocolate cake layers smeared with luscious peanut butter frosting in between!
I may be biased because I'm a sucker for anything peanut butter, but this combines two of my favourites in the dessert world. And I know it sounds diabetic, but it's actually not too sweet!


This Gerai Nenek Obek signature is perfect for the uninitiated as it comes with a pre-selected set of sides: well-cooked paru (lungs), super tender cuttlefish in a fiery sambal sauce, tempeh and a ball of bergedil. You can opt to pick your own sides too!

The rice comes drenched in a most flavourful sauce made by simmering kikil (beef tendon), buah keluak and beef fat(!!). If you need more, just ask and they'll be happy to ladle some more!


Saw this new eatery a few doors down from Ugly Cake Shop and found out that it's by the same folks behind a food stall in Geylang Serai Market with the same name. Was told that the assortment's pretty similar but they wanted to open a more cafΓ©-like concept, which explains the hipster interior touches like hanging filament bulbs, painted brick and a wide glass pane facade.

While I was tempted to go for the Nasi Ambeng ($6.50, choice of chicken, fish or beef), I didn't want something too filing so I opted to pick and choose, nasi padang style. I went for the lemak chilli padi (no more asam pedas stingray 😞), brinjal and begedil (made fresh daily). I like how the chicken's sauce wasn't too rich, but still punchy in flavours and spice. Say yes to the spoonful of hiss and snot-inducing chilli sauce too!


This is one of my go-to stalls in the market. Everything is beyond generous: from the flavourful and aromatic rice, to the thick, chunky slices of chicken. Don't forget the tangy chilli β€” for me, it's what makes it good! Just pour spoonfuls of it over everything. The Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle here is delish too!


Loves long and romantic walks to the fridge

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