Desserts and Cakes

Desserts and Cakes

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Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

A cozy humble spot that offers soft serve in a variety of interesting and even local flavours such as Chendol. The portions are incredible for the price! Toppings are very generous as well. The soft serve melts really quickly (no surprise there) but it is very very shiok to eat especially with SG's weather, and it is also very nice to hold the cup and eat it as you explore the many happenings around the area. I would definitely be back again to try their other flavours, except maybe sharing it with another

Pictured below are two bowls, yam paste (orh-nee) and sesame paste. Very affordable yet good. Even better cos they allow top-up of tangyuan at $1.40 for 3. I like how the desserts are not overly sweet (no syrup spam) and hence you can really taste the flavour of the sesame of example. Will definitely be back again.

Charcoal waffle was done well, light and fluffy with the distinctive charred smokey taste. Got the wrong choice of ice cream to go with this, probably a creamier or chocolatey based flavour would be better, but still good. Overall the options are pretty safe, with nice variations, and the quality is pretty good too

Affordable and generous portion of shaved ice. I love how the texture of the shaved ice is so smooth instead of having lots of small chunks. It contains a lot of flavour, yet they don't overdo the condensed milk and sweetness such that it tastes jelat. Toppings wise, not that much, but it's enough. Their choice of toppings is also very smart, including a few chunks of fruits and also bubbles (that you can bite to burst) / jellies which made the entire dessert very refreshing.

Going for $2 each, it's pretty expensive for an egg tart, but definitely much better than your usual egg tart. This one has a slightly thinner and softer crust, rather buttery (probably salted butter was used). Frankly speaking I like this kind of crust more, while the usual ones are tougher and are like "biscuits", this one is soft and flaky. The egg custard is smooth and not overly sweet. I would come back for more.

I'm no ice cream expert but I can tell that the quality of the ice cream is really good. A wide variety of unique flavours, flavours were authentic and really came through. For gelato, it's not so heavy on the cream (which most places are), and therefore not so jelat. There is more focus on flavor.

The waffle cone itself was very crispy, not too thick (which i liked). It's also a smart move to make the waffles in front of everyone, where everyone can see, and smell the fragrance of the waffles. And trust me, you can't get there anywhere else.

Ice-cream was pretty good quality, and there are a variety to choose from. However, found the waffles to be quite meh. It's alright, crispy enough (though can be more crispy), and it definitely isn't the most fragrant. It's a good cafe to chill at, with friendly staff as well, but that's after the covid situation improved.

Pictured is a triple-scoop with the top being Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin flavour. The quality is really good. Smooth yet not overly sweet. This one had more of the Tie Guan Yin taste and the Earl Grey kicked in later. They have other flavours too, all are worth trying as they are a twist to the usual flavours and also local-inspired.

Really worth the money, the cheesecake's texture is so smooth, providing the moistness and "creaminess" of a cheesecake yet remaining light on the palette. Pandan is a smart choice for contributing to the "light-ness", yet giving it aroma. In fact, this is probably the first time i tasted such a texture on any cheesecake. Definitely worth the hype, and their other pastries are very unique too.

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I would highly recommend this cozy dessert place.
Firstly, the staff are amazingly friendly and helpful. They even recommend which are the popular cookie flavours, and will advise on which are the best ice cream flavours to pair with. They even told me to get ready and cued me to take the perfect boomerang shot at the right time, LOL.
Secondly, the lava cookie has an incredible amount of filling, and being served hot on the pan is simply heaven.
Thirdly, they have really nice ice cream. This was a cardamom x lemon x honey x yoghurt flavour which was fantastic, not too adventurous yet tasted unique which is the best deal you can get really. Will be back again.

The ice cream was nothing much to shout about, neither is the lava, but the cookie itself was really nice - crunchy and fragrant. I loved the crispy cookie bits scattered at the sides too. Would be more pleasant if the service staff was good.

Not bad, pancakes were fluffy and not too jelat to eat. But wished that they were able to soak up the honey better though

just another avenue for me to post things cos I bored af lol

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