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Casual Eats

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Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Very wholesome bowl of fried rice with healthy and yummy ingredients at the side. Not to mention the fried rice was sooooo good. Portion was generous at a very reasonable price as well (under $10). Also, PLEASE do take some time to observe the machine fryer do the work.

Tried several of their breads and everything was a winner. For this one, the garlic was strong which provided the aroma as well. Mixed in with a generous slab of cream cheese and herbs for the savoury bite, sourdough was not too hard and not too soft, really fresh. I loved how this was divided into 6 so it's easy to "pull apart" into bite sized pieces! (Also more aesthetic that way)

French toast was good, soft and fluffy. Homemade kaya was also pretty good as well, not too sweet. Their kaya toast is also quite crispy. Overall it's not bad if you're in the area, else there's no need to travel for this.

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At $8.00, it's slightly pricier than your usual plate, but the portion is definitely bigger. Very generous with the salted egg butter sauce, but it got a bit jelat after a while, so I'd recommend just getting the salted egg chicken without 奶油 (still priced at $8). Their cereal chicken is also really good. Would recommend this place becaude it's located in a nice cozy setting that's quiet, and there's loads of good food nearby too.

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Their Korean Fried Chicken is huge indeed. Very crispy skin with a strong flavour that makes you think how sinful it is but still don't care. Good chicken.
Bibimbap was average.

PSA: this Japanese (fusion) casual eating place is Halal-certified!
Anyway, this place serves relatively affordable dons (and customizable bowls too). For the quality and amount of food, the money is worth it. The Snow Beef Don, one of the signature bowls, is filled with a generous serving of beef - the photo shows the amount given, for a regular bowl! Topped with parmesan cheese and a sweet-savoury creamy sauce. Plus, it's served with either mixed vegetables or bean sprouts, which I thought was a smart idea as it provided some crunch. The beef was tasty and tender. However, I'd recommend this only to people who like creamy and cheesy food. The taste is rather strong.

Long queues during lunchtime for a reason - somehow their wanton noodles stand out from the usual ones. Although the meat is normal, veg not bad, the noodles were really springy and tasty. Do add their chilli sauce for a "kick".

Despite being pricier than the usual bowl of Kolo Mee, i don't regret paying that extra. The noodles are QQ and, after adding the sauce, it's addictive enough to eat on its own. The char siew was normal but they gave a good quantity of meat (with complimentary soup, wantons and prawns! note the veg at the top left corner isnt included in the set)

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Maxi Mango sells mango parfaits, the one I got was Mango Coconut which was basically mango softserve with mango, pomelo and coconut bits and nut flakes. This was SO good. They were generous with the toppings and the coconut was a perfect complement to make it super refreshing (especially on a hot day). The softserve was super smooth. The pomelo also fit super well into the parfait as there were "little bursts" of juice with every bite. With the amount of fruits added, it was sweet but not the jelat kind of sweet and it was pleasant finishing the whole thing. Probably the only downside is that it melts super fast so gotta eat it quickly. Would definitely come back again.

Wanted their egg tarts but it happened to be sold out, so decided to try their coconut tarts. Can smell the aroma from afar even though there are many hawker stalls nearby. The shell is thick but I personally like it as it feels like eating a buttery biscuit with the soft filling. The coconut filling is very generous, slightly sweet, doesn't crumble and not as oily as some other coconut-filled pastries and breads out there. So it was very pleasant to eat! Unfortunately the price has increased from $1 to $1.20, 6 for $6.60 sigh hahahah


Finally back in Singapore!!! And first thing I did was to get one of my food craves for breakfast this morning. This is a pretty new and underrated bakery which serves the usual bao and polo bao in many different flavours, like 奶油芝士, Japanese red bean, chocolate, even sweet potato! They also sell other pastries like 老婆饼 and even things like charcoal 蛋挞. I regularly flock to this place because the pastry is so buttery and fragrant, with a soft and flaky texture! They are really generous with their toppings too. I love how the buns are served hot all the time as well 😋

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Good blend of tangy spiciness from the kimchi and spicy mayo, creaminess from the avocado, and saltiness from the crabsticks! But otherwise, nothing really stood out to me. Even though this was one of the cheaper options at $12.95, I thought it was a bit overpriced.

just another avenue for me to post things cos I bored af lol

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