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Featuring Omoté, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Japanese Curry Express, HANA, Koji Sushi Bar (Pickering Street), Sumo-Ya, Yorimichi Yakitori
Catherine Ling
Catherine Ling

Mention "Koh Grill & Sushi Bar" and their Shiok Maki will be brought up, no question. Be prepared to queue during peak hours at this sushi place next to the food court of Wisma. Doused with cheese sauce and topped off with tobiko, their Shiok Maki is so popular that there is even a Shiok Maki 2nd Generation. Their Pidan Maki and Crabby Maki are popular as well.

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Here’s the issue: the rice was way too hot for a barachirashidon, and the wait times of 20 minutes were too Long.
Close, but no cigar.

Strangely, what should have been an appetiser arrived last, only when we were almost done with our rice bowls. Nothing to fault about its taste though—the salmon belly practically melted in the mouth, and the tamago-mentai combination never fails to please. Each order is served in twos.

Made upon order, the taco was served hot with crispy prawn tempura, rice and lettuce, topped with fish roe and drizzled with mayo. The tasty and crunchy prawn tempura was half a battle won, fish roe and mayo is a perfect combo but it was the softness of the hidden rice and thinly crisp taco that gave the dish a great finish. We pronounce Ebi Tempura Taco the best dish of the day. 😍

The Shiok Maki (Gen 1) is creamy & rich in the mouth with a a touch of smokey flavor from the torched mayonaise. Inspite of the rich sauce, the I can still get the sensation of a nice fatty piece of salmon. Biting into one of these plump morsels with the crunchy roe is a lovely treat. Post up in profile link.
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Don't think too many words are needed here! Juicy and not grilled to death, these scallops were on point 👌 and made even better by the grilled cheese and tobiko topping! My only regret is popping the whole thing into my mouth and realizing that it was over all too soon. 😭

Hidden away in Fortune Centre, Japanese Curry Express serves up really great, no frills Japanese food! 🇯🇵

The salmon Mentai Don is an example of the simple but delicious food they serve. Aburi salmon is topped off with a large dollop of Mentaiko mayo and (quite liberally) sprinkled with shichimi. You'll also definitely want to get their Salmon Kama Karaage ($6), the off parts of the salmon deep fried in a thin, crisp batter but still inexplicably juicy! 😋

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