when you are done with monday's work and you wanna a fast meal, the kinda cooked by oma in seconds, you can count on hoho at sunset. this kimchi fried rice and a sunny side up is high-flavor with a very comforting wetness. count on the kimchi bits in between mouths for that extra crunchingness!


spaghetti but asian. wanna a real taste of korea? then you want to try the jajangmyeon at hoho. black bean sauce here for the jajangmyeon is subtle sweet, comforting thick and comes with generous pork pieces. slurp up!


yes tuas i know. but this fish soup ($5) is legit. fish slices are handsomely thick, firm and not overly salty. you know soup base is light and comforting because you get a whiff of the immersed lettuce parfume. you can even up your soup game at whim because bottle of hua tiao wine, fried shallots and spring onions are all at your disposal. but you will want to remember to ask for that serving of freshly fried egg floss for that eggy oily finish. all in and drink to your heart's content. welcome to tuas.


always something good at a #burpplehqhangout. the order of the evening: a fresh cut, 42 days dry aged, then a fresh cut again, ending with another slab of 42 days dry aged. cause @an_ox_box (instagram handle), a purveyor of dry aged beef meant to show you the world of difference of dry aging. i dunno bout the rest but i went for the fresh, then dry aged, dry aged again, and dry aged all the way. ha. for an unique beef tasting session, do check an ox box out!


tea break because food like these. is like atasfied kopitiam tea break but you don't mind the extra bucks at all. pulut tekan ($4), a peranakan glutinous rice cake here is paired with their home made artisan kaya here - it was light, very soothing, and that mellowed sweetness that you forget you are downing glutinous rice shot one after another. sugee cake ($4.80) is another their signature - coarser almonds here lends a hearty bite to this rich cake with a lemon drizzle that complements it so well. best to down one bite with a sip of your favourite heartland kopi each time!


did you know your quintessential western food classic at kopitiam - fish and chips is actually an ‘early example of culinary fusion’? so say wikipedia. vis-a-vis technically, we are partaking a gastronomic journey that dates back hundreds of years.
three times here and still it didn't disappoint (consistency checked) - the almost grease free crisp exterior batter that does not feel heavy or stale from repeated oil reveals moist firm succulent flesh. dip into the in-house made rich tartare sauce, paired with addictive fries and revel in joy that this is unbelievably under $10. i may be biased because this is in my hood but missus' 3 times approval cannot be ignored. and you know what they say.. "the wife is always right." #burpplecheapngood #burpproved


i need beef tonight and this medium rare pink on my striploin alone is well worth my $20. side of vegetable ratatouille is just full of awesomeness. am a fan here.


ice cream craving but we need not venture far; thai milk tea x salted caramel - just when you thought the ice cream was going to be too sweet for your taste, it turn out really fine and balanced, which is why is always enjoyable at beans & cream. chilly weather also means we can sit outside and enjoy ice cream sloooowly.


feeling selfish and just want to have this kopi hideout to myself. but i am for the greater good. free parking ☑, free wifi ☑, good kopi? ☑ ☑. am a FAN already. plus they remember me! ok, like who will ask to pay kopi with cc right? still cursing myself for not bringing the wallet out. but @sunsetrailway_cafe made the day better!


all that glitter is saffron gold - saffron risotto with sausages ($23) is an absolute enjoyment. you have the delicate flavor of saffron contrasting with savory homemade italian sausages. yellow-gold stained grains are perfectly cooked, but still al dente, so it was creamy yet with bite. @acquaefarinasg is relatively new at rail mail (just beside springleaf prata), but judging by the crowd, people are really seeking the classic italian cuisine. do check out the wines on the wall! buon appetito!


enjoy my bowl of duck noodles from tiong bahru more but this score extra points naturally since is around my hood. sauce to dress my noodles was not as braised and as thick as i would prefer but the sweet notes in the braised sauce was lovely and whet my appetite. duck drumstick was meaty, tender and just enough flavor from the braising.


new kid on the block at a very dated and old world charm bukit timah beauty world centre. but for good food, will travel. presentation may not be much but taste was well balanced with this nicely moist beef patty encased in aged cheddar and home made tomato sauce. kinda an exactly replica of what you would have at Macdonalds but with a more home made touch. my only gripe is i had to handle the burger wit my bare hands. not a welcoming thought especially after i was touching greasy dollar notes from other hawkers.


happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to have coffee.

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