korea in singapore

korea in singapore

Featuring Joo Bar, 8 Korean BBQ (Clarke Quay Central), Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Cross Street Exchange), Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant (East Coast), Three Meals A Day (Beauty World), Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah), Hansik Korean Family Restaurant (Heartland Mall), Yoogane (Westgate), Bing Go Jung (Bukit Timah Plaza), K-Tower
Fabian Poon
Fabian Poon

#mytingkatisbetterthanyours. lol. if you ask me, come only when you are gunning for at least a 7 tier seafood for a party of 8; more bang for your bucks. otherwise, no doubt i enjoy the fish but price seems steep for a "lower tier" seafood. ha. #justsaying.


when you are done with monday's work and you wanna a fast meal, the kinda cooked by oma in seconds, you can count on hoho at sunset. this kimchi fried rice and a sunny side up is high-flavor with a very comforting wetness. count on the kimchi bits in between mouths for that extra crunchingness!


spaghetti but asian. wanna a real taste of korea? then you want to try the jajangmyeon at hoho. black bean sauce here for the jajangmyeon is subtle sweet, comforting thick and comes with generous pork pieces. slurp up!


so i jooed, like finally. crowd favourite, honey butter chicken ($18) was indeed interesting but stopped at wowing me over. glazed toppokki was like tibits crisp outside, but ever the chewy still on the inside. smells real good too. really good beer snack but that's about it too. my view


my attempt at this generation's lingo:
OMG OFC FTW! chicken game lvl 99! totally EPIC #fatdieme but who cares, YOLO! LOL, so much win. p.s: if you are not a heavy eater, half portion is good enough for 2!


faraway kovan because errand for missus. anywayz, was torn between lola and hansik after searching through burpple app. arguably the ROI (by plates count per meal) is higher because any self-respecting korean restaurant will serve you complimentary banchan fares. so a bigger bang for my bucks right? i know, don't judge. also because after one episodes too many of the korea drama, "let's eat 2".
so beef japchae i did with a very enjoyable light tasting spread of authentic korean banchan. japchae was flavorful but glass noodles short of that chewy shiokness i was hoping for. could be wetter too for that ultimate slurping effect. now am really missing Three Meals A Day in bukit timah. .

no matter, will be happy to try their other dishes again at queensway though, not kovan. ha


seoul the men meat yesterday and drank hite-ly.
$49.90++ charcoal fired dinner buffet at regent hotel. with a choice of 11 standard meats + 20 ala carte items, damn i say is really worthy! hits and misses with the meats (e.g. the bone-in galbi were tough yesterday) but if you stuff yourself silly like the 4 men did yesterday, you get your money back for sure! banchan variety is limited if not sad (was actually planning to whack silly on mung bean sprouts but there was none), thankfully what's there make up with good korean homey quality. the stews are comforting and you really wanna save some space for their fantastic korean pajeon! then wash and cool down your body korean style with a bowl of cold noodle! .

not inclusive in the buffet price is this 160g slab of beef striploin at additional $19 - beautiful marbling but was expecting more flavors, so a dash of salt helps
fair value, charcoal fired korean bbq sans the smell after leaving the restaurant? defo warrant another visit to better digest the menu again! thank you @lucaslzm for the recommendation!


weekend meat game strong.. a stop at @8koreanbbq - 4 flavors mangalica pork set ($58) and a slab of argentinian beef rib eye ($58). the mangalica pork of hungarian origin, touted as the kobe beef of pork was thick, lean and with melting fats without feeling sinfully heavy. suggest to go with one light flavor to enjoy the prized pork almost on its own and the rest with heavier flavors just for pure indulgence. awesome service but gwadd why issit so dark in there!


second visit within the week and dinner time is packed! but the korean feel good vibe is definitely in the house with a hot plate beef bulgogi ($13)! thin beef slices in sweet savory onion marinade made to korean perfection, da best to go with many bowls of white rice.


more koreans dining than locals. tonight's dinner is korea all over again. chicken meat so moist i suspect they were high on laneige. then as though they scare people know, they tried to coat it with a red sauce so molten lava, frodo though bukit timah is mt doom and may just throw the cursed ring into. one need not head tanjong pagar, cause mt doom has one. I mean bukit timah. already made so many plans to jio our westie folks to eat here again. daeeebaak!!


if red pepper paste is too much to handle, dunk into river of melted cheese for immediate relief. pricey for that price though. strawberry sauce for cabbage at the free-flow salad bar is just weeirrddd


finally caught up, i bingsued. love the muted sweetness tamed by the tteok (korean rice cakes). tteok also gave the dish a chewy texture which makes it so addictive


happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to have coffee.

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