French Jap Fusion

French Jap Fusion

Featuring Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Miam Miam (Westgate), LECOQ, Lewin Terrace, Le Binchotan, Whitegrass, Ma Maison Restaurant (Anchorpoint), MEET
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Ends in march, so better hurry up

Miam miam is the most awesome french Jap casual restaurant, I challenge anyone to find a worthy rival!

This bowl lived up to expectations as well. Teriyaki and char siew fusion really made sense when you think about it. Using premium pork, they achieved a superbly tender texture that's so enjoyable. Don't think of this as a Jap charsiu don, rather, it's like a good plate of hawker charsiu rice executed proficiently with premium ingredients, and it does justice to every aspect it took inspiration from. Miam miam got this way of bringing across light flavours in the most addictive and satisfying way. No idea how they do it but I'll probably continue supporting them, it's a blessing to have a branch in the west!

Best financiers I've ever had, before this was Henri Charpentier. The fact that it's served hot and crispy, with the same intense buttery fragrance, makes this an amazing and deserving end to the meal

Muscat was good. Sheep milk Panna cotta was awesome, somehow the taste is very prominent. I don't take alcohol so I didn't try the rum ice cream but felt each component was very decent, not wow tgt

Felt this was okay. A refreshing fruity dessert. Chrysanthemum jelly was nice

Cured for 7 days, braised for 6hours then sous vide for another 8hours before it is seared.

Tender doesn't begin to describe its texture. It's almost impossible to cut, or it will disintegrate. Topped with mustard, pickles, onion. Felt that it didn't need anything, even tho the Fuji apple sauce was the best I've ever had. Such a masterful balance of sweetness and tang.

The only downside was that one of the pieces of zucchini was a bit bitter. The veggies are exactly the same as the poulet dish

Stunning chicken from Lyon. Crispy on the outside and flavourful. The parsley butter doesn't come thru, but that's just as well as the two bites were alr flawless. The white wine sauce was good too, there's a slight tang which matches the ckn well

Why not have a second bread course to show off your bread when your bread is this good?

Brioche is usually too buttery for me, but this one had the oil only coming from the sesame within, so it's very balanced. Texture was so crispy, it's pastry like. Hard to describe but really good. I only didn't like it cos I don't like sesame, everyone else should love it

Their ingredients really shine. Pumpkin soup was utterly stellar as well, the best of its kind I've ever had. Imagine the quality of the pumpkin and chestnut they use, would love to use their pumpkin to make a pumpkin milkshake haha.

Truly, super pronounced chestnut flavour. Couldn't taste the other stuff at all, but that was just as well. It's sweet, but somehow it works as a soup course(that is understood to be savoury). The best western soup I've had to date

69degree egg, chicken jus, 5 kinds of mushrooms

Break it and mix everything together, every bit the sloppy brunch you expect, but positively superior

Pork consomme jelly, herbs, trio of pickles. Visually stunning, save your bread to mop this up. Even though it's a pate there's a particular Asian taste to it, due to the liver

WOW OH WOW. impossibly crispy exterior, it's super crunchy with lots of structure, yet the interior is soooooo fluffy. No idea how he accomplished it, though it's an absolutely joy. Served with smoked butter from bordier. Ik this is probably the best butter in the world, but somehow it played second fiddle to the bread. Ridiculously good

Would travel for food

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