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French Jap Fusion

French Jap Fusion

Featuring Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Miam Miam (Westgate), Le Coq, Lewin Terrace, Le Binchotan, Ma Maison Restaurant (Anchorpoint), MEET
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DK the normal price due to the special circumstances now

I've been a fan of miam miam for quite a while, but unfortunately I tried many of their menu items before I started writing reviews lol.

Seabass was abit dry but I was v grateful for the crispy skin surviving the delivery. However, I gotta say I enjoyed the rice A LOT. For someone who doesn't usually appreciate subtle flavours, the sweetness and the clean seafood umami of the slightly mochi-esque rice really got to me. Absolutely delicious and I could hardly stop eating the rice by itself.

P.S. The rice doesn't age well at all. Finish it on the day itself, I suspect the reason it has such a satisfying texture is exactly what's causing it to be so hard the next day.

Beef was well done but it was really good despite my initial expectation. Super tender and flavourful as well. The scorched rice was a solid fried rice, however despite the oil at the bottom there was no scorching at all. Quite an unfortunate circumstance, while the taste is there hopefully this is a one-off.

Really intense, slightly oily. Just the way I love it, not for those who prefer lighter food at all. I asked for less spicy and it wasn't v spicy at all(was scared when I saw bird's eye chili).

Yoghurt ice cream, feuilletine

The smoked chocolate had a crumbly texture. Smoked with applewood, there's a unique smell/flavour that's v familiar, yet doesnt associate w food imo. Not for everyone

The dark chocolate+hazelnut taste was there but somehow it wasnt the most enjoyable, maybe because it's lacking in sweetness. Interesting use of compressed beetroot for the crunch, yoghurt ice cream was decent and the meringue was not bad. I like their crushed feuilletine which was v crispy and sweet(present in the Corn dessert as well)

Overall hits and misses for the different components of the dessert, and i definitely wont spend 20 on it

Corn taste was apparent but the texture leaves a bit more to be desired. Abit watery, could have been more creamy for a restaurant of this perceived calibre

PSA skewers not avail for lunch, everything else on the Ala Carte menu is

The short Rib was prepared q well, see the Char but hoped for more smokiness. Not the most tender but it was ok

Sauce had a tanginess and really nothing much else, didnt really work with the beef.

Rlly good. Konbu shio and sauce were standard, but it was the sweet salty and supremely fragrant sakura Ebi that really stood out, probably the best sakura Ebi I've had

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A lot has changed since the previous rendition. Now there's a dashi jelly layer, the puree is from cauliflower, and the caviar is rlly caviar.

Felt that while the uni was good(lacks the excessive brininess that i dont like), overall the dish lacks the impact that i was hoping for. Maybe cos it's a cold dish and served in an air-con room

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Succulent pork slices atop Japanese fried rice, with tofu, cucumber and radish to make it a more balanced dish. The rice was sufficiently wet and very flavourful - just the way I like it. They also serve Western food, and I always go for their mac and cheese ($14.90), which I also highly recommend! Service was excellent too.

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Would travel for food

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