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Modern European

Featuring Porta, VENUE by Sebastian (Downtown Gallery), Blue Label Pizza & Wine (Ann Siang Road), 5 Senses Bistro (The Star Vista), Rosemead, Lumo, Rebel Rebel Wine Bar
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The bread is a tad dry, not bad. The glaze though, it's seriously something. Mad complexity from the mushroom and sugar, there's this strong smokiness to it. Quite crispy on the outside too

The mushroom butter was ok, if not for the fact that it's severely overseasoned w seasalt. Even after mixing thoroughly it was way too salty.

There's a lot of mistakes made by the service in the short 20mins I was there but it's all by the same staff, I presume it's growing pains

The ice cream had a good flavour, it's almost savoury, kind of like scamorza. However it's too runny

The rest of the ingredients provided some sort of freshness, but there's too much basil oil.

I only had their desserts but both were not particularly stunning. Not sure why they're always full house, maybe the mains are better?

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Very pricey.

I liked how the yoghurt cream was not sweet at all, just sour. The burnt cheesecake was good on the first bite, exemplary in texture, esp the creaminess and density. However after a few bites it turns into occasional greasiness, and the mild flavour means that the other smells in the air overpowers it.

Overall it's ok only

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The service was excellent but they remind you multiple times about the reservation via email and it's super annoying. It's like NLB. I get it if they're packed but they're not, at least during weekdays. Even Michelin restaurants don't take themselves so seriously

Again it's fine. the confit tomatoes were intense on their own, in a great way, but provides just a mild fruitiness in the whole dish. Pork Joel was tender w a nice bite, miso sauce was slightly mild. Overall no obvious problem but somehow just didn't leave an impact in any way

Take note that the chef changed after Nov 2021? Everything to come for last time from the pig head tagliatelle, the prawn uni toast, to the honey farro barley spread is gone now

One more ingredient I forgot. It's a dip for the sourdough, but I heard their sourdough sucks. that's unfortunate when there are so many bakeries nearby.(maybe that changed with a new chef but I'm not gambling)

It's interesting, it's different, but not particularly good. Soft pork fat w crunchy toppings which were mainly sweet and slightly umami. There's a lot of different flavours going on on the toppings, but I'm not sure if everyone will enjoy.

Photo creds: Shi Min
Note: I had it on 13/7, there has a massive dollop of cream on the middle, which might not be the same as in this pic

Anyway this had a good amount of pork belly pieces(a lot more than the other pizzas) but the sauce in the middle was way too much. Really really jelat, don't really recommend it at all

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Choc chip cookie, sort of a cross between an oatmeal cookie texture and soft cookie. Not bad but v pricey, their carrot cake is much much better

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There's this perculiar vegetal flavour, which I find ok but the rest absolutely loved it. Maybe I'm missing something but I couldn't eat another slice anymore lol

The Tuesday 20++ pizza deal is still on. How did they have month-long waiting list yet are so quiet for lunch even tho it's open for 5 pax alr

This wasn't like a caprese. It's decent but the goat cheese got a tang and is abit stronger than I expected. Not my favourite

Pretty good, the sauce was v tasty and there's just a tad of heat to keep things interesting w the sausages and other meats

The portion is something else. Good for 3-4 to share

You won't expect to find a good carrot cake at a pizza place but my oh my.
Yeah you've got people saying it's good but as a carrot cake lover who's tried more than a few good carrot cakes, I've got to say this is probably the best I've tried(as of 2/7/21)

Generous amounts of raisins and walnuts, really chunky ones too. The sponge had an almost bread pudding like texture, which combines w the thick cream cheese layer well. It's funny how what makes a good carrot cake good is not because of carrot haha. Ultimately it results in a dense, slightly sticky mouth feel. Gets jelat so good to share(because of the portion too)

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This is by no means a Margherita. It doesn't have the brightness of tomato. However, it's a fabulous pie. Again they're very on point with their flavours and it's almost unbelievable how they achieve this with cheese and tomato sauce yet it tastes nothing like a normal Margherita.

I was abit annoyed at first at my friend not picking a meat pizza but I certainly can't disagree with his choice after having a bite. Give this a try even though the meat pizzas jumps out at you!

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