Modern European

Modern European

Featuring Porta, VENUE by Sebastian, 5 Senses Bistro (The Star Vista)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Didnt try much of the alcohol soaked ladyfinger but the mascarpone was q smooth and flavourful

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Served with grand marnier ice cream, changed to blood orange sorbet over here(which was pretty sweet)

The pistachio financier was pretty good, esp the crispy texture on the exterior. Worth a try!

The sea buckthorn was pretty sour, it's quite unique but will not necessarily be loved by everyone.

Honey mascarpone was really good though, and the elements came together well. Try it if you're somewhat adventurous

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A la carte avail as well

Rilette was decent, quite light. The toast was q crispy. The starter portion is 19++ though, so it better be bigger than the set lunch portion

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Standard dish, the pork collar had a steak-like texture. Not everyone's cup of tea, but executed decently nonetheless

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All the mains in the second menu need an add on, that's very weird lol

Nonetheless they did justice to this Chilean sea bass. It was slightly crispy and flaky too. Mushrooms were nice, and while it might not pair perfectly, the yuzu truffle sauce was solid on its own too. The truffle is extremely muted, which meant that it was balanced and the truffle actually enhanced the dish. That's masterful

Chilean sea bass at this price though, I think there's no reason not to get this set. Must try!

Left is served with olive oil, right is served with browned butter

There's capers but luckily it's v mild, I didn't even know which component contained capers lol

The pea puree and garlic aioli were pretty decent, octopus was on the firmer side with some crisp. Only problem is the portion, it's under seafood so you'd think it's a main but turns out it's tapas sized.

The staff will remind you about that when you order though

This place really doesn't have the best service. The young guy was gruff, rude, and the team was impatient when I asked a single question. I rarely comment about service as I'm usually all about the food, so hopefully everyone else had a better experience.

The food was pretty dang good though. Really reminds me of those hawker stalls with fierce uncles/aunties, where that actually signify the quality of the food lol. Pasta was cooked well, the crab bisque? was so full of seafood umami and well rounded too, with a nice tanginess and slight acidity. They use some kind of special alcohol, it's not the usual white wine,(btw that's what I asked about lol) contributing to the complexity in flavour. Generous amounts of seafood, all cooked well and fresh, esp the Meath tiger prawns and the soft squid. For someone who doesn't eat bivalves, I could actually eat the mussels in this as it wasn't fishy at all and somehow the flavours naturally melded with the strong seafood taste. The garlic on top added a lot of aroma and crunch too.

As mentioned by Russell, the interior of the bowl has a lot of nooks and crannies that's very difficult to get soup out of. Other than that can't think of any complaints w regards to the food :)

Unfortunately this didn't impress as much as it did the first time. Cake wasn't heated enough so it didn't flow, and the contrast in temperature wasn't there. The first time I had it was really good though so be sure to ask for it to be well heated if you're ordering this

Nothing spectacular, esp since the creme anglaise isn't served cold. None of the elements were particularly outstanding. Portion is small too

Some parts had no fats at all and might be slightly dry, but otherwise it's utterly stunning. Fork tender beef with loads of beefy notes(don't need a knife at all), curry mash that's pretty legit as well as charred broccolini. If u have a craving for braised beef short ribs this is the place since it's quite affordable

As good as people say. Lots of flavour from the sauce, and the smoky chorizo as well as the generous amounts of prawn didn't hurt either. Not too spicy and extremely moreish. Pasta was also ofc Al dente

Would travel for food

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