Top 10 Places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Top 10 places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

To say the plating here is visually captivating is an understatement.
The second of our 5-course meal, and the most Oriental in terms of taste profile in my opinion, arrived on a plate that looked like a pair of hands was carefully cradling the duck (don’t you just love a clever trompe-l’œil?). Perfectly apt seeing how delectable the braised French Challans duck revealed itself to be.
With the stringiness all but gone, the flesh was silky-smooth and soft, caressing my mouth almost, along with the voluptuous eggplant cream. Crunchy water chestnut, springy jelly mushrooms and slippery kanten noodles were the refreshing accents to each bite, multiplying the facets of texture and flavour exponentially in this slightly sweet dish.


“Buddha” isn’t the only one willing to “Jump Over The Wall” for this.
I for one, am equally gung-ho because under the serene yin-yang scallop “cheong fun” is a riot of boisterous flavours.
Lift those silky sheets and you’ll be pulled into a group hug by the “wolf pack” of iberico pork, scallops and abalone. In an instant, these party animals will have you getting down like there’s no tomorrow not just with them but also shiitake custard, lotus seeds and shiitake mushroom cap. Things can get really intense in the pool of rich pork broth.
And then, when it’s all over, you’ll be left a little dazed and overwhelmed, changed forever by the experience.

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A refreshing start to the 8 course dinner here. What you'll first see is a bowl of ice granita, but dig into it and you'll uncover very premium, very sweet tokutani tomatoes with strawberry, almond and umeshu. This will whet your appetite for what is about to come :)
Now instead of $265++, Alma has specially curated a 4 course dinner menu at only $88++, for the month of August, Monday to Thursdays only. This is the celebrate Singapore's 53 birthday, and the milestone of retaining their One Michelin Star for the 3rd consecutive year.


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(9 Aug 2018) "Homage to My Singapore" lunch menu on National Day. No better way to mark the nation's birthday (and enjoy a public holiday) than celebrate an award-winning modsin restaurant dedicated to raising the profile of local farms and suppliers.

Have to admit that I didn't use to think much of chef Han Liguang but this meal really changed my mind. His dishes are much more well thought out, with depths of flavours and nuances that make sense instead of just play acting with ideas and form. Service left me cold though, curt and somewhat unfriendly. Maybe they didnt want to be working on a public holiday? Will be returning for the food though!
Snacks (starters) - Oolong tea egg using quail eggs from Uncle William's farm in Lim Chu Kang. Sometimes simplicity is the most genius. Perfect little starter.

Nasi Lemak Cheong Fun with chicken skin, ikan bilis and egg yolk gel. Texturally I would have preferred the cheong fun to be more cheongfunny less gelatinous but taste-wise it really got the essence of nasi lemak all in one mouthful, crunchy ikan bilis included.

Heartland waffle with local duck liver pate & goji berry jam. I loved this! Perfectly executed. I used to eat those pandan kaya waffles every day in JC so this was a sublime elevation of what really brought me joy when I was younger.

Mantou with coconut butter. Was this butter churned using coconut milk? I thought it was brilliant to pair this with a freshly deep fried mantou (too fresh - impossible to even pick up cos it was way too hot).

Plates (mains) - ang moh chicken rice dumpling. This was the dish that made the meal for me. It isn't pictured because I attacked it all. Leaps better than what Alvin Leung tried to do with his Bo Innovation chicken rice back in the day.

Nippon koi farm silver perch in herbal pepper broth. The broth was delicious, the fish itself was okay.. Leave the ulam rajah to your last bite to finish off the rich broth with some bright notes.

Toh Thye San farm french poulet. This was worth the $10 supplement. It's chicken done two styles - a roasted breast and a roulade.

Palate cleanser - clam leaf snow with rosella meringue and textures of grape. The presentation of this was offputting with the server plonking down a plant pot on the table, reciting "the underside of its leaves are purple" and whisked off the pot again like a bizarre botany demonstration. But the dish itself was great! The purple plant did nothing in terms of taste (i guess it just added colour?) but the bits of grapes were super refreshing.

Dessert was another winner - Cristal de chine caviar, kaya ice cream & sing hoong loong toast. The caviar and egg sauce were just distractions from the main attraction which was a lovely kaya ice cream sandwiched between two perfect slices of bruleed toast. Sounds simple but it was.. sublime and an absolute must-try.

Worthy, Delicious and not too expensive for the pockets!! Everything was on point 💯⭐️👍🏼 and we couldn’t ask for more!! Favourite of all is the Crispy Tofu and Boston Lobster! Awesome! Thank you Alma for the Birthday Surprise🎂🎁! @phusionade @almabyjuanamador #almabyjuanamador #weekdaylunch #lunchmenu #3courselunch #pampering

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But there's now a more affordable option to enjoy a Michelin-starred dinner here: starting from now till end August, Mondays to Thursdays only, Alma is offering a 4 course dinner menu at only $88++. This is the celebrate Singapore's 53 birthday, and the milestone of retaining their One Michelin Star for the 3rd consecutive year.
0. Alma Snacks (amuse bouche)
1. Chutoro with uni, seaweed and Japanese radish.
2. Brittany Cod with smoked shimeji, burnt leek and ponzu (a variation of what's pictured here)
3. Kagoshima Pork with gochujang anno-imo and dates
4. Manjari 64% with pear, prune and sorrel.
Check my IG story highlights for the full 8 course menu with wine pairing ($265++), or for the menu of this 4 course dinner ($88++).
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You are fab! Like my most favourite bak chor mee and the always reliable, go-to kopi peng gao siu dai, you complete me. Ok, that's all.


Indeed It tasted so good, owner added dried cuttlefish which creates richer favours 👍🏽 , tried the $6 serving but the portion was suitable for ladies, I believe for guy should order the $8/$10 servicing.

Coffee bitterness is mild but like the coffee taste is there, chocolate chips give added crunch the soakex biscuits somewhat become sponge cakd like. Really nice tiramisu 4.25/5