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So we tried both the normal siew mai and this less common teochew styled one. Preferred the former, and this was less seasoned and flavourful, I'm guessing since its teochew to emphasise freshness of ingredients.

This is reminiscent of a good waffle i.e. cripsy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Made savoury with a good xo sauce. Dim sum, and food in generally here is a bit on the pricier side but still considered matching for the quality.

Not a novel but still an ingenious idea to have a crispy crusty fried roll with juicy prawns wrapped in a silky smooth rice sheet. So many textures in one bite!

It is glazed with kicap manis, grilled and smoked over charcoal. The pork was tender and grilled to perfection. But I didn’t how the satay was fully coated with kicap manis. I would ask for the kicap manis on the side next time.

A much refined take on the classic British eggs and soldiers; Jaan’s Hens Eggs had a really intriguing blend of flavours. Think a rich and silky bright orange yolk that is well-infused with the herby aroma of rosemary, gently cradled between sliced truffle and sits on a soft cauliflower custard throne. On the side, to amp up the luxe factor, the caviar and mushroom jam adds a briny and savoury punch to the smokey oozy egg. Mixing it all up, I enjoyed the decadents when the elements came together and it nicely balance out with the sticks of toasted bread.

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

Another humble yet eye-opening treat, the palate cleanser was a delightful mix of earl grey sorbet, with fruit tea jelly, pomelo, delicate bay leaf espuma and a touch of lemon.

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

A herbaceous number to really open up your taste buds, the Sweet Summer Tomato was a burst of freshness especially with the crown of herbs and icy basil sorbet. Stuffed with more basil and creamy burrata cheese, the vibrant sphere was also juicy and well-seasoned. Adding that much-need oomph, the ring of black olive crumbs had the perfect hint of tangy as well as savouriness.

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

A bed of Madagascar vanilla bean cream dressed with wild red British strawberries and meringues, the signature Strawberry Eton Mess was a real crowd pleaser. The summer-y number had the sweet-tangy berries working wonderfully with the fragrant dollops of smooth cream. Light on the palate and with a great myriad of texture, the plated dessert was really good!

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

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A belly-warming starter, the Roast Leek & Potato Soup complete with a aromatic soft-buttery onion brioche was super scrummy and the dish I absolutely adore! Delivering a decadent creaminess with the layer of mousse, the base was loaded with the essence of potato while holding a gentle earthy flavour (from the mushroom stock, truffle trimmings, and truffle juice). And at the very bottom of the mug, the hidden macadamia nuts were a welcomed nutty surprise. I wish seconds were an option~

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

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Lunch at JAAN by Kirk Westaway was simply a joy! At $158++, the 5-course was well-paced and each dish was exquisite in taste as well as presentation. However, I certainly have some favourites off the menu. 

Right off the bat, the Cucumber Meringue topped with fresh fennel was a fun snack to start the line-up. A refreshing play; the briny flavour from the bits of pickled cucumbers paired harmoniously with the sweetness of the airy, melt-in-your-mouth meringue that is infused with cucumber juice. Next up, the Black Olive & Chickpeas offered more firm bites with the crispy tapioca chip dotted with chickpea hummus and cumin yoghurt embellished with a striking black olive lattice cracker dusted with cumin and salted lemon. 

The dark horse and the highlighting protein, the unassuming Organic Chicken with Herbed Potato was a solid main. Served as a roulade rolled in crunchy chicken skin, the meat was superbly tender and succulent. The fondant potato crusted with parsley, chives, and chervil was really tasty too, especially together with the robust sauce made from chicken trimmings. The roasted onion marmalade on the side offering a lovely caramelised sweetness to the plate.

Part of the 5-course lunch menu - $158++

[ milk chocolate 🍫]
Coffee infused chocolate mousse cake with caramel truffle at the side.