Top 10 Places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Top 10 places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

You can expect Whole Tandoori Turkey Stuffed with Morel Briyani (S$136), Whole Tandoori Capon with Morel Briyani (S$68), Kashmiri Wazwan Slow-Roasted and Smoked Baby Leg of Lamb (S$126). Tandoori turkey is moist and tender and perfect with delicious briyani. Briyani is flavoursome and we can't stop shovelling it all in. These festive dishes are specially created by Executive Chef Manjunath Mural. .
Where to dine?
The Song Of India
33 Scotts Road, 228226

The Song of India is the only Michelin star Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia, and they are rolling out a collection of limited edition festive hampers, takeaway Christmas feasts and restaurant set menus.
Executive Chef Manjunath Mural has created several festive offerings that capture the spirit of a Christmas with Indian inspirations, including the Whole Tandoori Turkey Stuffed with Morel Briyani ($136), the Whole Tandoori Capon with Morel Briyani ($68), the Kashmiri Wazwan Slow-Roasted and Smoked Baby Leg of Lamb ($126), and Christmas Hampers ($248).
Chef Manjunath has also designed a 5-course Christmas Celebration Feast ($79++) that includes dishes such as the Tandoori Turkey Kebab and the Stuffed Turkey Roulade. Otherwise, their 6-course degustation menu features several dishes inspired by local flavours, such as the Lemon Chili Lobster in Kerala Moily Sauce and Laksa Chicken Kebab.
[Invited Tasting]

By Chef @chelegalleryvask during the recent four hands with Chef @aitortxuchef. We couldn’t believe it when we were told they were tuna cheeks. Tasted just like beef, if not even better. *
Cooked in beef jus with kalingag bark (cinnamon) and served on a bed of African cereal with Jamon Iberico (Iberian ham). We were told to take a sniff of the cinnamon from Mindanao only after we had finished our dish. Very aromatic!
This was my favourite dish of the collaboration. The tuna cheeks were so tender and the taste sublime 😋.
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“Why the long wait to dine here?”
“Why only so few tables?”
The answers were apparent once I realised Chef Kang cooks every single dish himself - a fact I only learned of recently.
Our second meal at his One Michelin Star restaurant, booked more than a month ago right after we dined there the first time, had us trying a different signature soup. It was the very peppery chicken soup with pig organs that we sipped on and sweated over (do note - unlike the fish one, this has to be pre-ordered).
Apart from the crispy deepfried pork belly and dessert of coconut jelly with ice-cream, which we repeated from our maiden visit, all the other dishes were new for us. The stirfried “green dragon” vegetable and sizzling venison (deer meat) in garlic and black bean sauce were very good but it was the two noodle dishes that wow-ed me.
I found the Thai-style glass noodles with prawns extremely aromatic as it’s chockfull of herbs and spices. Chef Kang told us he uses a brand of glass noodles from Thailand that’s made from real mung bean. So you don’t experience any bloating sensation after eating it. As for the “hor fun”, it’s the insane “wok hei” that makes the dish unforgettable. I swear you can literally smell the seductive smoky fragrance the moment the waitress starts mixing up the rice noodles and gooey, eggy sauce for serving.
What we enjoyed a lot apart from the food were the little conversations. In between cooking, Chef Kang would pop by to check on us, and to see if the food was to our liking (we could only nod vigorously and try to answer with our mouths full). He speaks mostly Cantonese so I had to rely on my friends to translate but he’s really friendly, knowledgeable and happy to share. So don’t hesitate to ask him anything when you visit.

Lamb could be a little overpowering for a few people in terms of the flavour, but I do enjoy it when I can. The lamb was perfectly cooked and perfectly balanced with all of the other components to the dish, even my girlfriend thought it was beef and she belongs to the group that finds it overpowering.

After a whole series of intensely flavoured food, this dish would pale in comparison... but there is beauty in its simplicity. Fish is one of those things that should be simple, and this dish focuses on it. The algae puff rice provided a nice texture, and I’m always a big fan of a roasted leek any time of the week!

One of my favourite dishes of the night - the quail was super tender and the chestnut sauce was superb. The pickled cucumber and the mint really married the whole dish together into the most perfect bite, I highly recommend this dish when you come here!

Love how this dish is still served as a snack having opened the eyes and inspired Rishi into the culinary world. Stuffed into a crisp shell, the Parfait is Super smooth and doesn’t leave you with the strong iron after taste you associate with liver.

Chef Kang is truly amazing in his wok skills and his soups are out of this world. Truly worthy of his Michelin star

I grew up eating this silky Hor Fun dish but as time went by, less and less chefs make a decent one. Chef Kang’s surpassed all expectations. He’s the best in Singapore for this. Look no further. What makes a good Wah Tan Hor? First the rice noodles must be wok fried till they emit smokiness or what we call wok hei. Then a silky sauce made from eggs and cooked with all kinds of goodies (here mostly seafood like scallops and prawns) is poured over the wok fried noodles. Give your dish a good stir so that the sauce and noodles become one and dig in with some green pickled chillies. So good and so sublime. Happy days!