Top 10 Places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Top 10 places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Michelin Guide Singapore 2017

Sweet, creamy and almost buttery, the lip-smacking sauce was very smooth and aromatic from the spices used as well as hints of palm sugar. A super 'lemak' combination, the gravy also worked great with a bowl of steaming white rice. The plump tiger prawns were fresh and amped up the sweetness of the dish too. However, keeping in mind the portion and price, it is a little difficult to swallow.

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While the caramel taste of souffle is superb, thought that the souffle is a bit undercooked as it is somewhat too foamy(?) 4.25/5

Somewhat like a chicken and foie gras wellington? Puff pasty wrapping chicken that is filled with foie gras, served with salad and thick jus 4.25/5

The hot appetizer. Langoustine wrapped in courgettes, with olive oil 4.25/5

Perfectly escapulating their two Michelin stars, Shisen Hanten's Foie gras chawamushi served with crab and crab roe sauce is to die for.

Eggs like silk punctuated with the distinct bursts of flavor from the crab meat and richness of the roe, each greedy spoonful was akin to having liquid gold.

Some people order this to share, do yourself a favor; don't.

Part of $115 lemenu formule ala carte, the cold dessert of marinated fresh and fruity crab inside feuille topped with caviar 4.25/5

Complimentary Margarita Pizza-Thick based, has the classic combination 4/5

1st course Duck Liver & Scallops-Scallops was deep fried(?), was crispy but tbh i did not recognize that being scallops 😅, liver was creamy and chewy 4/5

2nd course Cocoa Infused Papardelle, Boar Ragu Mushroom-did not actually taste the cocoa but was a really nice ragu on an aldente pasta 4.25/5

3rd course Veal Tenderloin-was flavorful and juicy, a bit tough. Truffle sauce gives that fragrance boost. 4.25/5

Dessert-Hazelnut financier, Chocolate ganache, caramelized hazelnut. Did not actually taste like financiers, but waz one good cake. Has that jelly addition as well 4/5

This was a very good rendition of a Chinese staple. At the 1 Michelin Star Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Restaurant 🇸🇬, they do it simply but very well. Beef tenderloin cubes are wok fried with a generous helping of sliced onions and a powerful Sarawak black pepper sauce. The onions and beef are both cooked lightly and remain crisp and juicy respectively. A good dish 👌
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After what seemed like forever, my friend Jayne and I visited one Michelin-starred Cheek By Jowl again. And although I already loved Chef Rishi’s food from before, last night’s meal made me realise he is now cooking at a whole new level of sophistication.
I felt our dinner was extremely well thought-out in terms of ingredients (including even a curry powder that has to be hand-carried from overseas), and executed in terms of how they’re combined and prepared. All of which culminated in a series of fantastically refined and delicious dishes served omakase style to us.
Even though Chef Rishi himself was miles away in Bali for the “Ubud Food Festival”, we had a marvelous time thanks to the warm hospitality of his lovely wife Manuela (who’s the Beverage and Restaurant Manager) and the rest of the Cheek By Jowl team.
I will be sharing more details in a few upcoming posts, about the individual courses that I found particularly appealing.

These almost had us weeping.
What an outstanding duo: Puffed baby corn and the most ridiculously divine cheese buns that we practically inhaled, after swishing them in 14-month aged Comte cheese.
Manuela, the restaurant manager and wife of Chef Rishi, definitely made my friend Jayne’s night when she surprised us with a second helping of the latter 👯‍♀️

Pretty as a flower because it was, this creation by Chef Rishi was something I actually had had my eye on for a while (thank you Instagram).
Without any preconceived notion of the taste, my first bite of the zucchini bloom was greeted by a fragrant whiff of curry. It stemmed from the mashed up Sri Lankan mung beans stuffed within. The taste was of belly-comforting warmth, and yet I felt transported to foreign shores in an instant. Things became even more interesting when I ate it with the millet, quinoa, basil and charred zucchini, also presented on the plate. Once these different textures and flavours joined in (I loved that delicate spark of lime), every mouthful of this dish truly blossomed into fruition.

I am a hardcore meat-lover but the vegetarian courses from the omakase dinner I had last Friday at “Cheek By Jowl” were magnificent.
Original, beautifully nuanced and extremely fulfilling, I could be persuaded to be a vegetarian or even vegan but only if every dish I eat promises to be as superb as the one above.
The artichoke was presented here in two forms: a purée and with its skin crisped. Poured only upon serving, the light onion consommé completed the harmonious medley with a sweetness that seemed to me, had a hint of smokiness. I think I didn’t miss meat because the cluster of succulent Shimeji mushrooms played a great placebo.