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Upon seeing that the restaurant has launched a Basque Cheesecake ($49, 4.5 inch) in their menu, we knew we had to get one. Once you have gotten your hands on the burnt cheesecake, it is highly recommended for you to put it into the chiller as soon as possible and only consume it around 1-2 hours later. The Alma’s version of burnt cheesecake has a slight char on the top which gives it a slight bittersweet flavour while balancing it beautifully with the light and creamy cheese filling. I have not tasted many burnt cheesecakes in my lifetime, but this is definitely one that I can keep eating. As the basque cheesecake is only available for a limited-time only, do pre-order it soon because it is no longer in the menu.
📍Alma by Juan Amador
22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221

📌四川飯店 & Chatterbox ・ Mandarin Chicken Rice $13.50 Chen’s Mapo Doufu $13.00 Stir-fried Prawn with Chilli Sauce $22.00 あのミシュラン2つ星の四川飯店とChatterboxが今なら半額でデリバリーできます!! (上記価格は半額後) もちろんislandwideデリバリー。 お子様のいる家庭でも大丈夫。 Chatterboxも一緒にオーダーできるので、子供が大好きなチキンライスも頼んじゃいましょう! わたしは四川飯店もChatterboxもお初。 チキンライスは$4以上の食べたことありませんでした(笑) そりゃぁ美味しいに決まってる。 チキンも3段も入っていてびっくり。 チキンが美味しいのはもちろんだけど、ご飯の美味しさにびっくり。 四川飯店の麻婆豆腐は、こないだ四川飯店のシェフが手掛けるミシュランビブグルマン受賞のChen’s Mapo Tofuを食べたばかりだけど、比べてみると全然違う。 Chen’s Mapo Tofuの方が味が荒いというか、四川飯店の方が素材の味がしっかりして上品というか、さすがはミシュラン!という差を感じることができました。 そして、何よりエビチリよ。 すごいな、キミは。 大きくて旨味がギュッと詰まったエビはブリンブリン。 このソースがまた絶妙過ぎる。 6尾で$44はちょっと高級すぎるけど、今なら$22で食べれちゃう。 半額プロモーションの期間がどこにも記載がなくわからないのですが、期間中にまた頼みたい。 オーダー方法やデリバリーfeeなど、詳しくはまたブログに書きますね。 サーキットブレーカーが明けてフェーズ1になっても、イートインはまだ出来ないので、islandwideデリバリーとかプロモーションが続いてくれるといいなぁ。 #shisenhanten #shisenhantensg #四川飯店シンガポール #chatterbox #chatterboxsingapore #michelin2stars #michelinstar #2michelinstars #chenkentaro #chickenrice #mapotofu #麻婆豆腐 #エビチリ #干烧明虾 #prawnchilli #四川飯店 #陳健太郎 #シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #singaporelife #sginstagram #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #burpple #おうち時間を楽しむ #stayhome

A mix of mee sua and beehoon in a thick starchy broth. Its similar to Putien's signature lor mee, just with thinner noodles. The thick broth got rather jelat and I would have preferred more ingredients and less noodles.

📍Shisen Hanten📍
💸 1-for-1 Shisen Hanten Bento: $34
💸 Chen’s Mapo Doufu (a la carte): $13
💸 Signature Steamed Chicken with Sesame Sauce: $13
💸 Wok fried Chicken with cashew nut and red pepper: $16
💸 Honey glazed Barbecued Pork: $8
Shisen Hanten and Chatterbox is having 50% off all their dishes and 1 for 1 bento (exclusive for DBS/ POSB cardholders) so there is no better time to try out their signature mapo tofu and enjoy free delivery for orders above $80!!🤩The famed Chen’s Mapo Doufu looks every bit you would expect a typical Szechuan dish to look- red, spicy and glistening with chili oil🤤 It looks spicy but doesn’t really taste spicy and goes really well with white rice. Definitely a ‘rice stealer’ dish!🍚

Feature :
💕Roasted London Duck (half).
Chen's Mapo Doufu (2pax).
💰$13/ each..
💕Sweet and Sour Fried Kurobuta Pork in Black Vinegar.
💕Fragrant Wok-fried Rice with Crab Meat and Fish Roe.
My fav of course the chef's mapo dofu, beside tasty, its delicate, with numbness that not overwhelming, and pair with warm rice 😋. My son fav will be sweet and sour fried kurobota pork in black vinegar.
The pork was tender and flavourful.

To place order, visit this link Free delivery islandwide for order above $80..
📍Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro.
333 Orchard Road.

Compared to the lor mee, I like this much better. It is soupier and less starchy, and filled with ingredients like beancurd, dried scallops, egg, mushrooms, pork slices, bamboo shoots and spring onions. Soup has a delicious eggy taste. The mee sua doesn't soak up the soup too much, so even after delivery, the noodles are not soggy and the soup is intact. The condiments on the side complimented the dish well.

@kieranngsweepoh’s big heart led me to try the food I‘ve been eyeing, sooner than I thought I could - the Korean dishes that Chef-owner @sunkimchi and his team have been preparing since the start of this Circuit Breaker. A few items are pretty much fixed in the a la carte menu but the Korean Heritage Set is refreshed weekly if I’m not mistaken. I was fortunate enough to have received a mix of both.
The two items from the a la carte were the big and tasty Meta Family Meal #Gimbap, also known as Korean rice rolls with tuna, egg and vegetables ($15), and the Banana Chocolate Millefeuille ($20), a crispy flaky dessert that‘s calibrated on point for richness, flavour and sweetness.
Even though it is meant for one person, the Korean Heritage Meal ($38 this week) has a few components (do follow @metasingapore’s Instagram account to be kept updated on the next Set Menu so you can pre-order). This week’s included a Botanjang (very flavourful soy-marinated raw prawns that had a tinge of salacious spiciness), Egg Jangjorim (the popular marinated runny-yolked egg), Korean Chicken Stew (a hearty, comfort food-style main dish filled with soft carrots and potatoes) and a tray of Steamed Korean rice topped with tobiko and seaweed.

If you are keen to try their Takeaway offerings (and I recommend you do), please:

Call: 6513 0898
WhatsApp: 9750 8275

Pick-up hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11.30am-9pm.


For yesterday’s Staff Takeover at One MICHELIN Starred @metasingapore, Chefs @andrewoou and @jielong_jared stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the ballpark with their limited edition, one-day-only Oriental Hainanese Chicken Rice ($38).

Presented in Melaka-style rice balls, the compressed grains were fragrant and pleasantly chewy. They were the suave Fred Astaire to the elegant Ginger Rogers of tender, juicy chicken.

The well-chosen supporting cast comprised of a Japanese Ajitsuke Tamago (the same kind of runny-yolked egg you find in a good bowl of ramen), crunchy achar, beansprouts tossed in oyster dressing and topped with century egg, as well as a bowl of Grouper fish and seaweed soup.

The closing act was a rotund donut oozing with an insanely fragrant coconut pandan kaya.

You bet we enjoyed every bite of this set meal.

Thank you again @kieranngsweepoh for the treat and @caaveeell for the link-up.

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Odette’s Cannelé possesses all the qualities expected of this specialty from the Bordeaux region in France.
The small and fragrant vanilla-flavoured pastry had a dark, almost-burnt, thick caramelised crust. In contrast, its core was very soft, almost like a firm-ish custard. Superbly delectable bite this is.

To place an order for a box or two, please click on the link in @odettesingapore’s bio on Instagram.


When I went to collect my order of the “Bresse Poularde Au Vin Jaune” from @odetterestaurant on Thursday (you can read about the delectable French chicken and rice dish in my earlier post), I learned from Marta who passed me my bag of food that @chef_julien had gifted me dessert as well. Yay!
Could I wait till after dinner to have them? Of course not. Greedy me attacked the gorgeous “Trio Of Tarts” soon after I got home.
With a pastry shell like fine bone china, the tarts were exquisite to the nth degree and required a careful touch when picking them up.
I started with the “Yuzu Blanc Manger & Lemon”, a heavenly creation with a cloud of meringue on luscious lemon curd cradled in the thinnest crisp tart base.
Then, the “Korean Strawberry and Basil” which had a lovely rose-scented jam filling beneath the custard. I am guessing it‘s the same one based on Chef Julien’s grandmother’s recipe that guests get to take home a jar of when they dine at #odetterestaurant. I thought it went exceedingly well with the fresh fruit and herb.
Sitting squarely on the rich end of the spectrum was the “Jivara Chocolate and Tonka Bean” tart with its luxurious ganache filling. I found this especially lovely with a cup of black coffee.

To place an order for the above, please click on the link in @odettesingapore’s bio on Instagram.


Its audacious flavour is the reason I‘d be tempted to have this Organic Chicken Burger again. I thought the one-two punch of spicy “larb” (a Thai style of minced meat with fresh herbs) and sriracha mayo on the thick piece of fried chicken was brilliant. However, I did find the housemade buns, the one at the bottom to be specific, too mushy from the weight of the fillings coupled with the condensation that formed as the food cooled enroute to me. Anyway, I have shared this with @tayyongchuen who had DM-ed me to ask for my feedback. I also suggested to him that perhaps a slightly sturdier bun will do the trick because in all seriousness, everything else about this #burger is brilliant.
The other thing I appreciate is how they try to ensure it is a compact but complete meal by packing the burger in a cardboard box with a salad of butterhead lettuce, tomatoes and onions, a pile of chips and a small square of chocolate brownie for dessert (total price: $29). What’s more, if you place an order for any of their burgers or sandwich sets between 3pm and 5pm (valid till end April 2020), you enjoy a FREE bottle of Heineken beer.
Check out this and other promotions as well as the full Delivery /Takeaway Menu by clicking on the link in @almabyjuanamador’s bio on Instagram.


After spending $128 on the “Bresse Poularde Au Vin Jaune” (serves 2 pax) from Three-MICHELIN Starred @odetterestaurant, I was understandably nervous about messing up the finishing steps at home. Thank goodness, Owner-Chef Julien is astute enough to know some of us (🙋🏻‍♀️) are quite useless in the kitchen, so he had clear instructions attached to the neatly packaged chilled food (yes, all the components come cold). Armed with a kitchen timer, I followed each step carefully, and lo and behold (𝘱𝘶𝘯 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘥 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘴𝘦 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘪𝘵 😁)...SUCCESS!

Essentially a refined version of rich comfort food (and who wouldn’t appreciate that during this Circuit Breaker period), the dish features half of a browned-in-pan French chicken in a dreamy sauce of cream made fragrant with the famous yellow wine from the Jura region in Eastern France and an abundance of mushrooms (mostly morel, my favourite). The spring vegetables, which include baby carrots and romanesco cauliflower that I added during the heating up process, were remarkably sweet and fresh.

With such a stellar main, naturally the accompaniment has to measure up and the premium Niigata rice from Japan certainly did. The portion of the shiny cooked short grains is generous, and even has its own condiments - an insanely addictive crunchy crumbled chicken skin and finely-chopped chives (sorry, those aren’t shown in my photo). They are to be sprinkled / smothered on just before eating.

I’d recommend ordering this when you fancy a little indulgence, or if you have an occasion to celebrate. After all, why not spoil yourself with some #MichelinAtHome?

P.S. Based on my own experience, service is impeccable even outside of the restaurant. Marta from the front-of-house team, kept in close contact with me via SMS, so collection was a breeze. She was waiting for me by the roadside as we drove up, and took the initiative to place the bags of food in the backseat so I could remain in my vehicle. How thoughtful.