Korean Food

Korean Food

Featuring Jinjja Chicken (Bugis Village), Three Meals A Day (Beauty World), Baek Jung Korean Restaurant & Bar, 8 Korean BBQ (Clarke Quay Central), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant, Hongdae Korean BBQ, Don Dae Bak, Manna Story (Plaza Singapura), Chicken Up (The Centrepoint)
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

The spicy chicken stew reminds me of army stew and it was really tasty. They have chicken, baked beans, rice cake, vegetables, instant noodles, crab sticks, hot dogs and luncheon meat. I love processed meat so I enjoyed this a lot.

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The roasted rice cakes with caramelised sesame sauce were really fragrant.

The 8 Treasures Rice is bibimbap and it was really tasty. It typically comes with chicken but you can change it to beef. The sesame oil in this was so fragrant!

The Naengmyeon was really refreshing on such a hot day. The broth is a Korean pear broth so it’s not as sour as the usual Naengmyeon out there. It’s topped with beef and egg.

Shared the cheese platter which has mandu, popcorn chicken and wings and this reminds me of kfry in JB! Just that the dish cooled down quite quickly haha. I thought it was pretty yummy and I liked how there was sesame sauce on the mandu too 😋 the cheese was stretchy so it was chewy and tasty from all the chicken sauce!

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The kimchi pancake was crispy and the serving was large too!

The steamed egg was fluffy and tasty, making it a side that balanced the other rich food we ordered here.

The pork was tender and slightly sweet in flavour. It was very yummy too!

The army stew was flavourful and had a generous serving of ingredients. It’s good for 3-4 to share.

Nothing makes me happier than having cold noodles on a hot day. Three Meals a Day, located near Beauty World MRT Station, serves bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles) which is chewy, flavourful and refreshing. They also serve an array of side dishes that are tasty and remind me of Korea as well 😋 Yay craving finally satisfied 😌


I was a bit disappointed to see that they don’t use charcoal anymore but the meat quality was still good! The servings are quite large though, these were only for 2. It was quite worth the money at $23.90+ for a lunch buffet too.


I liked how this place now has army stew for one ($14.90) so you don’t have to always be in big groups to order army stew. There was a generous portion of ingredients and the soup was flavourful too.

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