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Breakfast Places

Breakfast Places

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Tong Ah Eating House, The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough, PUNCH, Choupinette, Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Honolulu Café (The Centrepoint), Homeground Coffee Roasters, Seoi Gor Cafe, Scrambled
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan
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This originally comes with poached eggs but so glad they let me switch because the scrambled eggs were so creamy and yummy! Swipe to see the yummy scrambled eggs 😍 The potato hash was crispy indeed but a bit soggy at the bottom so I liked the top few layers of it and the chorizo sausage was flavourful too. Even the salad was good with roasted sesame seeds on top giving the salad a unique fragrance and flavour 😋

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I haven’t been here in a long time and the menu doesn’t seem to have changed a bit haha. I got a Strangers Breakfast and it was yummy! It has toasted brioche, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, crispy bacon, a sausage and a mini salad. I really liked the sausage and the scrambled eggs 😋😋

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The poach eggs with mushrooms ($15) has poached eggs, sourdough and mushrooms. Everything was nice on its own but not really together. Also, this was pretty average and didn’t stand out much

The burger alone was $8.90 and the set was an extra $5.50 with truffle fries and a can drink. I thought the food was pretty good, but the price was steep for such food. Plus I felt that there was too little egg in the burger seeing how it should be the focus of the place.

The eggs royale ($18) has poached eggs, salmon and toast! Everything was really good. I was quite impressed especially when I’m not a poached eggs fan.

The egg tart ($2.20) was pretty flakey and good. It still gets sold out from time to time so it’s good to check if they still have them.


This was a pretty good luncheon meat and egg sandwich ($4.50) but it’s nothing like Hong Kong’s. I also prefer Tai Cheong’s scrambled eggs to theirs too.

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The egg and cheese sandwich ($3.50) was pretty good but I thought that the egg and cheese portions were too small for this price. The texture of the 葱油饼 was similar to what I had in Taiwan but it was less fragrant than what I had.


I had a ham and cheese with egg mayo sandwich set. This is simple but it’s yummy too! This place has a variety of sandwiches and drinks which gives you a lot of choice 👍🏽

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This has thick toast with scrambled eggs and ham ($4.50). The scrambled eggs were fluffy and were of a similar texture to what I had in Hong Kong. It was a lot better than I expected and I liked it.


This has sausage, bacon, eggs, cheese, rocket and sriracha mayo in it. It’s so yummy and very filling just that it might be difficult to bite because it’s so big 😆

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I seldom like everything that’s given for a breakfast plate like this ($25) but this was really delicious. It includes flatbread with sour cream, 2 eggs of your choice, beef bolognese, bacon and beef/pork sausage. The flatbread was soft and as fluffy as flatbread can be, the scrambled eggs were nicely flavoured, the beef bolognese had spices that provided an extra kick, the sausage was tasty and the bacon was crispy!

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Always on the hunt for good food More food photos on instagram and dayre: @flyeetelfly

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