Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring The Refinery, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City), No Style by Katanashi, Sen of Japan, Idaten Udon (CityLink Mall), Saboten (Millenia Walk), Ichiban Boshi (Parkway Parade), Tsukada Nojo (ChinaTown Point)
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

I've missed @tenjinsg a lot and I was so happy to slurp on their cold udon and munch on their crunchy tempura recently. I love their Inaniwa Udon Set and it's one of my favourite things to eat 😋

Went back to @sukiya.singapore and had the Curry Rice with Beef and Triple Cheese. I was happy with my gooey mess which had a nice mix of the curry and the cheese along with the tender beef. Though the curry wasn't exceptional, it was rather tasty and I enjoyed how it was able to keep the heat in this bowl for a long time 😋 so glad the queue isn't that long now, I went at 3pm on a weekday and I only waited 5 minutes yay 🤗

We had a Salmon Aburi Maki which contains avocado, cucumber, crispy ebi tempura, flame seared salmon, special
cheese sauce and I liked the variety of flavours and textures in each slice.

The Pork Belly was extremely tender, served with avocado and onsen egg. It was a bit on the fatty side but the fats melted in my mouth. This might be a bit heavy so this is good for sharing.

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I liked the Black Cod Soy most, because I love cod and its melt in your mouth texture. The sauce was fragrant with savoury sweet flavours.


The Uni Pasta was served chilled and was very refreshing with a fragrant truffle flavour. I like how there was ikura to add to the texture and it was tasty too.

Comfort food from sushiro 😋 My favourites are the spicy mayo salmon, basil salmon, premium unagi, broiled soy fatty tuna and fried salmon skin 😌

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Tried out the JAL inflight menu at Japan Rail Cafe recently because I miss travelling and I enjoyed JAL food whenever I flew with them. The Salmon option ran out so we got the Tori Takiawase Tamago Dainomono set. The main consisted of chicken thigh, shiitake mushroom, green beans, red peppers and shredded omelette on Japanese rice. The chicken thigh was pretty succulent and the rice was fluffy. The main was served with cold udon, vegetables, a earl grey cake for dessert and a drink. We enjoyed the earl grey cake a lot too, it was very fluffy and fragrant. This was nice for an airline meal but I found the price a bit steep at $23 for this quality and serving. It was still pretty good though, good for those who miss in flight meals and want to have a feel of it.

The Warabi Mochi was slightly chewy in texture but it was served chilled which was quite different from the room temperature ones I had in Japan.

Because the Salmon Set ran out for the JAL inflight menu, we ordered a couple of other dishes from their regular menu. The Twin Flavoured Crispy Chicken Don came with fried chicken topped with tartar sauce and Japanese grated radish. The chicken was crispy indeed and while I expected chicken nanban because it looked like it and it was in the description, it tasted quite different without the nanban sauce which resulted in a bit of a letdown.

Yokohama Romankan just opened a new outlet in Millenia Walk serving curry rice, tonkatsu and katsu sandos. I had a Tonkatsu and Fried Ebi Set and added curry to it. I thought that the fried items were pretty decent, served crispy and fresh. I was particularly impressed by the very tasty curry and fluffy Japanese rice. They don't have a large selection on the menu but they do what they serve pretty well and service here is good too.

This had a strong truffle flavour and was rather smooth in texture. It was quite good for its price point.

Ethel Tan

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