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Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring The Refinery, Katanashi, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), KOKI Tamagoyaki, Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Waa Cow! (National University of Singapore), Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City), Kyoaji Japanese Dining, Inaniwa Yosuke (Japan Food Town), Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

I got a block of salmon belly sashimi from donki and torched it at home! It was so so good and every piece melted in my mouth 😍😍 I had gyoza, ajitamago and mentaiko croquette to go along with it too! It was a satisfying dinner.

This was pretty good. The texture was soft and the aburi made it really fragrant.

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The crab cream croquette was crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside with the filling full of crab flavour. It was served piping hot and really good.

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The cod roe with mayo was pretty good but there was too much mayo. The gunkans here are good though, because the seaweed is really fragrant.

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The cold chawanmushi was available this round! It was so refreshing on such a hot day! The layer on top looks like jelly but it’s savoury and tasty at the same time.

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The salmon slices were really fresh and there are 4 in each serving. It’s pretty reasonable for the standards and the tastes.

The tempura prawns were just ok. I felt the prawns were a bit small compared to the tempura prawns that I usually have.

The hojicha pudding is from hattendo, a few of their desserts are from hattendo too. The hojicha flavour was rich and it was really smooth in texture.

The scallop with lemon and basil was flavourful and the lemon was appetising as well. There was a good amount of scallop in this too.

This soy fatty tuna was my favourite. It was $4.80 per piece but it melted in my mouth and it was so good.

The premium salmon belly was one of my favourites with the salmon belly slice being fresh and yummy as a result!

The broiled salmon with cheese was yummy too. The salmon had a melt in your mouth texture and the cheese portion was generous.

Always on the hunt for good food More food photos on instagram and dayre: @flyeetelfly

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