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The were soft and chewy, and the kinako and matcha powder didn’t have any added sugar so it wasn’t sweet. It’s a good snack as it doesn’t feel too heavy!

I don't usually drink a lot of bubble tea but when they became so hard to come by, the bubble tea craving is real! This one ticked all the right boxes, milky but still strong tea, bubble that were tender and chewy at the same time with the right dose of sweetness. Definitely not a waste of calories

We'd 3 different bentos and my favourite is the salmon mentaiki, would definitely order it again. Generous portion of salmon (there were two slices, stacked on top of each other), and mentaiko sauce on both slices

This was super fresh and yummy, it's been a while since I'd sushi and I liked that it came with a generous portion of wasabi and pickled ginger, though neither were required for this as it was good on its own

This set includes one main(chicken), oyster, fish, scallop, squid, veg, bean sprouts & rice. I opted all bean sprouts instead of veg, totally heavenly. A la carte orders available as well, which means the main only & so I ordered an extra piece of fish. Express but food are also really worth the trip out to takeaway, they are not available for delivery. Dining there used to be a weekly thing for me before this CB and even now, I still having it weekly.

Can't wait to share with you my dinner last Saturday at Keyaki, Pan Pacific Singapore, which has just started serving their Spring Kaiseki Menu. There's a Haru Kaiseki at $180++ and a Sakura Kaiseki at $200++.
Exclusive to the Sakura Menu is the Hassun, which represents the current season in a kaiseki meal. All these little but exquisite dishes were Keyaki's Executive Chef Shin's elaborate expression of spring, including:
* Takenoko (bamboo shoot) with Japanese pepper leaf;
* Deep-fried minced crab (those little colorful balls);
* Boiled broad beans;
* Grilled hamaguri clam with sour plum jelly fish;
* Soy sauce hotaru-ika; and
* Grilled mebaru (rockfish).
I think this dish alone is the reason why I prefer the Sakura Kaiseki ($200++) over the Haru Kaiseki ($180++). But there were some really good dishes in the Haru Kaiseki as well. I'll share that soon.

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Freshly cooked by the chef, each dish is served hot to you. Waiting time can be quite long during peak hours. The set meal is worth it with many dishes included.

Unagi Eggroll was so worth it!
Generous chunks of unagi wrapped with soft eggs

It is actually a dessert, Ruby Roman Grape Jelly, taken when Pan Pacific brought in delicacies from the region of Hokuriku. That was one gastronomic journey, quite literally, as @siewyan49 and I had premium produce from Toyama, Ishikawa, to Fukui, which borders the Sea of Japan. This menu is over as it lasted only for a very short time, but I hope there'll be more of such theme dinners at Keyaki in future!
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From Shiroi Tonkatsu by Nikukappo
Deep fried breaded white pork loin cutlet combining egg omelet over fluffy Hokkaido rice.
Taste better than it looked.
Highly recommended!

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