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Remains a comforting place for a good meal, a delicate japanese eatery with a peaceful ambience - we went for the grilled salmon with garlic butter ($15). It is tender and oozing with naturally fragrant oils, and we had it paired with their garlic seafood fried rice ($15). This place definitely mastered how to bring out the best of their garlic and seafoos. Left feeling v contented.

Ps their garlic fried rice is a must have. Wished we had the teppanyaki bar seats but social distancing means there's limitations

Mekajiki & Shake sashimi. Both sword fish belly and salmon sashimi were extremely sweet and fresh. It was served quite thickly sliced which made it so flavourful.

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Hot sake. When warmed, the umami of sake was enchanced, slightly sweet yet fragrant which paired really well with the food.

Just a stone throw away from the Jalan Besar MRT station is a hidden Japanese restaurant that is perfect for group gathering. At this place, you’ll have the option of cooking your own okonomiyaki or sit back and watch the chef skillfully prepares it for you. With the inner masterchef in us, of course we opted to cook it ourselves. However, it turned out to be a mess, so eventually we let the chef took over. Nevertheless, it’s still a very fun and interesting experience! We got the okonomiyaki, monjayaki and the seafood platter. The taste of the monjayaki is great but its wet and mushy texture may not be to everyone’s liking. Overall, the food served was average but the unique experience and the friendly service crews make us want to go back again.

Didnt realise that they actually have burpple 1 for 1 here, didn't utilised it. But food here was good. The sashimi was fresh!

fifth and last (but not the least dish) = iberico pork chop. WE LOVE PORK CHOP, so it is our go-to dish at most restaurants that we eat at, and this one did not disappoint. teppanyaki-style pork chop is indeed simple yet delicious, the meat was not overly tough and squeezing some lemon over it added just the right amount of zest the meat needed. definitely will order again.

fourth dish = lamb shank. again, I know lots of people may not eat lamb because it has a gamier taste as compared to other meats, but this dish did not have the usual gaminess of lamb, and had a melty quality - the simple salt and pepper + butter flavourings which the meat was cooked with complimented it well, and we found ourselves going for second and third bites. two thumbs up!

third dish = crab croquettes! even if you’re not a seafood fan, this is worth a try - the crab taste is subtle and not overpowering, and the creamy insides of the croquettes are to die for. best served and eaten warm :)

second dish we ordered = beef katsu. love how the chef managed to get a crispy katsu outside, but still retained a tender medium doneness for the meat inside. YUMS.

had a double date with our friends (and they were the ones who took the superb pics of our food) to celebrate my bf’s birthday a second time (cause there can never be too much to celebrate) - it was our first time at a teppanyaki restaurant in singapore, it was quite an experience to watch our food being cooked in front of us! we ordered several dishes to share so the first one was the beef cubes ^^ tender, melt-in-the-mouth and seasoned with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. only wish the serving could have been bigger:p

From Hokkaido Melt
Smooth creamy rich body cup of hot brewed coffee.

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From Shiroi Tonkatsu by Nikukappo
Deep fried breaded white pork loin cutlet combining egg omelet over fluffy Hokkaido rice.
Taste better than it looked.
Highly recommended!

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