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Ordered the pork butatama okonomiyaki $11.90++ and was not too bad. Great place to come in a group so that you can order more and share.
Queue might get long during dinner time but they have shared seating outside as well.

From Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki
Satisfying portion of grilled pork rice bowl.
Sliced of pork grill just right together with fluffy rice.

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After realising that having Teppanyaki can be an awesome experience due to the real-time preparation of food and how delicious the food can be, if prepared the perfect way, I go on a search for authentic Teppanyaki restaurants, and I found Teppan Works. And what a good find this is, where I get to enjoy good food, some with unique twists, at a good price and have a good time interacting with the Japanese chefs and staff. Another important thing: I still smell great after a meal here despite sitting right in front of the cooking area.

The trio of seafood impressively served is of the more premium seafood: scallop, oyster and prawn. The scallop is briny and very creamy in taste. I can dab the seafood with a bit of ponzu sauce with grated radish or their special tartar sauce for extra kick in the taste.

Talking about the special tartar sauce, it has nuanced flavours and vegetable bits in there for the extra bite, making this probably my favourite tartar sauce.

The lightly grilled oyster is very creamy too, smooth, succulent and has light taste of iodine with umami. The prawn completes the lovely creamy dream by being creamy and sweet while being firm in texture for a good bite. The very light layer of char elevates the taste of the prawn to be oh-so-good and totally satisfying.

I get to choose one obanzai, aka starter dish, from an array of them nicely presented on a huge wooden tray. All looks so good! It's hard to choose. And they are not usually seen at other restaurants, so I want to try them all.

After much deliberation, I choose smoked duck, and I'm so happy with my choice after the first bite of this. Velvety smooth in texture, easy to bite, this gamey meat has a rich smokey flavour that tastes even better when eating it with the accompanying onion shreds for the pungent kick.

I opt for Dashimaki, the plain omelette, and what I get is a new gastronomic experience of savouring the silkiest, smoothest, paper-thin omelette, paired with the most unlikely sauce: Yuzu Chilli Sauce. The omelette is very good on its own, and when eaten with the refreshing, yet slightly spicy and tangy yuzu chilli sauce, it becomes amazingly good. This is a must-try when at this restaurant.

I add Pari Pari Avocado with Melty Cheese to my order due to curiosity. This is very flavourful, especially when Tasbasco sauce is added, at the recommendation of the chef. The soft avocado is served in one big chuck so that I can fully enjoy its veggie creaminess in big bites. I like it.

The seemingly old-school chawamushi here also surprises me since it is served cold instead. When eaten with pops of the umami laden caviar, the flavours work beautifully together. The custard actually feels smoother when served cold, and the coldness preserves the taste and texture of the caviar. An awesome surprise.

The accompanying asparagus of the pork steak is crunchy and the tomato is juicy. The fried almond slices, my favourite yuzu chilli sauce and sea salt makes the pork a flavourful treat. The browned parts of the pork is very nice.

And I have one of the best okonomiyaki here. Lots of quality cabbages is packed within the thin layer of dough, which is exactly the ratio of cabbage to dough in a good okonomiyaki. What makes this even better is that the cabbage is very finely chopped, yet not mashed, to fully release the sweetness of the vegetable while retaining its crunchiness. I have no problem finishing this by myself despite its pretty big size.
The place looks like an izakaya with a unique brick wall on one side to give that rustic feel, making it a great place to just relax and enjoy some good food. The chef and service staff are super friendly and engaging. Lots of interactions ensured. I have a good time chatting with them while savouring the great food. It is so easy to feel at ease here. If you are up for a good chat, this is a good place (at the counter seats) to consider.

I definitely look forward to coming back here and recommend this place to my family and friends. And there are lots of other unique dishes that I like to try.

Thoughts: The perfect place to go for for good Teppanyaki with unique twists.

This restaurant really overturns my previous impression that Teppanyaki is oily, and too heavy on taste due to use of thick salty sauces or too bland due to too little salt added. The food here is expertly grilled to perfection, clear taste, light on palates yet fill of subtle flavours.

Live Scallop Cook with Soy Sauce and Butter is carefully and lightly grilled to perfection, having the light char for smoky flavour while retaining the moisture of the scallop. The scallop is so plump and juicy. soaked in the light clear sauce and paired with the umami laden creaminess of sweet uni, this is oh-so-good. And the sauce is so good and clean in taste that I start to drink it like it is soup until it is finished.

Avocado with Herbs and Cheese is a very interesting dish. The chef sprinkled the cheese on the hot plate to form a mini cheese pancake. After both sides are nicely browned, grilled avocado, herbs, sakura ebi and sauce are added on them. When served, I rolled this up and take bites off it. I like it that there lots of different textures and subtle flavours at work here. A hearty treat.

Japanese Lobster from Mie Prefecture (Isejingu Hono) is so unbelievably good.

As I had said before umpteen of times in my previous posts, lobster is particularly hard to prepared well as compared to its cousin, The Prawn. I had been to countless restaurants where the lobster just simply falls short: meat too tough, too bland or too stinky.

BUT the first bite of the Japanese Lobster here has me swooning in delight. You know the anime scene where flowers and sparkles appear when the character had taken the first bite of some awesome food? Yes, this is what happened to me ... in my mind. The lobster meat is incredibly soft with a bit of bounce in the texture. Simply perfect. The flavours are harmonized layers of the nuanced briny sweetness of the lobster, the light char, light clear sauce, creaminess plus umami of the uni, and the intense flavours of roe and tomalley–guts of the lobster to be precise. It works, it works so beautifully. A must-try at this place.
Queen Crab is seasonal item. I like it that the crab meat and roe was nicely scooped out and cooked before packing them back into the crab shell for my enjoyment, so I do not have to get my hands dirty. The nice oceanic flavours of the crab meat is zested up by the slightly sweet and sour clear starchy sauce. A nice dish to enjoy.

The interior is nice, having wood frames and panels juxtaposed with bricks to create a kind of Japanese yet rustic ambience. And I love it that the Teppanyaki hot plate is clean and shiny–yes, I'm fussy about this kind of thing, that's just me. The Japanese lady in charge of service is very friendly, helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic. And I appreciate it that when I want seasonal fruits, she actually tells me the fruits available so that I can make an informed choice on whether I really want it. The other staff are pretty new at their jobs, at least they are trying their best.

If I want to enjoy Teppanyaki again, this is definitely the place I will go to. Oh yes, I saw the thinly sliced pork being grilled in front of me, it looks delicious, I want to try that next time.

Thoughts: The ultimate place to enjoy Teppanyaki.

Prawns 4/5
Sashimi 2.5/5

A simple and no-frill teppanyaki restaurant that serves pretty decent and well-balanced meals. Each set comes with a bowl of rice. The ingredients used are fresh and the food is reasonably priced with plenty of bean sprouts & sides. The garlic sauce is fragrant and flavourful with an option to add chilli padi for some spicy flavour. They were quite popular during meal hours so do expect a long waiting time during peak hours.

Garlic Mushroom Set 》$8.80

Teppanyaki Special (Set C) 》$18.70
Fish, squid, scallop, oyster and pork

The set comes with garlic rice, miso soup and 2pcs of orange. The scallop taste like the frozen scallop we get from supermarket. Nothing outstanding.

Do note that it is actually spicy mentai. I thought it will be mentaiko sauce but it is actual mentai in the omelette. So so only.

The yakisoba was a bit watery. The cabbage was quite hard too. I think the yakisoba at Clarke Quay DDDK was better and at a cheaper price.

Be dazzled by the finesse of the teppanyaki chefs, who will grill your meal right in front of you, Yaki Yaki Bo launches NEW Grand Menu in Aug 2022 that you will light up your taste buds. Highlight includes the Modanyaki (okonomiyaki with yakisoba) options, and the Unagi Omelette.

New items:
1. Buta Tama (Pork Belly) Modanyaki
2. Ebi Modanyaki
3. Omu Soba
4. Unagi Omelette
5. Nori Cheese Mentai Omelette
6. Hanpen Cheese Yaki
7. Anko Maki Ice Cream

Another good news to share! Yaki Yaki Bo has a new outlet opened at Jurong Point (part of &JOY Japanese Food Street) on 1 August 2022 [unit #B1-51]

Amazing experience this is- hard to find such Okonomiyaki, cooked right before your eyes. It tastes as good as it looks! Would definitely recommend and go back there myself with family and friends. Plz book ahead.

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Had a good meal here with my friends, the price was affordable and food taste really good, loved the wagyu steak, asparagus, lamb chop especially and the garlic rice portion is quite a huge bowl unlike other places. Absolutely love this place, thanks for the awesome cooking chef and the good customer service, i will come back next time with more friends. :)

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