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Dk if it's meant to be like that but it was quite hard, as if it melted and was quickly refrozen. Still not bad though taste wise

The beef was really quite tender, and while the fried rice wasn't greasy each mouthful was filled with the unmistakable aroma of garlic along with certain beefiness. Amazing for its price

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Do ask for the ala carte menu during lunch!

Quite decent and on the lighter side, with a generous amount of seafood. Every scoop comes w seafood lol. The pickles and the miso soup were good too

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One of the most value for money items on the menu, this dish features two sizeable slabs of salmon with the skin separated and seared beside. Not enough of the soy butter but the tartar sauce with dill was nice too. Salmon was masterfully cooked btw, it's really juicy and very slightly pink in the middle

A pretty succulent prawn but somehow the seasoning didn't penetrate in, maybe could have been seasoned a little more?

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Score points on your next date night at this intimate and sophisticated Japanese diner. They also serve up a melt-in-your-mouth, tender and smoky teppan garlic beef rice not to miss out on.
Photo by Burppler Kris Lim


We had no regret going for their Ohmi Wagyu set for those unforgettable juicy marbled beef steaks. Our set with seafood also included perfectly cooked scallop and large prawn at the beginning of the course. Do top up for their oyster b’cos it was just so good. Towards the end, their carefully prepared Osaka Okonomiyaki completed our meal with a hearty end before dessert.
There were options in their set and all those that we picked, including grilled avocado with melted cheese and omelette with pork belly were great. Look out for their seared specialty sesame tofu as it was just fabulous.
After so long, it was nice that our visits to Japan Food Town have been good as we checked out their tenants.

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Stumbled upon this new establishment that’s just opened in February through @burpple 1-1 deals and the food on the menu looks damn legit. We go for family style and ordered all these to share:

Assorted Tempura ($20++) - Not in picture

Teppan Hokkaido Hotate with Sea Uruchin ($20++/3pcs)

Seafood Roll with Ikura ($20+)

Soft shell Crab Roll ($15++)

Grilled Chicken with Salt Pepper ($12++)

Iberico Pork Loin ($28++)

120g Japanese A4 Wagyu Tenderloin ($68++)

120g Australian Tenderloin ($40++)

Mushroom Garlic Fried Rice ($12++)

Cha Soba ($12++)
Verdict: The portion were really small, it only kept us feeling just 40% full. The chicken was surprisingly tender and juicy while the pork were really dry. The doneness of the Tenderloin was on point and the fat ratio of the wagyu was damn succulent!

Everything else was just alright, not mind blowing BUT I would come back for Opening meal or Executive set lunch.

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