Top 10 Places for Teppanyaki

Top 10 places for Teppanyaki

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Not forgetting a good glass of sake to pair with the Omakase

Gyuniku Hotatemaki 35 ++.

Sumptuous scallop, grilled to tender perfection and wrapped in beef. Things that make you go mmm. Best teppanyaki in Singapore. Go on, treat yourself :)

Haven’t been here for quite some time and is pleasantly surprised to see that they have some new additions on the menu such as the foie gras. Perched atop the daikon which was incredibly juicy and sweet, the foie gras was extremely well grilled and simply disintegrate in your mouth. ☺️

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Inaniwa udon has been my favorite udon since I first had them 3 years ago. It's getting popular and more commonly found in many Japanese restaurants now, but I heard that Keyaki at Pan Pacific was the first (or at least one of the first) to serve inaniwa udon many years back.
I liked that the inaniwa udon because it's smooth and springy, and came with a really nice al dente bite to it. At Keyaki, you have a choice of having it cold or hot. Pictured is the cold version.


What piqued my taste buds was the sweet sesame tofu cube at the core. Relatively denser and firmer, the contrasting texture and flavor against the silky and savoury egg custard makes this dish really enjoyable.


Miyazaki Wagyu Tenderloin Steak with Turnip, Zucchini and Onion

(Part of the 9 Course Dinner Menu $228)