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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Specialty cake, muffin,Tart...anything sweet really :)
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

Hot afternoon drives us to buy this! 😎☀️ First spoon we get raspberry and we can notice blueberry in the middle. The vanilla ice cream & shortbread soften the sourness of all sorts of berries in a tub. It’s definitely the flavor for fruit lovers. 🍇🍒🍓

For people who love their ice cream not so sweet, this flavour will suit your taste bud. Hojicha (Roasted Japanese tea) has a nice aroma while the sea salt keep the flavour interesting. If you like sweet & creamy, then go for spiced pear instead. 🍵


Got this treat at Jewel before we embark on a trip to BKK. Planned to have coffee at Starbucks but it’s too crowded so we had ice cream at our favourite shop “Bird of paradise” instead. Try 2 new flavours: spiced pear & sea salt hojicha. What a well balanced flavour combination (William pears 🍐 + cinnamon & star anise). Tastes fruity refreshing with some aroma from spices. 👍

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Famous for their Muah Chee (local snack made with glutinous rice) as guaranteed by Makansutra prizes. We prefer peanut coated as it is more fragrant, crunchy texture & less sweet) 👌😊

One of a few dumpling place in SG that opens 24 hour. While the review out there is not favorable for this stall, the overall taste is alright. The nonya rice dumpling is not too sweet & egg tarts are soft & delicate. Suggest to consume rice dumpling on the day you purchase!! 🤓

The smell of freshly baked cookies at this Junction 8 outlet entice us to grab these 2 cookies as a takeaway. We asked the staff who told us that it is freshly baked daily. We are a fan of fresh snack and think that if not good for taste, then at least it’s fresh (no preservative) 🍪
Generous ingredients of cookie (chocolate cubes & granola can be seen clearly on top) & not so sweet compared to others. Texture wise, we got a trick question if we would fancy ‘hot one’ or ‘not so hot’. 😆 We naively go for ‘not so hot’ so it is not crispy but honestly, if they maintain cookies in a close space to avoid air, hot or not shall not matter...☺️. It’s a pair of decent cookie and we will revisit again for Japanese desserts. ❤️ 🇯🇵 🥠

Decide between cheese loaf & sweet potato and try this first. Sweet & notice yellow paste once sliced. Good with PB & tea

Health conscious peeps will enjoy this. Straight out from exit C Chinatown MRT is where this Taiwanese snack place located. They sell a variety of dumpling & steamed buns 👌

Whoever miss Ikan Billis Bun will be happy to find this! Pork floss at the rim with spicy ikan Billis filling brings back sweet & spicy memory! 👍🦁

Finally we have found another hidden gem for (Korean cuisine) in Singapore. 🤗 Located in the second floor of Peace Center, the location is quite odd and maybe too retro for some. Once you step into the restaurant, the ambience is very nice and airy (glass window overlooking Sophia Road). This place offers everything the lunch sets and dinner set that most high Street chains offer PLUS BBQ meat.Before we decide what we want to have for lunch, We are already served with these beautiful 8 side dishes. The staff is super friendly and refill for us the kimchi & fish cake 🍥 when we say we like them!! 🙏❤️

Tea lovers gotta try this one. Upon sharing this mooncake, we can inhale the aroma of earl grey that infused so well with white lotus paste. We completely forgot about honey centre.😍

Pandan flavoured roll crepe with grated coconut in gula Melaka (not too sweet and guaranteed to fill your stomach.
We prefer Ondeh Ondeh to these Kueh Dadars both in texture& flavour as Ondeh Ondeh is more intense.👌

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Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got some surprises for you on IG!! 🎄

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