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Western Eats

Western Eats

Featuring working title - Burger Bar, Alter Ego, Tolido's Espresso Nook, The Beast, The Pelican, Knots Cafe and Living, etto (Handy Road), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Orchard), My Little Spanish Place (Bukit Timah), B Burger
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

This has spicy jalapeño sauce and hot salsa. This was good but I felt that there was too little sour cream for the balance. It was jelat after a while so it’s good to share!

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We had an original poke bowl to share and this has a good variety of ingredients. It was very normal though and there was nothing special about it.

The bread was soft and buttery, coupled with melted cheese and the meat that was slightly sweet. This was good to share and eaten hot or else it would be soggy when it turns cold.

The coleslaw was really refreshing. I liked how there’s yogurt and mint in this.

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The cheese is really creamy and there’s a good amount of cheese in this making it yummy, helping to quell the heat from the spice too.


This has green asparagus, black truffle cream, jamon iberico and manchego cheese. This was pretty good but it was really thick with the cream and the manchego cheese.

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The Travis Supreme has a sesame crust, ground meat, special sauce and cheddar bacon melt. The crust was really crispy and the sesame was fragrant. However I didn’t like the flavours for this much. It was lighter in flavour so it helped to balance our other pizza.

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The Blue Label Wings were crispy and we got to choose from Buffalo or Honey Garlic Sriracha. We got buffalo because it’s milder and we had friends who don’t eat spicy food. It was pretty good, the sauce had a strong cheese flavour so while some of us liked it, some of us didn’t.

The Blue Label State Fries had hand cut potatoes, black pepper gravy, fried egg and shaved truffle. The fries were good in terms of texture and it was flavourful but I feel like the different flavours weren’t very pronounced.

The baked salmon comes with earl grey mashed potato, kale, ebiko and charcoal chips. The earl grey mashed potato sounded weird but it was interesting (in a good way). I really tasted the earl grey too! The salmon was cooked nicely, with the skin being crispy and the meat being tender too.

This is grilled octopus leg with red pepper and saffron potato purées. The octopus is from Spain and it was chewy too.

The secreto iberico consists of seared iberico secret pork slices that were really juicy and flavourful 😋

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