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Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

This version of Mac and cheese includes braised minced beef with garlic, onions, basil, and tomato sauce. This was very flavourful and I liked the melted cheese on top but would like this if there was more.

The duck was flavourful, crispy outside and the meat was tender while the waffle was fluffy and fragrant. They all went well with the egg and maple syrup provided too 😌

The garlic cheese pita was pretty nice but there wasn’t much garlic flavour.

These looked nothing from what was shown from the media tastings. There was little cheese sauce in this too.

Returned to Nando’s after they launched their new menu and it was a disappointing visit. The chicken thighs were very sad as they took a long time to be served and it wasn’t served hot. The sauce wasn’t spicy at all as well.

The eggplants came with green goddess hummus, crispy chickpeas and currants. There was a good variety of flavours and textures and the flavours were pretty unique, just that I found this a bit salty.

I really enjoyed my Wagyu Tajima Steak which comes with porcini cream sauce, duck fat fries, mustard and salad. The steak was tender and went well with the porcini cream sauce, giving a unique flavour. The duck fat fries were really tasty too!

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The carbonara was flavourful but not too rich. The burnt cheese is an unique addition and went really well with it too!

This was really yummy with the thin crust and nice balance of flavours. I rarely like pizzas with no toppings but this was good. It comes with burrata which is rich and creamy and it complements the pizza so well 😋 The chef is actually Asian trained so he makes fusion flavours occasionally as well.

This is deep fried truffle mushroom risotto balls served with tomato sauce. I really enjoyed the crisp exterior and the soft interior too. The truffle in this was so fragrant as well.

The garlic herb prawns were really fresh and well flavoured. The prawns actually arrive the restaurant live and they prepare it straight after!

The Australian Marbled Beef Bowl is an exclusive to this outlet. It was good for its price and the flavours were all very familiar, it’s a type comfort food I would go for. The beef was tender too 😋


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