For the love of anything and everything with cheese!
Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier

You will find multiple cheeses all over, and I can guarantee that the greatest cheese dish lovers will indeed love this. Despite the cheese overload the sandwich does not get jelat at all.

The sandwich is also huge, so it is surely sharable if you're not feeling too hungry! Served with rockets that I can only wish had more vinaigrette drizzled over and peppers that surprisingly (coz I don't like peppers - more #fussyfoodiefacts) contributed a mild zestiness and sweet crunch to the dish, this is great to have if you're hanging around Tai Seng or Macpherson.

Quaint and homely, Prodigal Cafe is the ideal space to go to for chill vibes around the neighbourhood and quality comfort food to enjoy!


Revisited PARK once again for their Truffle Mac and Cheese with Sliced Turkey Ham ($12.80++) which I had the last time and was really impressed by the strong truffle-infused flavour and that it did not get overwhelmingly creamy for me towards the end.
This time though, it did not seem to reach that expectation I had. The truffle taste was noticeably lighter and the cream sauce got overwhelming. Could be that my tastebuds changed over the year, but definitely wasn't ws satisfying as the first time I had it 😕 but regardless I still like it, and it surely makes for a simple and relatively value-for-money (I mean if you compare it to good mac and cheese's at other cafes and restaurants) meal option with the sinful cream content sure to fill your tummy; don't let the tray size fool you!


My experience at PUNCH was met with hits and misses as well as hot and cold service, but if anything, this Grilled Cheese Toast with Tomato Bacon Soup ($11) would be my greatest takeaway from my meal here!

While there is not much going on to the taste of the cheese toast, the bread is toasted to a nicely crisp texture and I enjoyed the portions of the cheese as well. What makes this dish such a hit to me would be the tomato bacon soup that's really reminiscent of really delicious bolognaise pasta sauce. Once I took a spoon of this, I just could not stop. 🤤 If it does not immediately come to mind, I would definitely recommend dipping your toast into the soup for a marriage of savoury flavours, but leave some of that soup alone to have on its own as well!


Deep-fried pieces of crumbed mozerella that aren't too oily nor salty and pair well with sweet strawberry sauce. Each bite got me wanting more which was good because mozerella cheese sticks tend to get very gelat after two or three pieces.


Thinking about this mega cheese-y Provoleta ($18++) that swept me off my feet towards the end of 2017.

Consisting of a tower of melted provolone cheese that's topped with almonds, oregano and bathed in honey that gives the perfect balance of sweetness to the otherwise increasing (though not overwhelming) saltiness of the cheese. The almonds go really well with the honey and also provide a crucial crunch that would prevent this dish from feeling flat in texture.

I would say that only true cheese lovers will really appreciate this because it is a dish that's purely cheese with some garnishing at the top. Who knows, the non-believers might become converts themselves after they experience this. 😆

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart ($9.50 including tea/coffee) - Did not try this in Tokyo, so I thought it would be worth the try in since it is available in Singapore.

Unfortunately it was pretty underwhelming in the sense that I have already had better Japanese cheese tarts. That said, it is not a bad dessert. The mousse-like filling is light and could have more cheese taste, though the apricot jam adds a nice touch of sweetness. The crust is pretty firm and tough to break and I do wish that it was a bit more crumbly.


This is indeed BoBo's Cheese Chicken Ball Pop (the cheese just POPS in your mouth in a single bite 😋 - be warned) and Fish Fries, but nope, l did not buy it frozen from the supermarket to cook; it was already ready for me to eat, all thanks to BoBo's ready-to-eat vending machines that are in the midst of being planted in different parts of Singapore - right now they are available in NTU's Crescent Hall and SMU's law building.

Checked out the hype that is Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei and at just slightly after 6pm on a Saturday, there was no queue! Went in and got seated immediately. 😎

Naturally, I ordered the Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak ($20.80++) - 180g prime US beef patty, ebi furai, tofu with bonito flakes and fried beancurd AKA aburaage. There is a pretty generous cheese filling hidden within the patty and while the hamburg steak tastes good on its own, I feel the cheese elevates then flavour of it by a lot more. The patty is juicy - one press and you'll see all the juice flow out and sizzle on the plate - and actually rather flavourful on its own, much so that you don't actually need to pour onto or dip into sauce! I chose the signature sauce and frankly...I didn't like it. 😕 Just not the kind of sauce I would go for I suppose. Also the additional items felt a bit unnecessary but I'd like to assume that they serve as palette cleansers. 😅

Every set comes with free flow eggs and salad bar. There's a pretty extensive range of greens, toppings and condiments to pick from to customize your own bowl of salad, and as for the eggs, the spring onion tamago is so freakin' addictive that I did not bother to take anything else for seconds. 🤣

With such a satisfying standard of hamburg steak, it is no surprise that this restaurant should attract long queues at dinner time. A queue started to form after I left at 7.30pm but it was not long at all. Hope the hype is not already dying?

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The Rich Man ($16) does not come with cash but it certainly is packed with load of calories.😂 Jokes aside, this is one burger that is going to be tough to ignore!

Think chorizo patty, layered smoked cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs and truffle mayo. To top it off, a cup of melted cheddar is provided for you to add to the sinfulness. The most of the taste comes from the chorizo which has a strong smokey and juicy flavour that makes the burger really addictive to have. Frankly speaking, they could further simplify the burger with the chorizo and it would still taste really good, but hey I ain't complaining. 😆

Only available on weekends, the Rich Man sounds rich enough to scare you from ordering but you deserve the weekend treat so go for it! 😋

This is part of a meal hosted by @commonchefscafe and @marque.sg. 🤘

Classic Cheese Tart Smoothie ($7.80) - A thick beverage which tastes like a very light cheesecake-ish blend that's somehow stronger in taste than the tart itself.

Definitely an interesting drink that isn't too strong or pungent with cheese as the base ingredient of the smoothie, but it might be wise to share as it could get too jelat towards the end. Matcha fans should go for the rich Uji Matcha and Azuki Cream Smoothie ($8.50) with shiratama which packs a relatively strong matcha flavour.

Okay I've been posting one too many cheese pulling photos but cheese is one of my greatest loves!

Common Chef's version of the Shepherd's Pie ($15) is a first where I am actually excited to try because there's no peas or corn (yet another fussy foodie reveal), so YAY for me!

Dive into the layer of stringy melted mozerella cheese and you'll find for yourself a cottage meat pie containing juicy minced pork, mushrooms and onions blanketed with smooth and creamy homemade mashed potatoes. A dish that could hardly go wrong, this rendition is definitely hearty and homely altogether. 😋

This is part of a dinner hosted by @commonchefscafe and organised by @marque.sg - thanks for the super chill and comfortable evening! Shoutout also to @foodie_quest quest for the invite! 😊

The Baked Mac & Cheese ($9) is really affordable for a main dish at a cafe, and what's more is that it is one of the better mac and cheese's I've had in a while!

A generous amount of stringy melted mozerella cheese and cream sauce blanketed over macaroni and chicken ham. I like the balance of the cheese and cream which, along with the reasonable portion, prevents any impending 'jelat-ness' one would expect of most mac and cheese dishes. 😋


Who says you can't love food if you're so damn picky? Ig: thefussyfoodie_

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