Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals

On days I think I am better off eating salads and healthy stuff.
Siming T
Siming T

Looking for salmon-anything? Pink Fish was the answer that I was returned with while I was searching for a nice lunch place.

The Hawaiian Poké (S$14.90 for a medium bowl) stood out to me because it contained avocado and had a mango hot sauce as its dressing. I was pretty happy as I slowly consumed my meal, not only because I wanted to savour the freshness of the Norwegian salmon, but also to make sure that the tangy sauce would not be too spicy for me to eat quickly.

Since everyone else seemed to have ordered their salmon burgers, maybe I should also give it a go during my next visit.

Finding a lunch place around the Tanjong Pagar area was more complicated then I thought, as most restaurants were packed with diners. Fortunately, I managed to secure a seat at Salmon Samurai rather quickly.

I ordered the Salmon Mentaiko & Chilled Citrus Ramen (S$9.90) which came with cold ramen noodles tossed in cold sauce and some sliced salmon Sashimi that were lined with Mentaiko mayonnaise before delicately finished with some flaming.

The meal felt healthy, and also somewhat hearty (probably because of the noodles), but it was also possible to select the mixed greens option to make this an absolutely healthy meal.

I would have loved to redeem the Burpple Beyond deals here, but since I am just buying this for myself, it was a better idea to order a Medium size healthy food for me.

Of course, the advantage of getting customised açaí bowls was that I got to choose my own combination of fruits and supplements. I would, however, recommend getting the açaí and chia pudding as the base, simply because it adds a lot more texture to the bowl on top of all the benefits that these superfoods would provide.

Good Bites started off at Bishan Sports Hall as the answer to healthy meals after a good workout at the ActiveSG facilities, and I first got acquainted with them through Deliveroo. What got me coming back for more was their freshness in ingredients and unadulterated preparation and cooking methods, which promised a healthy meal through their salad bowls. That was something that I did not get to see very much beyond the office districts in the city centre.

A Nom Nom bowl (from S$8.90), consisted of one base, one protein, two supplements, one topping and one dressing of choice. However, usually I would top up an extra S$2.00 to get their Baked Salmon as the protein, with their nicely-blanched broccoli and roasted almond flakes. On good days when I would crave for some sauce, I would fancy their Lime Balsamic vinaigrette, though they also prided on their Like Paprika Yogurt dressing too.

The best way to reward oneself after exercising the body, was to refuel with some quality stuff for that optimum nutrition and healthy living.



Vegan-friendly Bibimbaps were nothing too new to us, but keeping it low-calorie and including ingredients like avocado and sweet potato would definitely be a must try at Dosirak. This meatless option, at S$9.90, tasted really delicious, all thanks to the kitchen crew who put in so much effort to prepare and make the best flavours for people with various dietary preferences.

“Let Omma decide” your five sides and add in your favourite sauce (Apple Cider Gochujang went best with this), shake your box well and enjoy the goodness of Dosirak.


No kidding here. I actually liked their Grilled Australian Kale (S$10.00) done up by Campfire. Instead of the usual Kale salad or some sauté, the greens was grilled over flame before tossed in lemon vinaigrette dressing and garnished by some fried garlic chips. I liked the slight smokiness, plus the flavours of the grilled vegetables resembled the grilled Kang Kong that I would usually crave for when I patronised the Lok Lok stalls in Johor Bahru.

A note of caution though. Like most stuff that were grilled, you might want to watch for burnt portions, because I had a taste of one which almost made me stop consuming the healthy food immediately. That small bit tasted really bad.



I’m attracted to the Medium bowl (S$14.90) for the mere reason of having both salmon and tuna in my bowl. Other than that, there are also options to the carbohydrates and four other add-on ingredients to be added into the bowl, with some default greens lining the base.

To me, Poké bowls are just way better than conventional salads because of the chunks of marinated raw fish that “substitutes” the usual grilled seafood or poultry variances. However, if I have another chance to choose my Pokés (what they call the meats), I will most likely not choose the Original flavours, for the Shoyu sauce does gather at the base of the bowl, making the finishing mouthfuls a salty experience.


Whenever I see those big brands like SaladStop, Omnivore and The Daily Cut in the town area, I wonder when such meal concepts will be brought to the heartlands. Pardon my ignorance, but there was actually one of such in the Toa Payoh neighbourhood that was already 1 year old!

Even though they have some preset salad bowls available here, I still went ahead to order a Build Your Own Salad Bowl (from S$6.90), which comes with one base (carbs), two crunches (fruits, veggies, roots or fungi), one healthy fat (dried fruits or seeds), one protein, one dressing and a romaine lettuce bowl. The serving portion was quite substantial as a meal (especially dinner!) and the price was very appealing, so yes, I enjoyed it to the last bite.

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When Connexis is undergoing renovations, this area around One-North MRT station is almost like a ghost town during weekends, and finding a decent food joint after gym on a Saturday afternoon is like almost impossible, until I discovered Pita Pit inside Galaxis which opens till 6.00pm.

The Scrambled Eggs Pita (S$7.90) reminded me of a big purse with baby spinach, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, tomatoes and mushrooms packed within a pita bread that is toasted before serving. And this being an all-day breakfast Pita, I really find it tasty, down to the last bite. Whoever had not eaten this should not stereotype that healthy food are not delicious, because this one will just refute that statement.

And if you’re not the adventurous type who will customise your own Poke Plates, the option of choosing from their preset combos is always there. It felt like I ate a clean dinner tonight.
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Ok, parking this particular gourmet sandwich in here may not be the most appropriate, because the healthy walnut bread is written off by ham and bacon. Then again, the Three-some sandwich, which also contains turkey meat, tomato, lettuce, Mozzarella cheese, mustard and mayonnaise tasted pretty good, provided that you are tolerable towards that little bit more of saltiness.

And by ordering a set at S$12.50, you will also get a bowl of soup. This one that I got is a Spinach Goji Berry soup with cubes of sweet potato inside, known to be vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. Trust me, the soup warms the stomach as well as the soul.

We're not going fully clean with the food here, but knowing that Cedele prepares their food from scratch to keep it as unprocessed as possible, the meal actually turned out more satisfying than grazing a bowl of salad.

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My impression of QQ Rice stayed with those nutritious rice balls made from their variety of rice options (I like their purple rice the most). Yet I was excited when I learnt that they have diversified their food selection, with bento sets as one of the items.

The Nyonya Chicken Bento (S$5.90) comes with a good serving of oats rice for the high-fibre wholesome carbs. The chunks of nyonya chicken tasted like a lighter tone of sweet and sour chicken, but the gravy itself goes well with the rice. Each bento set comes with two side dishes (basically the ingredients they pack into the rice balls), so I could choose any two vegetarian or non-vegetarian options.

For best nutritional benefits, remember to choose more greens or unprocessed ingredients and slurp down less gravy.


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