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Let The Burgers Do The Talking

Let The Burgers Do The Talking

Always a favourite at anytime any day. If you hungry and can’t seem to sort out what to gorge on, burgers are always a saviour
Manish Gayan
Manish Gayan

Ordered for Kraftpaket (beef burger) and I choose for the naked one that comes without the bread, served with more greens (go healthy). It came with a black pepper crust, which elevated the taste and made my day somewhat better 😊. Always enjoy the burgers here, definitely a recommended joint ($17).

Had been recommended by someone, so payed a visit. It’s a small cozy outlet located in Compass One Mall. I ordered for the Moroccan Fried Chicken Bao which sounded good. However it was nothing out of extraordinary, the thick slab of chicken was good but the Bao didn’t feel fresh, and was dry ($7)

The best part about this restaurant is the outside seating area, great for unwinding and relaxing (my favourite spot literally, always choose the same seat if available). They are known for their burgers and they are pretty good, comes in generous portions and taste good too (not to compare with American Burgers). I ordered for Birkenwald that comes stuffed with a Juicy Beef Patty and Mushrooms topped with cream-scallion sauce (Mama Mia). It’s really good, as you bite into juices drip out, can be a bit messy but worth it.

I will keep coming 😊. (18 SGD)

Bagels!!! love them, are a kind of bread that originated in Poland and this joint has loads of options to choose from. Moreover the servings come in generous portions and the packing is great. The place is not that big, having limited seats and is packed most of the time so do plan and go with some time on your hands. The quality and taste is quite satisfactory, I had ordered the “COLD TURKEY CLUB” and it was good. Can’t wait for my next visit to try another one (14 SGD)

Now this is one cafe to be visited if you are a true DC fan. The whole cafe is adorned with DC hero figurines. You can even find Superman and Batman guarding the entrances. One can even spend a few bucks and get their hands on some of the goodies. Now coming to the dining part, after rummaging through the huge menu we decided to go for the “Superman : A Smallville Original”. It comprised of juicy chicken patty with turkey bacon served with superman bun, accompanied with over easy egg, mesclun salad and nacho chips. Taste wise it was ok, nothing exceptional just for the experience I would say (29 SGD).

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Located in the HomeTeam NS building, is an open restaurant overlooking the swimming pool. The menu is simple and burgers are a hot seller as I have heard. They have a weekday set menu which comes with a burger accompanied with fries and a homemade drink. It seemed the best option so went ahead with it and of course we can choose the burger from a number of options. I wanted something different so choose Mentaiko Mille-feuille Katsu Burger which seemed quite unique. It came with a crispy pork cutlet with layers of thin pork slices wrapped around a centre of oozy mentaiko cheese, however it didn’t meet my expectations and felt somewhat dry. The honey lemon juice on the other hand was really refreshing and a saviour (16SGD)

The burger is comprised of Chargrilled Wagyu Beef Patty served in Toasted Brioche Buns with Tomato Relish, Crunchy Salad, Melted Cheese, Topped with Bacon and Egg. The patty is specially worth mentioning as we don’t get everyday to eat such well cooked and juicy ones, and as I finished devouring one I was craving for one more. Overall the place is not so huge but at the same time it’s cozy and the decor is nicely done.


Voted the New Restaurant of the year and it lives up to its name. The location of the place is just perfect for anytime and any occasion. Moreover it has large space with both indoor and outdoor seating. We choose outdoor as the view it provides it not to be missed. As for the order we placed with a cocktail and a burger. Loved the burger - HENNE. It was decked up with perfectly cooked chicken breast topped with avocado cream, orange and mustard sauce and some sprouts. Undoubtedly one of the best places to hang out in Singapore.

Cantonese BBQ Burger, has beef and Swiss cheese slathered with a tart mayonnaise made with fermented black beans, soya sauce and sesame oil and sambal BBQ sauce all packed together. The combination is very interesting and doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s a burger lovers delight to say. Enjoy life with each bite of this sumptuous burger.

Its one hell of a tower to stuff into your mouth 😆 but a burger cannot get any better than this. It comes with a stack of Super juicy beef patty, Canadian bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes and Spanish onions. Its directly from the heavens. This heavy weight is not one for the faint of heart.


They won’t put a hole in your pockets and will give you just the right amount of satisfaction when you are going for your last bite. The bitterness and the tangy essence is all in the right amount.


A worthy burger joint in Holland. Value for money and great taste. One of my favourites here is the one in the tagged pic, The Holy Caesar. It’s bundled with grilled seasoned chicken and chewy bacon 🥓 👌🏻. Moreover a great combo with the drinks flowing in .

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