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Love Food But More So Eating The Way Of Life I Grown Up With

Love Food But More So Eating The Way Of Life I Grown Up With

Featuring Korean Fusion BBQ, Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre, Srisun Express (Serangoon Garden), Chung Cheng Chilli Mee (Golden Mile Food Centre), Makan Melaka (Changi Village), Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant (ChinaTown Point), Casper Seafood, Orchard Yong Tau Foo (Cuppage Plaza), Chong’s Hakka Yong Tau Foo
don leow
don leow

If I have to choose between the widely popular claypot rice featured in food blog or reviews verses this stall. I will go for Nan Xing for its rice burn ends this stall has produced that is the key flavours of what claypot rice should have.

Nan Xing serves the similar ingredients as most claypot rice does and ingredients are generous even for one serving. The owner also serves claypot vinegar pig trotters ( need advance order) and bah kut teh.

Unlike most stall who uses only gas , Nan Xing way of cooking is that rice is cooked in gas and finishes off on charcoal to achieve the burnt rice effect that produce the crackling that is addictive.

Not many will appreciate the burnt end but this is how claypot rice should be back in the old school days in Singapore and one will finish off with pot of Chinese tea to pour into the pot with final bits of burnt rice so to soften the rice but to transform in it into similar to chazuke ( Japanese way of eating rice in tea) to overcome hangover.

One can also add salted eggs n salted fish or other extra condiments like Chinese sausages n pork belly or chicken but is not necessary as the existing ingredients served are sufficient.

The dark soy sauce n chilli sauce that comes with it are equally good with dark soy sauce has consistent of sweetness that blend well with savoury of the rice n meat drizzle with their homemade oil that is nutty.

As singaporean, chilli sauce is necessity and it has very nice flavour that is close to chicken rice chilli sauce that goes well either the meat.

Price starts from $8/- and waiting time is around 15 mins and they do have combo meal which comes with all kinds of meat.

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Aroy Mak Mookata has been around for years and has been reviewed by many food bloggers. They have 2 stores - Serangoon garden and MacPherson while Serangoon garden has just open for one year.

What is worth doing a review is that despite there are many mookata - authentic or fusion. Most mookata stalls seldom represent their origin of taste. This is not true for Aroy Mak. In their ala carte standard buffet ; is worthy to mention that they serve marination meat and sausages infused with typical Chiang Rai spices which is strong in lemongrass and cumin.

Not to mentioned that they have the typical street food- Thai sausages that just make it so sawadi feel.

Seafood selections are limited for standard price buffet unless you go for the deluxe version but looking at menu I think is an overkill comprises of salmon and lobsters and considering mookata is a street eat. Nevertheless is still worth as top up price is less than 10 dollars for the upgrade.

The squid serve in standard buffet was the only seafood in menu but was satisfying as it is plump and juicy and not hard regardless you boil or grill it.

Tip: dinner starts 5pm for mookata but do come early as observe the dinner group are usually in packs of 8 as only 2 tables available for couples while remaining tables are needed to serve other customers their other noodle dishes. Got crowded by 7pm.

This applies to standard menu, order their Chiang Rai flavoured meat and sausages as priority as is most delish among all meat dishes. Follow by their squid , liver , mushroom balls and fish roe balls.

For vegetables , all okie but avoid the 小白菜 which was too hard for us despite Long hour of cooking.

The Thai noodle is quite salty on its own so do put last in soup to avoid destroying the soup.

There are small thongs at the free drink and ice cream section for you to use when turning and grilling food.

For the Suki sauce , of all 3 selection from normal to strongest

Need to improved on staffing and availability of grill pot which the boss has acknowledge and apologised for that. As also ordering may not turn up as what you ordered when things gets heated up.

Overall is a worthy dinner that does not break your bank and is below 50 dollars for 2 .

Is hard to believe one can find a bowl of noodles that only cost less than 4 dollars in Orchard Road. This however has proof otherwise that hidden gem like this prawn noodle does exist.

Situated at the same floor as famous Orchard Yong Tau Fu and Osho gyozas , this stall basically operates like a canteen that sell variety of food from cut fruits to prawn noodles to economical Rice’s and beehoon. It also sell a healthy range of desserts like ondeh ondeh to fried sesame ball.

I have ate at this stall twice and mostly are there for snacks and coffee after eating at Orchard Yong Tau Fu.
This round being there early ; I decided to go for my pranab noodle fix and the bowl of noodle prices at $3.50/-

Cooking was speedy despite having a lot of morning crowd.

Was finding a Korean bbq place for a family treat and found this hyper bbq hideout on the web that was popular among singaporean but also recommended by various food blogs ( media interview) and also sold out reservations in most of the weekends.

The review and its facebook page share of its famous variety of flavoured pork ;beef and chicken with pork having the largest selection of flavours ranging from lychee to curry taste.

Despite the word “fusion” is used in this bbq place which also serve steamboat at its ground floor situated in 2 storey shophouse where bbq is on 2nd floor. The food in my opinion has failed to meet a minimal satisfaction in term even the prices are the same as those major Korean bbq food franchises. The store has a 4 yrs history.

In summary here are the honest info in my opinion for foodies as references :

1. There is no time limit for the bbq meaning you can eat from lunch to dinner but if you intend to do so then you have to be prepared to pay for dinner price then. We book at 3 pm but finished at 5pm.

2. The staffs are attentive enough to address to our needs and even help us to change table and provide us fresh utensils when they want us to move to give up table for larger crowd.

3. Waffles are something new which the staff will make as first order for you which took 10 minutes.

4. So far meat marinating has no msg especially gong pao chicken which proofs that. So is the pork collar meat which was the only better choice of variety for the meat.

5. They used Teflon sheet on hot plate which I think is good and innovative as it doesn’t burn the food that easily and is easy to replace rather than constant changing of the hot plate and is speedy.

1. Most marinating of meat are either bland or overpowering like lychee pork belly which simply taste like sugar syrup and wonder why most food blog stated it has strong lychee taste. Turn out another table guest actually asked for waiter for the same enquiry and it was answered as lychee is sweet that’s all - u to decide.

2. Houseflies - despite within an aircon room ; our food was constantly visited by houseflies and since the food station is also open concept thus it becomes a concern.

3. Lack of varieties as it deem as fusion ; is more like given same common cut but marinated in different sauces and lack what Korean bbq should have in term of meat cut like beef short ribs.

4.Seafood disappointment on the bamboo clams are huge discount despite I think good intention for owner to supply high end seafood but it failed badly simply the bamboo clams are filled with sand when chew on ; we have to discard whole lot.

5. The air vent to suck in all oily fumes produced by bbq are almost powerless and despite we asked if it can turned up ; we will instead told is due to aircon facing us; after moving to next table ; the fumes suction didn’t seems to improve and we ended overwhelmed from head to our bags with bbq Smokey and oily smell. Additionally no storage of bags to avoid that smell neither.

6. The topping up may seem slow which was assume that is cross over from lunch to dinner as a few items we have requested was not ready except when we are done and dinner time started.

7. Parking is inconvenient since is situated along Dunlop Street but is near to Jalan Besar mrt if you want to come visit.”

Overall ; suitable for those who wants cheap and endless fill of meats without breaking your bank and no time limit and hope the owner can improve on those above mentioned points after seeing my post which I believe will make this bbq place a worthy place again for Long lasting returning customers-every customers walked out seems unsatisfactory and were commenting or complaining in someway since we sat near the cashiers. Prices and time are available at their fb page.


Just want to intro this dish in particular though their Bah Kut Teh is also as good.

This trotters are braised with standard braising sauce which is aromatic yet unlike other place that thicken the sauce to make it starchy. The sauce itself is perfect to drink it as soup.

What I like is that the braising sauce has a well balanced of all spices which is not overpowering unlike some place where cinnamon or star anise that just goes very well with meat.

Coming to the meat that it is collagen laden and yet not fatty. The skin was braised that the fats are melted and infused into the skin and meat making it tasty yet not gluttony.

Owner did a good job to remove all the fine hair on pork skin which is thumbs up especially in hard to reach corner where skin got curl up sometimes.

The stall is based in basement of Hong Lim food center and operating hours varies but usually they will close by 8p or when all ingredients are sold out.

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Probably one of best chendol which I have come across. Credit to the owner making all ingredients fresh. Gula which is explained as sweet palm sugar is the key ingredient to this fabulous dessert.

Difference between Singapore n Melaka chendol is that they don’t used coconut milk like we do thus less rich but it gives a clean taste.

Indeed all good dessert will have variation and this no exception for the chendol sold here.

Choices of red bean, corn and durian fillings can be chosen and if you want to pampered yourself, you can ask for all three which is less than 2 dollars.

Overall is a worthy snack on a hot day and the shop also sell other snacks like curry puffs. I believe they have another branch in Jurong West but do search in Burpple to confirm.

If u do come by drop by and try and shop is facing the Changi food center diagonal to Charlie’s corner who is famous for western food n burgers.


Not many drink stall in Singapore sell this kind of beverage anymore. Reason is simply there are too many alternative that has make some old school drink disappear.

Tea O limau - translate is black tea with lime. It can be serve hot or cold though and before we have ice lemon tea ; this is a common drink served in Singapore and even in Malaysia. Citing lemon is considered a luxury item that this is how the original citrus tea began.

The tea base is black or red tea and 3 whole limes partially slice and squeeze the juices to infused with the tea. Ironically it must be 3 limes no more or less in order to achieve the fusion of lime and hot tea and stir in a dash of sugar and is a perfect drink in humid weather and to wash down oiliness of food. The same can be serve cold and process is repeated with final step to add in ice but not my preference as it dilute the tea when ice melts.

Do try it next time if you are new to Singapore local drinks

Srisun is opened 24 hours

Srisun serve quite a variety of chicken meat dishes from butter chicken to tandoori chicken. What’s stands out is this dish - Loli Pop Chicken.

Price at 6 dollars with 8 drumlets is a steal and the marinating applied to meat reminds us the taste of primary school tuckshop Malay chicken wings.

Skill to partial debone a mid size drumlets is pleasant sight which makes holding it easy.The meat is fragrant yet tender n moisture are locked within meat so is not dry and make this dish addictive.

Srisun opens 24 hours and serve a variety of Indian Muslim food

Traditionally it all started with choice of plain and egg prata ; then it came plaster prata which levels up the prata and give it a twist.

Plaster prata is simply putting a sunny side up in the prata dough and pan fried it. What’s makes it difficult is that to still have runny yolk in it is some skill that not every prata stall can handle

So if you have not tried before do make the point to order next time and price is the same as normal egg prata

Srisun opens 24 hours and serve a variety of Indian Muslim food.

This stall is just right beside the prawn noodle stall I have introduced in my previous post . The stall is operated 2 lady owners which one is Chef and the other is server.

They sell what singaporean label as “ economical bee hoon” which basically has kind of ingredients ranging from vegetables to sausages dependent on the availability of ingredients on that day.

What makes them stand out is their fried chicken wing.
The best chicken wing in my opinion which is not over power by marination and with a crispy batter even when Wings are ate cold.

Next up is their curry vegetable which pack a punch with spiciness and with fresh ingredients they used and cook and prepared fresh ; is another must order dish.

Apart from bee hoon and noodles , they sell Chinese version of nasi lemak as well.

Price starts from $2.00 onwards depend on what you add. Note that they only operate in the day till 2pm daily.

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Was exploring the neighbourhood and chance upon this stall though I don’t see any queue but decided to give it a try. Carrot cake was fried to perfection from egg to the radish.
Never have I eaten fried carrot cake with egg that are fried with such eggy wok fragrance. The radish was made as such that it has strong radish aroma but yet it has the sweetness and softness that taste like 年糕( a kinda of Chinese glutinous cake).

The black sweet sauce was strong and that bind the 3 ingredients into perfect snack.

Last but not least I believe the Chef has used pretty high heat to fry the radish as there is a sign infront of the stall warning customer to avoid heat and fire from the front of the stall.

This food center has more gourmet food gems but this is one not to be missed.

Price - from $3.00 -

Chance upon this hidden gem in Tampines when decided to explore some old estates over the weekend.
Located in the Coffeeshop side by side with a rather popular bah Chor noodle stall.

The stall serve the similar snack selection like most Ngo Hiang stall has. What set it apart was the freshness of the ingredients ; it’s chilli sauce and it’s presentation of food that totally blow my mind. Let’s dive into the detail.

Ngo Hiang - they have typical cured cuttlefish; fried prawn cracker; chestnut cake ; bean curb ; cured sausages and etc which spell freshness . It also serve the rare pig liver Ngo Hiang that was hard to find nowadays. Owner has also the skill to fry the ingredients and yet not oily which the plate has not much oil left.

Chilli sauce - typical chilli sauce are hot which also serve along with sweet sauce. Not for this stall which they only serve one kind of chilli sauce. The sauce spiciness is acceptable and is of savoury with hint of garlic and serve with fresh ground peanuts.

Presentation - Probably one of the most innovative usage to serve to food which owner uses metallic plates for putting in Ngo Hiang ; bee hoon and chilli sauce. The chilli sauce saucer plate was like a rice cake saucer plate made of aluminium which I think is really good idea and nostalgic.

Total 11 ingredients in this picture plus 2 plates of bee hoon cost me $15 which is reasonable in comparison with other Ngo Hiang Stall.

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