funky fods

funky fods

Featuring Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), Brotzeit ([email protected]), Guzman y Gomez (The Star Vista), Ottoman Kebab & Grill (Global Kitchens), Soi 47 Thai Food (Toa Payoh), Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant, Biang Biang Noodles Xi'an Famous Food, Nando's (NEX), The Hungry Caveman, Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop
Calida Aurelia Soh  👅
Calida Aurelia Soh 👅

u make ur own tacos w the tortillas on the side so they don’t turn soggy!! i love how the cheese melts when the warm tender juicy beef is layered on top of them!! the greens and salsa are v v fresh + the guac is BOMB super creamy:”) ok lah aesthetics wise not rly there but taste wise defo surpasses all standards!!


we didn’t know mole was actually a mexican sauce we actually thought it was part of the name...... it’s actually a thick sauce made out of loads of ingredients like peppers, fruits, spices and chocolate. i must say it’s v different.... jk and i had the sauce on its own at first and we were like “omg what did we order” 😅 + it was mixed w korean’s gochujang (spicy bean paste) so like...... it was intense. to be fair the chicken and cheese filling was yummy. when eaten tgt it was alright they somehow go tgt pretty well. the pulled pork had a nice smokey flavour albeit a lil too dry for my liking but the hot sauce helped to mitigate that. i preferred the chicken, which was juicy and tender!! i rly like the salsa and lettuce that complemented the meat v well. they offer on the house chips w salsa dips which were rly yummy 🤤 overall i must admit i prefer korean and mexican as individual cuisines more, but this is a pretty good take on fusion food! #burpplebeyond


tried out the soupy option from its neigbouring @gongyuansg too — not gna lie at first when i realised my personal bowl was $18 i was like ?????? wtf that’s insane honestly i didn’t even get that much stuff. they charge $2.88/100g so maybe i just got heavy stuff idk BUT ok to be fair when the food arrived i was appeased. it looks v unassuming but the pork bone broth is so amazing!! it’s creamy yet light at the same time, so appetizing and comforting. i ordered the carrot noodles that was smt special too!! my only gripe was that the taukwa was damn sour like i think it might have been spoilt..... but overall it was still yummy and smt i’ll defo go for agn

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the salsa was super fresh, which contrasted well w the flavorful meat was v juicy and tender (swipe to see close up of the chicken but i rly enjoyed the pulled pork too the texture was sooo good it. t’was an unexpected surprise bc i don’t usually order/like pork that much but i just wanted abit of variety!!) the bowl was yummy too but nth w a wow factor; rly liked the addition of crunch from the corn chips + the soft fluffy longgrain rice and tender black beans!!


nandos has (hands down) the best chicken ~~~ love their crisp, well seasoned wedges that are so soft on the inside (some mediterranean rice for extra carbs bc u can’t have too much carbs at least to me yumz) + our go to extra side of chargrilled veg cuz we all about that health 🤤 i always opt for the mango lime on my half chicken (not exactly a spice tanker) but tried a lil of the hot one from JK’s full chicken this time and t’was damn good? might probably try that the next round heh

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my go-to for satisfying, wholesome authentic mexican noms :~)

the ground beef quesadillas ($14) are stuffed w melted cheese and packed w meat. it’s gooey goodness w a nice bite! love the sides of guac, salsa, sour cream and fresh vege that cuts thru the slight jelatness

JK’s dish came w his choice of beef enchilada and hard taco w mexican rice and refried beans ($16). the rice was so fluffy and flavourful it was so delightful ~~~ the hard taco shell was rly fresh and crisp as well + they don’t hold back on the amt of tender meat given at all :’)

pluspoint: they always provide toasty warm tortilla chips w a side of tangy, slightly spicy salsa on the house which is rly yummy as a starter

a srsly generous portion of glass noodles that was slick but not OVERLY oily, well infused w flavour from the ingredients!! the mix of fried eggs, tofu, chicken slices, various veges and peanuts added a nice contrast of textures + a squeeze of lime (which is provided) rly helps cut thru the oiliness!!


a medley of smooth and thin yet chewy handstretched noodles (texture was srsly amazing), pork cubes, tomato eggs, sliced cucumbers and veges ~~~ when tossed tgt, the sauce coats the noodles evenly and brings out the umami flavour 🤤 for $6 it makes a rly hearty and satisfying meal!!


for $4.50, there’s just something so comforting and satisfying having this plate of springy noodles, tossed w fried eggs and veges late at night 🤤 it looks so plain but honestly it’s super tasty w just the right amt of seasoning!! u can always add meat if u r a meat lover they have endless options :~)

i always have mine w a side of sausage cheese omelette ($4.50) and it’s honestly the best!! it’s super fluffy; cooked thoroughly on the outside but inside it’s filled w large soft curds of blobby scrambled eggs, the oozy melted cheese (it literally has that pull effect) and ofc the savoury sausage that adds such a nice texture and cuts through the creaminess!!

ps the mushroom cheese omelette ($4.50) is pretty good too but i find it slightly lacking in texture + it’s usually more wet??? as compared to the sausage one!!


mesculun base w mozzy cheese w vine-ripened and sundried tomatoes, grilled zucchini, olives, pesto sauce and garlic croutons!! ($17)

firstly i dont like mesculun so i was SAD when it arrived hahahahaha cuz they don’t state it on the menu!! the mozzy bites were kinda tasteless and lacked texture :( but the pesto helped to alleviate the flavour!! found myself wondering WHY DID I GET A SALAD!! esp when there was so much more nicer stuff eg their pork sausages which i have tried before and loved + their mash is to die for!!!

the fladen ($13) rly helped to save this meal!! it’s an oven baked thin rye topped with rocket, mushrooms, cheese, balsamic and ofc ham!! (can choose salmon or spinach too) i loved the crispness of the base and it was super flavorful!!

for me i wld nvr go back for the salad but that’s only bc i’m rly not a salad person (JK ordered a seafood salad that had smoked salmon, seared tuna and prawns he quite enjoyed his) but i loved the fladen and have ordered it every single time i’m here 🤤 (it’s like a lighter version of pizza!!!!) wld give 8/10 for the fladen :~)


JK and i had aplenty of skewers bc we were really hungry HA HA HA. but just naming it as the chicken mid-joint wings bc it was one of the highlights we had there! for the wings we ordered 2 cajun ones, 1 savory xiang la, 1 honey glazed and 1 fragrant garlic for starters! my favorite would be the garlic one but JK rly liked the honey glazed! the cajun one was kinda disappointing, bc it tasted more strongly of cumin and chili pepper!

other to-get skewers wld be the salmon and lamb! the lamb was gamey, but wasn’t THAT bad, and the meat to fat proportion was rly nice!! the salmon was grilled to perfection so the texture was a win for me!

stuff that i wldnt recommend getting wld be the grain fed beef bc it was tough and the portion was rly small! the beefy taste was kinda mild as well. the premier large prawn was alrighttttt i guess like it wasn’t that large but more imptly it was dry and the texture wasn’t there so ☹️

we tried a bunch of other skewers like broccoli, chicken, pork belly, oyster and shiitake mushrooms (i rly like the shiitake ones actually!!), mini pork ribs and quailed eggs as well but nth special to shout out

we also ordered the grilled milk man tou and the caveman bread! the former was pretty decent, but DAMN the latter was good! it’s basically just white toasted plain bread that’s buttered generously w sugar on top! such a basic and simple to make thing but it was so delicious! we cldnt help ourselves and ordered a second helping!! we had the grilled banana as well; it was warm, gooey and such a sweet treat!!! wld recommend getting it at the end of ur meal!!

there’s an avg waiting time of 6-8mins on the automated skewer chain thingy (the wings take 12-14mins though) so u can watch ur food getting cooked which is kinda cute (but not when u r hungry HAHA) it can also get slightly hottttt but u can turn it down once u r done!!

JK and i wld give it 5.5/10 in totality? not that it’s bad but it’s slightly pricey for skewers and we were still hungry after ordering q a significant amt of skewers that we went for yoshinoya right after for a second dinner 😂 perhaps we shld have gotten a main dish there (which they do have in their defense!!) oya and just to mention, all their skewers are marinated in the same spices which tasted heavily like the mala kind of spices so those who don’t rly like those strong cumin/chili/pepper taste shld take note :~)


to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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