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I have no idea what to classify this. Previously classified as “Unidentified”. Takeaway? Overpriced? Crosses over a few cats?
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

For a sum of its counterpart, this is pretty good value.

But it’s a mix of more misses than hits.

The plum syrup watermelon :) sweetly refreshing. Can get cloyingly sweet however so have it between bites of the more hearty and savoury

The XO sambal was pretty piquant. Although lacking a punch.

Tender fresh chicken is as usual, averagely tasting.

My dinner date did think the salted egg and egg sauce chicken was pretty okay. I thought the fried popcorn chicken was cold, hard and not crispy.. having salted egg and egg sauce is also.. kinda a lumpy weird. Cannot understand haha.

The hokkien Mee was.. lacklustre and one dimensionally PRAWNY BRINY. On an intense level.. no wok hei, no aroma. Just prawny briny :/

Really briny

The carrot cake too just a flat tasting bland cake of flour/kueh

Pretty much average tasting popiah and kimchi slaw. Kimchi was not so accented.


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Went on a pretty unfortunate day where we only had the option of a beef rice bowl..

It sure looks pretty.

Thought the cardamom grains were heavily reminiscent of the familiar briyani rice haha.

The beef was very salty.

While the tomato salsa was honestly spoilt :(


I only actually liked the cutely shaped pappadum.

Kinda had a hardtack exterior and a dense doughy pancake texture/taste on the inside.

Good for first bite but it started getting heavy with a mild bitter floury flavour.

Definitely have it with a sweet spread. Or as some have recommended, wait for the star waffle masters who’d do it stellarly.


It looked promising! Coming from this traditional looking kueh shop on level 2, with an old man (perhaps the skilled kueh master of 60-70 years?) manning the stall.

But I was sad to say that 2 out of 4 had leaked.. these 2 also had a lump of sugar that didn’t melt within the casing :(

1/10.. no go.


Not my ideal colour composition but neither were the tough char siu, lacklustre sauce seasoning and falling apart Wanton. Just check that wanton filling sitting outside of the wanton? 😂 should I have ordered meatball noodles instead?

I am grateful for the free flow pork lard + sour veggie soup BUT there was something unsatisfying bout the lard that leaves you wanting after biting into it. Maybe the lack of crunch or fragrance in that bite.

I think it’s also special the meat filling is seasoned with a soury vinegar splash. Somehow intriguing and reminiscent of an old school Wanton flavour.

But overall the sauce/seasoning of the noodles was mild and really nothing wow..


My favourite part of the dish: the perfectly achieved sweet-sour pickled green chili 😍

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Well, NOPE.

It was flat and oily a batter in a diluted yellow gravy .

Didn’t taste no salted egg no more


And at this price...

Weeelll. So are these clumps egg or overbrewed coconut milk. I thought it was the latter but all these other reviews are mentioning it’s egg?

I’ve never had a more oily and cloying laksa that ALSO wasn’t all that Lemak in the gravy. :(

The spice and aromatics just weren’t shining in the broth. Even with the chili, the spice, and haebee was not coming through


3 for the nice toppings at all.

You get 10% with a Food Republic membership! Haha.

I love the juicy well seasoned fried chicken cutlet, the springy (so springy) egg noodles and appetising pickled mustard veggies you can feel free to top.

Yet the sauce of the noodles were sweeeeet. Was I surprised that the base flavour given in the important sauce that will coat and meld the meal together is Sweet? For a main course.. for a non sweets lover like me, I found it quite off putting.

I’m sure the fried shallots is sweet in nature yet the soy base is also pretty heavily leaning towards a sweet flavour profile too 🙈 weeelll..

It’s a fragrant dish with ingredients I personally love love. But that sauce.. makes even the noodles not so enjoyable as the taste builds up.

6/10 for me!

Going to be pretty cheeky to classify this under unidentified cos I don’t know if this is main course or dessert.

Just a quick spark of idea. I think the Malaysian style clear sauce/seasoning would be amazing for the noodles. Have that option of sweet and sour spicy in the chilli yknow? To balance out the savoury components of the dish like the meat. And really bring out the noodles 😋

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Yet another pretty looking new spot with healthy customisable bowls to boot

Thumbs up to the use of Sous Vide. Even though reviews were mixed, my chicken breast came tender and authentically flame-torch kissed! Smelt like some healthy wokhey in a salad 👍🏻👍🏻
Meat was thoroughly flavourful in that Cajun Mediterranean sorta rub. I didn’t need the roasted sesame dressing in fact!

That said. $12 for a basic chicken and romaine salad bowl in a small cardboard takeaway receptacle? And that additional $1.50 for a scoop’s worth of avocado... well, this was the major bummer. They say health comes at a price...? Rings true here! 😋

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