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Singapore Hawker

Singapore Hawker

With a twist! The unconventional, the unique 💪🏼😋
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

You know why this stands out? Because the price and product quite equitably justifies each other in this market filled with hypes and fakes.

I like that the fries were a lot crispier, the cheese was a lot less salty (IN COMPARISON to the MBFC Carnival) :)

The cheese sauce was nicely mixed into the crevices of the fries this time too. Yum!


It was big and reminiscent of the thin McDonalds fries we all love.

Nicely crisped and fluffy, and the raved vanilla accent is there. Yes I tasted it in the sauce. But. I felt the sharp salty and blanket of sweet wasn’t as nicely contrasted? It was more a mess of sweet .. sweet.. sweet.. and a once in a while salt flake that hits.

I think it would be awesome if they salted the fries prior to the drizzle of sauce evenly.

Do both, evenly:)

PLUS a hit of spice would be lovely ☺️😋 I cracked some pepper over it and it tasted AMAZING. So much more balanced. After mixing the sauce well (taking it away home)


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$4 for 2 slabs of crispy juicy boneless chicken?


Even if presentation isn’t great + the bread is rough and dry + I wondered why barbecue sauce is picked to go with the prawny-umami chicken, I love the flavours of the meat. Perfectly Har Cheong tasting!

Gimme more maple drizzle though 😍


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Sure, find those 3 large bulbous wantons stuffed with 2 shrimps each.

Sure, find the whole oozy melty ajitama. Perhaps one of the softest forms for soft boiled ajitama (kudos on this; its really not easy to peel the softer it is)

Sure, find the crispy savoury potato prawn. It tastes so much like that childhood packet of Roller Coaster potato chips 😍

Sure, just look at that atas looking dried chili threads. Fooling you for saffron for that second.

There are even bitty bits of konbu blacks speckled all over.

And the briny scent of seafood in the chili PUNCHES you. No doubt.

With perfectly al-dente noodles.

But it’s the sous vide char siu that dare I say, has the ability to win your heart. It melts. It M E L T S. That is just incredible. The meats holds its structural integrity well but lovingly gives way upon reaching your tongue.

Flavours don’t particularly gel or stand out well together. The sum of its (beautiful) parts didn’t elevate the whole to a greater.
But every ingredient just screams EFFORT.

And that’s why, A for Effort. Super well deserving of its accolade. 8/10

Thankful I got to try! For its ultra limited time frame of opening 😋


$9 for small (2wantons, 2 char siu)
$11 for medium ( 3 wantons, 3 char siu)
$15 for special (medium + 1 side dish)

Gone are the days of $7. Burpple should really change it up here.

I must say, the side of soup is pleasantly tasty.

Peppery meat broth. Truly reminiscent of BKT 👍🏻 7/10 for the surprisingly tasty soup side


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