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Western Delights

Western Delights

Burger joints, restaurants, hawker stalls.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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Stumbled upon this quaint eatery in science park 2. I am really impressed with the freshness of the fish. The charcoal batter interestingly provides the crisp fried layer. This comes with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.

I was always very intrigued by american burger joints innovating their dishes with so much flavours such as molten cheese and thick gravies. We have a humble food stall in a singaporean coffee shop working this out. Muslim friends will be glad to know this is halal certified.

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Tried the signature pasta..which is a cold seafood dish and served beautifully in a sphere. Very generous chunks of lobster and shellfish. And there is a caviar too. All for below $20. Very worth it.

We ordered the portobello mushroom and bbq bacon burgers and they were deliciously tender juicy patties. You can choose: grass fed angus or wagyu beef patties.Would want to come back for a lobster feast next time.

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Located within sugarhaus, fat belly serves delightful steak. You can choose your beef: flat iron, short rib or tagima wagyu onglet. They got delicious sides and desserts too. Had their foie gras ice cream chocolate bar which was refreshingly innovative.

When I had this, I thanked God for the French's invention of their onion soup. French onion soup is the most delicious soup in the world.

Had our wagyu beef burger during their 1 for 1 promotion. Will be back soon to try their other delights.

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Listen to the cackling sound of the crispy pork as your teeth sunk into the bun.Not only crunching but the sour bitter aftertaste of mustard blends well with the sweet and sour dressing.

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Pretty decor lives up to the communal furniture store that the bistro dwells in. The food is on the pricey side.


The fried chicken portion is so huge and juicy. Good marination of the patty blended into the batter for frying. The fried chicken was delicious too. Definitely will come back to try their nashville chicken.

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The queue is insane for a weekday. Disappointing tapioca chips that comes together with the mains. The chips are like those that are popular during Chinese new year and readily available in Malaysia. The roll itself has large chunks of lobsters which is commendable. I will not come here again because it is not worth queuing with this crowd.

One more additional note: don't think the portion is sufficient for guys because I feel hungry after 3 hours.

Love the selection of sauces available for the fries! Ordered the shark burger: cheese, vegetables and a delightful sauce compressed together with the deep fried shark patty.

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