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Western Delights

Western Delights

Burger joints, restaurants, hawker stalls.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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The crispiness was tested when I ordered a takeaway small with special sauce ($6.50), which is a mixture of their frites and kerrie sauces.

The staff were really helpful to ensure that the taste and texture of snack were preserved after knowing that I am bringing them home which would require 30 minutes. The sauces were packed separately and the potatoes were carefully wrapped in a large piece of paper.

After 30-40 minutes, the fries are still really good. Stuffed with wholesome potatoes like wedges and still has the crisp of shoe string fries. The special sauce was amazing! A mix of mayonaise and european curry sauce that was creamy, sweet, tomato sour with a hint of curry spices. The chopped onions were a wonderful addition that enhances the taste of the mayo and curry.


Located at the intersection of new bridge road and mosque street in chinatown, Lobsters and ice cream has quite a substantial menu for a small little stall. In a nutshell, they offer 4 flavours of crab rolls, lobster rolls, seafood rolls (half crab and half lobster) as the main course, two flavours of soft serves, taiyakis and a selection of japanese teas.

We ordered 2 seafood rolls (done in chilli crab sauce and mentaiko ) and 2 softserves (matcha and vanilla). Using burpple beyond 1 for 1, all these for only $27.90. My favourite is the mentaiko roll. The crab and lobster goes very well with the saltiness and smokiness of the mentaiko blended with bits of ebi roe.


Ordered the jams and eggs together with wedges. What is so outstanding about the burger is the sweet jam spread on the toasted buns that gives the burger the sweetness that is not commonly found in burgers. The savoury pork patty is tender, together with the jam, toasted bun and runny sunny-side egg makes the meal feel like a hearty delicious breakfast.


Update: it is $15.90 promo now.
Boston lobsters promo at habitat: if you can purchase them from the market at $19.90. Additional $8 if you want to dine-in and makan your lobster. Fresh, succulent and meaty. I enjoyed mine with a dose of fresh lemon and garden salad. Go grab yours before the deal ends.

Had the beef teriyaki thick sandwich toast. This was soooo delicious. The thick toast was crispy brown on the outside and soft and fluffy on the insides. Very generous portion of beef slices well cooked with caramelised onions and a fresh egg yolk poured over the toast.


Fried chicken night last weekend. Ordered the chicken joy (mixed spicy and original) and spaghetti. I enjoyed the sweetness in the spaghetti gravy mixed with sausage meat and mozzarella. As for the chicken, the meat of the thigh, drumstick and chicken breast were savoury..which indicates well marination before frying. Overall quite satisfying.

Enjoyed my bacon and chip butty: imagine bacon, hashbrown and sunny side egg with a runny yolk sandwiched in a soft bun. Their beef stew with mash is pretty good too.

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Ordered the quarter chicken with chips..This is definitely one of the best grilled chicken that I've had in sg. The meat is soooo soft and tender. The spices used are not overpowering and love the saltiness marinated deep in the meat.

Stumbled upon this quaint eatery in science park 2. I am really impressed with the freshness of the fish. The charcoal batter interestingly provides the crisp fried layer. This comes with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.

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I was always very intrigued by american burger joints innovating their dishes with so much flavours such as molten cheese and thick gravies. We have a humble food stall in a singaporean coffee shop working this out. Muslim friends will be glad to know this is halal certified.


Tried the signature pasta..which is a cold seafood dish and served beautifully in a sphere. Very generous chunks of lobster and shellfish. And there is a caviar too. All for below $20. Very worth it.

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We ordered the portobello mushroom and bbq bacon burgers and they were deliciously tender juicy patties. You can choose: grass fed angus or wagyu beef patties.Would want to come back for a lobster feast next time.

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Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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