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Fry-days are the best, don’t you agree ?
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho
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Was a little apprehensive when I ordered it because I wasn’t sure how the combination was gonna turn out but this is now one of my favourite dish here! This curry salted egg yolk fries are doused with an extremely generous ⁣serving of sauce, I actually still have sauce left after all the fries were gone, can you believe that? It usually works the other way round in other shops! As with any other salted egg related products, these fries here are really addictive so be warned, waistline in danger. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


Well, the food at most bars and night clubs aren’t usually fantastic given that it isn’t the main reason why people frequent these places. That said, Wan does serves up pretty good dishes like the tempura fries and pizza (not shown here cause we were too eager to eat lol). The dumplings tho, were a little mediocre but seriously, give their pizzas a try 👍🏼

Ordered truffle fries and was delighted at the mountain of cheese sprinkled all over like confetti but disappointed that the truffle taste was not spread out evenly. Only some fries had the truffle taste whereas the rest were just normal fries ☹️ nooo it didn’t used to be like this 😭

Is it me or did they reduce the portion of the truffle fries 😭

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They had more crispy fries than soggy! Who else is team crispy! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Now I know why this is one of their signature dish, it’s so good ! These waffle cut Korean fries marinated in honey soy glaze, garlic and sesame sauce was so crispy and flavourful, and every fry were well drenched in the sauce!

It’s fry-day!! All working adults rejoice! 🎉

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Flooded with cheese, this pizza fries are definitely for sharing as it gets so gelat after a while. Quite amazed that the cheese didn’t hardened at all despite us spending hours here. And if the cheese doesn’t blow you away, their bacon sauce probably will.

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The Fries here has a hint of citrus taste and was fried to a golden crisp. The cheese dipping at the side complemented the fries really well, not too overbearing but one does get a little jelat after a while 👍🏼

Fries done differently with the wedges-look-alike fries deep fried to a golden crisp which feels like I'm eating potato chips. So tempted to order another bowl !

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They were really generous with the cheese and you know what's the next best thing? IT COMES WITH BACON BITS!

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