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Fry-days are the best, don’t you agree ?
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Was attracted to this Mapo Fries as fried tau-kwa strips were used as 'fries' in place of the average Joe that is potato. Sadly, unlike its very interesting description on the menu, this dish failed to stand out in terms of taste. Quite possibly the most underwhelming dish of the night, the Mapo Fries also features mapo ragu and grated cheese spread over the beancurd strips. The key ingredient of this dish, the tau-kwa strips, were overly dry and hard, while the cheese didn't seem to play any part in the dish. However, the mapo ragu was tasty. The flavours of the bean paste were distinct, and every bite faintly reminded me of mala. My friends and I paired our fries from the Har Cheong Chicken Burger with the mapo ragu instead, as an attempt to salvage the dish.

Mmm, not quite sure how to feel about this dish. It's basically a mixture of homemade chilli, garlic mayo, minced chicken, onsen egg drizzled all over fries. I get that they are trying to do a modern asian fusion but this dish feels very out of place. It feels like one of those minced meat dishes in cai png stall, drizzled over rice instead of fries, it just didn't make the cut, to me.

Crispy truffle fries washed down with beer. Ahhhh, y’all about a chill TGIF

Brought the dowager out for a chill day out and settled for dinner at Supply and Demand. Entered the restaurant and was greeted by strong truffle fragrance everywhere and the dowager decided she wants truffle fries, but decided against it cause of the calories. Contemplated a while more, fell into denial and ordered the Garlic Truffle Sweet Potato Fries because "sweet potato is healthy, I won't get fat" 🤷🏼‍♀️ Definitely a good choice of order, seeing as to how the sweet potato fries were drizzled liberals with truffle oil and topped with shaved parmesan, roasted garlic and parsley. Every time I sinked my mouth onto the fries, it was an explosion of flavours from the sweetness of the sweet potato, savoury cheese and truffle oil fragrance. Worth every penny indeed! Got berated for ordering Brother's Toffee Apple Cider (my favourite cider, tbh) to go with the fries, but guess who finished half of MY cider TSK ⁣⁣⁣

Was a little apprehensive when I ordered it because I wasn’t sure how the combination was gonna turn out but this is now one of my favourite dish here! This curry salted egg yolk fries are doused with an extremely generous ⁣serving of sauce, I actually still have sauce left after all the fries were gone, can you believe that? It usually works the other way round in other shops! As with any other salted egg related products, these fries here are really addictive so be warned, waistline in danger. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


Well, the food at most bars and night clubs aren’t usually fantastic given that it isn’t the main reason why people frequent these places. That said, Wan does serves up pretty good dishes like the tempura fries and pizza (not shown here cause we were too eager to eat lol). The dumplings tho, were a little mediocre but seriously, give their pizzas a try 👍🏼

Ordered truffle fries and was delighted at the mountain of cheese sprinkled all over like confetti but disappointed that the truffle taste was not spread out evenly. Only some fries had the truffle taste whereas the rest were just normal fries ☹️ nooo it didn’t used to be like this 😭

Is it me or did they reduce the portion of the truffle fries 😭

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They had more crispy fries than soggy! Who else is team crispy! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Now I know why this is one of their signature dish, it’s so good ! These waffle cut Korean fries marinated in honey soy glaze, garlic and sesame sauce was so crispy and flavourful, and every fry were well drenched in the sauce!

It’s fry-day!! All working adults rejoice! 🎉

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