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Only tried it because of burpple one-for-one and was craving for ramen. It was the only one near me.

Didn’t disappoint! Soup was pretty robust, but slightly too thick for my liking! Would have liked it more if it was more watered down. But it was still a pretty good soup overall, just that I was a tad little thirsty after the meal!

The chashu was tender and decently well-marinated. Also, appreciated that there were bamboo shoots and corns - they really added a crunch to the ramen.

Ramen was well-done, had a bite to it just the way I like it. Overall would recommend if you’re around the area to satisfy that ramen itch.

A bowl of simple yet flavorful chicken broth ramen. Tasted very homely and easy on the palate! Found myself finishing the soup easily and feeling very much satisfied.
Charsiew was also well-done - very tender and had the right balance of fats to lean meat.
Would definitely patronize Marutama again for no-frills amazing ramen!

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First 10 slurps were amazing. Very powerful chicken broth.. but after that it’s just too jelak and unenjoyable. The soup was simply too thick and rich. And this was notwithstanding getting the less salty & no oil combi. Would be a lot more pleasant if the soup was less thick. Not a fan of yellow ramen noodles as well because I feel that the yellow taste ruins the soup. The after effects of the ramen was felt when I found myself reaching for the water to quench my insatiable thirst after the meal too.

I FREAKING LOVE THE UDON. It was super chewy. Surprising to find the broth good, since it wasn’t a tonkotsu ramen shop. It was also a refreshing and different experience since usually tonkutsu goes with thinner ramen noodles. Notwithstanding the thick udon, the broth was able to coat the udon completely. It was such a heartwarming bowl of udon. Would love to have this on a rainy day.

Garnishes (spring onions, sesame) were also available at the condiment counter.

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Tucked at the corner of 100AM mall, this soba shop does not lose out to the other eateries in the mall.

Breaking the onsen egg created a creamy base for the soba, which wasn’t overly soft. The chicken was tender and flavorful, almost tasted like abalone. Would definitely be back for the cold soba which was amazing.

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Michelin-started ramen.

Tried the cup noodle version from Japan 7-11 which was amazingly fragrant. Not the same could be said of the one I tried at Tsuta. The soup had the most slightest hints of truffle, too slight for me. More often then not, I can only smell the truffle, but the soup was just shoyu based. Nothing spectacular about the shoyu broth as well (Disclaimer: I’m a tonkotsu lover)

The noodles were also too soft for my liking. The pork was flavorful and tender.

The ambience is very Japanese, with chefs cooking in front of you, tossing the noodles around, and cutting the pork slices.

Definitely worth a try!

The Original Butao King is Ramen Nagi’s award-winning tonkotsu pork broth.

I can eat this everyday. For a starter, I’m one who gets sick of ramen broth easily if it’s too jelak or rich. And this bowl is nothing like that. But this doesn’t mean the taste is being compromised.

The broth is thick and smooth - and was amazingly packed with umami, porky flavor. Can easily tell that the broth was simmered with pork and all the other goodness for a long time. YUMZ. Further, this ramen broth is the closest to Ichiran Ramen in my opinion. It’s so good that I always find myself slurping up till the last drop. Every slurp is as good as the last one. (It’s the only stall that I do that! Usually I get so surfeited from ramen broths that after a while the broth taste too jelak but not this)

The noodles are the straight type. I usually get hard noodles as I like mine chewy and springy. The noodles were soaked with all that umami goodness broth.

Don’t get me started on the pork belly. Tender, and well-braised piece of meat. Have to admit that there are some chunks of fats which I would remove. But the lean meat is love.

The pork slices were tender and super porky. The pork taste was pleasant and unlike usual pork taste. Ramen egg was done nicely. However soup wasn’t amazing. Worth a try still.

TASTY TO THE LAST MOUTH!! Minced meat was incredibly flavorful. For someone who doesn’t like yellow noodles, I was totally sold for the ramen yellow noodles here!!! It’s super springy and does not have the overwhelming yellow taste. Lots of spring onions too, which really enhances the taste of the ramen. My first dry ramen experience, and I doubt any other places would beat this! AND there’s free noodle upsize!!!!


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