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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar), Idaten Udon (CityLink Mall), Chirashi King Kong (Millenia Walk), Menya Musashi (VivoCity), Kajiken (Paya Lebar Square), Shokutsu Ten (Jurong Point)
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

Really enjoyed this! The scallops were fresh and went very well with the sauce on top. There are only two pieces of scallop, but they’re fairly big and sliced into several pieces. The rice was, as usual, excellent. I think my favourite is still the salmon mentaiko, but that’s because I’m a big fan of mentaiko in general.

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Got the honey sake ($10), which was sweet and delicious so that we could order the sashimi ($1 per piece, minimum 5 pieces) and oysters ($2 per oyster)! Definitely worth it. The sweet potato truffle fries were pretty good, and we enjoyed the maki as well.

I had the tsukemen while my mom and bro had the ramen and it was delicious! Loved the tonkotsu broth, which we slurped up. For the tsukemen, I’d recommend letting the noodles soak in the sauce for a few seconds rather than just dipping - this way, you get the full flavour.

Sadly, the non-noodle dishes weren’t great. My agedashi tofu was way too oily, while my dad’s karaage was nothing to shout about. His miso soup was lukewarm too.

I guess it makes sense that they’ve focused on their speciality - so if you go, make sure to get their noodles!

I was intrigued when I saw this at Idaten Udon at Shokutsu Ten so I had to give it a go. The soup was, thankfully, not too thick while still tasting like carbonara sauce. The prawns were pretty juicy and I enjoyed the dish. The only part of this that was a let down was the fact that the mentaiko got lost in the carbonara and couldn’t be tasted at all.

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The first thing I noticed when I walked into Rakki Bowl was the truffle smell; it was insanely strong. So when the wagyu don came, it was a bit hard to distinguish the truffle taste from the scent already present in the place. That said, this was tasty (albeit very peppery) and I liked the combination of tender beef with runny egg.

I haven’t tried tempura since I came back to Singapore, so I’m glad that my ‘first’ experience was a good one! The tempura is crispy without being oily, and the rice is fluffy and has just the right amount of sauce. All the items were fried to perfection - I was surprised at how tender the and moist the chicken was! The only thing that brought the tendon down was the cheese in salmon tempura: I had almost no cheese. But it seems to vary from bowl to bowl, since my friend’s salmon oozed cheese. Perhaps I was just unlucky?

If you like cheese and mentaiko, you’ll love this! The cheese has a slightly ‘smoky’ taste from the grilling and isn’t too hard - which means when you mix everything, you can get cheese and mentaiko on all the noodles. It also comes with an onsen egg, which went well with the other two ingredients.

You can add more noodles for free but I thought that the regular serving was more than enough.


Got the kamatama udon (basically udon + egg) with matcha noodles ($7.90). The noodles were springy and the egg was just nice. But I couldn’t really taste the matcha in the noodles so it felt like I wasted $1 to change it.

The jump kaki tempura ($2) was really, really huge but also had an oily taste. The onions were sweet but I ended up not being able to finish it because the oil made it too heavy.

My sister recommended this to me and she definitely knows me well because I loved it! There was a generous helping of mentaiko sauce on the very tender salmon, and the seasoned rice was delicious (I love the extra texture that the tobiko gives). Even though there were quite a few ingredients, they all came together very well and formed an excellent rice bowl.

If you like miso soup, you should add $1 to get a bowl! The soup is slightly sweet (maybe because of the onions?) and has a unique citrus tang from the yuzu. It’s amazing and a great accompaniment to the rice.