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Featuring Fat Cow, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Umi Nami, Gyu Nami, Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish, Tampopo (Liang Court), Sora Boru, Hokkaido Marche, Hoshino Coffee (ION Orchard), Haru
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Interesting combination with the kimchi slices by the side but unfortunately the pork slices weren’t very fresh - the soft bones were too hard and not chewy, and the meat part quite dry. The sauce it was marinated in was nice though, would have gone well with the meat if it was fresher! You kind of pay for what you get.

The Iberico pork cheek slices were nicely torched and the fatty parts on the sides so sinfully good but I wished that the picture on the menu would not be so deceptive about the portion! The slices were significantly smaller than what was portrayed but at least the quality of the food is somewhat there. Loved how the rice was also drenched with the sauce. Ordered this during lunch and it came as a set with miso soup and a minced beef side which went well when mixed with the rice. Not the most value for money with the portions is still somewhat satisfactory!

Got the regular size which was really quite substantial! Could not finish the rice. But I loved how the rice was also nicely and evenly drenched with the savory sauce that the beef was marinated with. Loved how the creamy beef slices tasted too and they went well with the mixed cabbages!

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Where do I start with this! The aburi salmon pieces were quite perfectly torched (not too raw or cooked), the rice was nicely seasoned with their secret sauce (complements the salmon) and I especially love the generous amount of salmon pieces given, at that price! Was pleasantly surprised (: also no gst and service charge! Will be back for sure.

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Ramen in chicken and pork stock. The ramen and chasu were average but the clear broth was very comforting!

The texture of the udon was good (not too hard or soft), and the broth is rich and fragrant. The clams were tasteless though...


Had these at 50% off during their March promo (originally $18 each). Preferred the fresh one as the shime one was too salty (they had marinated it). Both were fresh and tender nevertheless, but still a little pricey.

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Had this 50% off during their anniversary discount (~$12.45). Very worth it during the discount period as there were at least 4 big pieces! Juicy meat but was pretty boney though, which made it a little prickly to swallow down.

This was such a delight!! I know people come here for the desserts but we were craving for some fries so we didn’t think too much about it. Surprisingly, the mentaiko mayo was sooooo good. One of the best. The fries were super fresh too. Was such a treat. Very underrated!!

Fresh and good! The piece looks seemingly small but the portion was just right! Value for money!

Fresh and juicy piece of (deboned) Saba fish! Comes with miso soup, salad and rice as well - very value for money! Indeed a hidden gem!

Got the large portion, enjoyed the generous serving of meat and the combination of the cream, runny egg yolk beef and pearl rice together! Was nice but wouldn’t specially go back for it again.

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