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The pork loin slices were nicely cooked in the fragrant broth, not too salty or soggy and the fatty parts at each end were so sinfully good! Fresh meat which went well with the pork belly soup! Quality ingredients that made a very pleasant meal, very worth its price!

This was the main course of the month of November (part of the 17-course meal) - unagi chasuke, which was fresh and very much comfort food. Pretty decent quality for its price, highly recommended for anyone looking to try omakase for the first time and do not wish to burn their pockets too much. They change their menus every so often so it’s always a surprise!

(There are more pieces but I had taken this halfway into the meal! Too good!)This premium loin katsu was worth it for so many reasons- the fatty part was very juicy and thick, the meat was tender and the batter as soft and crispy! Very freshly selection of meat that was so good, I didn’t even use the sweet sauce as I thought it’d spoil the fresh taste. Would have it again!

Loved the generous serving of aburi salmon and how nicely torched it was! The scallops were fresh and the truffle marinated with it gave it a sophisticated flavour- loved everything about this don!


Quite a sizable piece of unagi and other tempura for that price! The unagi was pretty fresh, the prawn tempura was average, seaweed tempura was nicely crispy and the portion of rice given was just nice. There was this chicken cheeseball tempura inside also and it was so heavenly. Decent tempura bowl for its price, but not the best.


Good dish to order if you are not too hungry as the portion is rather small. The soufflé was a little bland (nicer if it were creamier) and the rice was nicely cooked, much comfort food feels. Not a lot of meat given though. Not the best priced dish at Hoshino.

At $25 per pax, this hotpot came with a good portion of chicken, vegetables, prawns, minced chicken balls and noodles. Doesn’t sound like much but these ingredients were so fresh and tasty (maybe also because they were organic) and was rather filling at the end of it! Super fragrant and healthy collagen broth, and the chicken pieces were also really tender and sweet - pleasantly surprised as I would think that the taste would have gone into the broth! We also got the mochi mochi noodles which retained its chewiness despite leaving it to boil longer than we should. Very good meal! We left feeling very satisfied and nourished! Also good that they decided the portion for you rather than do it buffet style so you don’t end up over or under ordering!

This was so filling and fragrant! Each piece of chasu was thick and tender, the fatty parts were nicely juicy too. The broth was lightly fragrant! Also liked their Facebook page for a free slice of aburi chashu which you can see there - very delicious too. Very worth what you pay for and service is fast!

Got this 50% off using a chope voucher! The meat was nicely roasted in a medium rare fashion, and there were more slices than it looks. Also came in a set with a plate of gyoza! Value for money at 50% off, but was a pretty average meal.

Got this 50% with a chope voucher! The hamburg looks small but was just nice for the meal! Was also pretty juicy and fresh, nice sweet onions inside, albeit having a bit of the strong “beefy” taste. The rice was nice and supple too. Not bad, value for money at 50% off!

Not a big matcha fan but this pudding was pretty good. I like how it wasn’t too creamy, and the matcha taste not too strong/concentrated. Nice to end the meal with this!

Love how sweet and fresh the broth was! Very clean aftertaste. The selection of seafood in this hotpot was also really fresh, especially the salmon. The tiger prawns kind of lacked that sweetness, though. Still a really good and enjoyable meal!

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