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Beef Steak

Beef Steak

Featuring Fat Belly, Bedrock Bar & Grill, iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Les Bouchons (Ann Siang), Steakville, Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), Stirling Steaks (Opp Katong V), Ash & Char, Escape Restaurant & Lounge, Astons Specialities (Bugis+)
Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau
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Decided to drop in here for lunch since I was in the area. Pleasant surprise that it was the Roasted Ribeye for today’s lunch menu (Marche started a lunch express set at $9.90). The first set, Ribeye piece wasn’t much. So I went back to have a second lunch set. The guy was kind enough to cut me a slightly thicker slice this time (probably recognised me as I was back within 15mins to ask for a second piece).

How could you resist a baked Camembert. I requested for the garlic spread and capers to be served at side instead of putting on top, so my lunch companion and I can choose which and how much to put. They obliged without hesitation. I requested for my steak to be done Rare and my lunch companion asked for Medium. The steaks were juicy and done according to request.

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Back here for the 2nd time, this time with friends. So we shared the 1kg Op Ribs - done Rare. Shared between 2 person. It was good!
The friend of ours who preferred her steak done to Medium-Rare ordered 250g Ribeye and said she liked it too!

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This is approx 300g of Ribeye steak, done according to requested - Rare. It was juicy and tender. My lunch companion had hers done to Medium-rare and enjoyed it very much too!

I don’t fancy fries and so asked for no fries, which is actually their regular side with the steak.


This is my second visit and wanted to have the Ribeye steak again, and decided to try their NZ Rosemary Lamp Chop as well.

I think the Ribeye was done well - according to my request “Rare”. The guy recommended to have the Lamp Chop done Medium-Well or Well. However, I think it’s over-cooked as I prefer my meats more rare. So I might try the Lamp again but will request for it to be done Medium and see how it is.

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Great value-for-money grilled beef and lamp!
It’s my first at this place, decided to try a piece of their beef (200g striploin) and lamp shoulder (200g) without their sides, and they charged me only for the meats!

Tried the both Ribeye and Sirloin steaks at the relatively new setup at Novena Regency. Requested to have it medium-rare and served nit together.
Served on a hotplate, in medium-rare doneness. However, as I ate my Ribeye, the steak was still being cooked. So mid-way through, it became medium.

I like the steaks are decent portion (220g each) and came as how I requested - no sauce. While serving on a hotplate helps keep the steak warm, the only gripe is that the steak continues to be cooked on it.

Will come back again as the steaks are good and reasonably priced!


Couldn’t decide which to have, so decided to have both! Had it done to medium-rare.

Personally, the Ribeye was better - there was more redness, ie more medium-rare and easier to chew compared to the Sirloin. The sirloin was done towards medium and meat was more chewy. I’d order the GrassFed Ribeye again the next time.

Returned to this Wine Connection after my initial trial as I think they did a pretty decent job with the amount of seasoning and doneness of the steak.

Had the Ribeye again, and tried the Tenderloin this time. This was a good decision (over the Lamb Cutlets I had the previous time). 👍🏼


Rarely do you find a lamb dish in most restaurants’ menu, and I felt like trying lamb to see if I’d take to the taste vs beef.

I ordered it the dish to be done medium-rare, nit. The small cutlets were a little disappointing IMO - not much meat but very good amounts of fats.

As a result, I had to order another dish, and back to my Beef Ribeye steak, done to medium-rare. I liked it very much! The only exception was, I hope the kitchen would use Butter to grill their steaks in future instead of olive oil. The steaks would taste a lot better! I’d order the Ribeye the next time!

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Tried their Sirloin Steak, done medium-rare.
Seasoned with agood balance amount of salt and pepper.

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Wanted to try this place I’ve been passing by in the CBD. Starting with their salad bowls that’s available only before 5pm. Requested for only the beef and onsen egg, without any salad or rice or sauce.

I liked that the beef was done medium-rare and had a nice balance of salt and pepper.

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