Beef (Steaks, Roasted, And The Likes)

Beef (Steaks, Roasted, And The Likes)

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Fat Belly Alternative Steakhouse, Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), boCHINche, Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), The Carvery, Bedrock Bar & Grill, iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Marché Mövenpick (Suntec City), Escape Restaurant & Lounge
Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

Also ordered their Ribeye steak, this time I took a picture of how they ensured the presentation of the food is maintained even for a takeaway order. Such fresh Rosemary and garlic that paired well with the perfectly seasoned and grilled Ribeye steak! 👍👏

With the current phase 2 HA situation, the next best thing is to order takeaway. The team at BoCHINche did such a good job with good quality meats, plus cooking the meats to such perfection that it tasted fabulous even though it was consumed some 20 minutes later back at home! 👍👍

Returned for this superb dish since they’ve first introduced this in their recent menu.

It’s so good, it’s worth returning for. They have kept up and maintained their standard in the food quality. Would also applaud their marketing personnel for the prompt service response and follow-up! 👍

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Today’s lunch special was Ribeye Carving. Being the early bird today, I got to have the middle section of the carving where it’s more rare! Yumz! 😋

This is a new item on their menu and decided to give it try. I requested to omit the bearnaise sauce that comes with the egg, so it was just the eggs baked with cheese. I requested to have the steak done medium-rare.

I was impressed with how they did the steak done-ness according to request, salted to just the right amount where I could taste the juiciness of the beef with some salt with each bite! Plus, the baked eggs with cheese was a wonderful combination! 👍👍

It’s been a while since the last I had their lunch special beef carving. I jumped right at the chance when I saw that it was today’s lunch special. Asked to sprinkle some sea salt on it, and it certainly brings out the flavour of the beef! 👍😋

Have been wanting to try their advertised salt-crusted Tomahawk and finally I had a day off to visit Escape Restaurant. The meat was salted to just the right amount where it brought out the flavour and tenderness of the beef. Also, they did a good job in cooking to Medium-rare, as per requested. So, we’ll done to the Chef(s).

It says it’s for 3 pax. However, I’d say it really depends on big an eater you are. My friends and I (3 of us) are rather big eaters, and this was not enough for us actually.

The 3rd and last dish we ordered were their Pork Ribs, which they are suppose to be known/popular for.

We requested for the sauce to served at the side, so we can choose to add the amount of sauce according to our personal preference.

I was impressed with this! The meats was so tender, it was literally falling off, and the soft bones were so tender i barely needed to chew much. This was a last minute order as I weren’t satisfied with the first 2 dishes. I’m glad that I did as this was fabulous!

The other recommended dish was their 300g Ribeye steak. We requested to have the sauce and all at the sides, and have butter added to our steak.

I asked for medium-rare but it was done to medium, unfortunately. The steak was too lean for my liking. If not the butter, it would have been rather dry.

I’d likely reorder this to again if/when I should revisit.

It’s my first at Morganfield’s, based on a friend’s recommendation. Items ordered were also suggested by the same friend. First item is the Pork Belly Burnt Ends. I think it was ok, not fabulous. It didn’t taste like pork belly to me - not the usual taste and texture that of the pork belly I’ve had, though because it’s done differently. It’s just 4 sticks of it. I wouldn’t order this again though as I didn’t think it was worth the taste and price.

Had a craving for steak this noon. So, thought I’d give CarversX a try. Decided to try their Carvers Ribeye (220g), and without sauce. Personally, I prefer to have my steak with salt and pepper, particularly salt as it brings out the taste of the steak (beef); whereas the sauces actually camouflages the steak and all one is tasting is the sauce.

I’d say the steak is decent - done just right (medium), not overly done, so the meat is still rather tender. Plus, it has a right amount flavour (sufficiently seasoned with salt).

Came here expecting to have their buffet lunch but was disappointed to find out they don’t have the buffet, and only a-la-carte was available.

Ordered their Beef Sirloin steak, done medium-rare.
I’d say it’s decent; meat was tender and juicy.
The serving staff was pleasant, although the other staff encountered along the way (staff from the hotel side) was otherwise - the hotel staff needs to have service retraining.

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