Bugis-Suntec Good Food

Bugis-Suntec Good Food

Featuring Rich & Good Cake Shop (Kandahar), Mellower Coffee (Bugis), belle-ville Pancake Cafe (Bugis Junction), Kurasu (Waterloo), Chin Chin Eating House 津津, % Arabica (Arab Street), :Dual, District Sushi, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant (Marina Square), New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street)

Rustic blocks of salmon, tuna, mekajiki (swordfish), unagi, tako (octopus), tobiko, tamago, kani stick, poached prawn and ikura basked in special homemade bara sauce. Served with salmon miso soup》$20

Fishes were fresh but not the best chirashi if I’m to compare it with another shop with the same price. The only let down would be the sushi rice where I felt it has too much vinegar in it. I wonder if they accidenly poured too much vinegar that day 🤔

We’d tried the pork ribs and prawn noodle on Sunday morning after a breeze walk at Haji Lane.

The soup flavour’s was intense and satisfying. In my opinion, the pork ribs can be more tender and the prawns shouldn’t be overcooked. The chili padi would be better blend with soy sauce with thinner slices.

Price per bowl is $5.80 and waiting time about 15-20 mins.

Rate: 7/10

Blanco Court Prawn Noodle
243/245 Beach Road #01-01
Singapore 189754
7am - 4pm (Tue closed)
6396 8464

If high-quality milk means a milky flavour so pronounced that it overwhelms and masks the matcha flavour, I don’t want it. 😭 This was exactly the case with this Iced Matcha Latte - there was no significant difference in quality as compared to other matcha lattes I’ve had in the past.

Which made me question - what was I paying close to $10 a cup for? There was really no marked smoothness in the texture of the milk or in the whisked matcha mixture. Plus, there was not even a modicum of an element of complexity in the flavour. And with little to no sweetener, this was truthfully and regrettably - an unpleasant and unreasonably-priced drink.

It was merely its minimalist visuals and branding that give it the ‘pull’ appeal. Otherwise, subsequent visits are out of the question. 😐

If you are looking for a place to relax & chill while enjoying some asian fusion dishes, you may want to drop by @dualcafe.sg which is conveniently located along Arab Street, within 10 mins walk from Bugis MRT Station. Between the two dishes, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta & Mirin Salmon Grain Bowl, I had a difficult time deciding which is my favourite main!

The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta was tasty & flavourful! Loving the pretty presentation of the dish as well! While the salmon grain bowl has the best option of having a combination of both salad & brown rice, allowing individuals to enjoy a healthy diet.

I will always order this whenever I am here. Seafood Crabmeat Pasta ($19.90).
Top up $3.00 for Soup of the Day and Drink or $7.00 which includes a Dessert too.
Location: Creation Cafe, Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road, #01-43, Singapore 189702
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Should have gotten the matcha salted egg yolk croissant tooo. One of the best Danish pastries I've tried 🤤🤤🤤 #sgfood #burpple #exploreflavours #asiafoodprn #foodinhands #handsinframe #おいしい #pastry
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Packed with both tourists and locals because YY simply has the best kaya buns around. Soft, fluffy on inside and lightly toasted on the outside, the most value for money snack one can get around town.

Haven't had this for years but was one of my favourite places for lunch when I used to work around the area. As good as it was 7 years ago! Hearty and homey.

The noodles were springy and bouncy with mild spiciness, with the bit of Abalone soup in it, it brings more flavour to the noodles! Plenty of minced pork serving with sliced pork! Also comes with 1 fried fishballs and half a Tamago egg! Final top with a 🍢 stick of Abalone and clam dipped into Abalone sauce! Gobble down this bowl of noodles with Abalone soup which is refillable! #lamkitchen #lamskitchen #abalonenoodle #abalone

Recall the next thing that you crave for. As for me I was craving for laksa and I knew this bowl curry chicken beehoon was nowhere close to a bowl laksa, but it's curry and beehoon! I was delighted with joy when I ate the tau kwa (which I normally dislike) as it was far from dry and in fact, I can taste the tofu as much as the curry absorbed in between the pores. Priced at $4, this meal is truly a comfort food with all the quality ingredients.

Chocolate & Kaya Swiss rolls, $7 & $8 respectively for the entire roll. The cake itself was so soft & fluffy to the touch, u wld not believe. Tried the Kaya first, it was so moist, delicious! But it paled in comparison to how good the Chocolate was. I was so pleasantly surprised! The filling was so good, a mixture of creaminess & fudginess. I’m officially on a mission to try out all the flavours!

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Came here for lunch at 12pm and realized they were on eatigo. Made a reservation and got 30% off the bill. Soup was flavourful and there were quite a bit of ingredients in it compared to others. Octopus, 2 clams, a prawn and a mussel, plus bits of meat. Paid $11+ person. Super value for money! But we felt v thirsty afterwards so I guess there was MSG in it?


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