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Ade Tan
Ade Tan

Somehow remembered suki-ya to be a lot more affordable and value for money than what it is currently... Their only saving grace is probably that the meat slices are actually still pretty nice - especially the fatty beef > normal beef > pork! 😋😋 The variety of sides was honestly painfully limited, but still do appreciate their cheesy meatballs that I actually like! (Though some may not as it’s filled to the brim with super cheesy nacho cheese!) Decent place to satisfy your hotpot cravings, but definitely catch their 1-for-1 or eatigo deals instead cause not totally worth the usual price 😥😥

Gotta put a disclaimer out there that this buffet doesn’t have too good a variety nor typical more premium dishes (such as salmon sashimi). But gotta say that it’s still pretty worth it for the fact that the food they do serve was generally pretty yummy, and the seafood was so so fresh! Free flow oysters, prawns, mussels and clams for $30++?? Yes pls any day! Definitely a more oriental slant in the buffet menu but the local food was pretty decently done. Desserts were slightly lackluster though without the typical durian pengat and most desserts were below average. Fried Kaya balls, red bean soup and the soft serve yogurt was pretty good though! Probably could find equally value buffets with better variety elsewhere, but definitely a good place to satisfy any oyster cravings 🌊🌊

Closest thing nowadays to Seasonal Salad Bar 😍😍 Mains are pretty decent with their signature Rotisserie Chicken that comes with 4 sauces (tried the Rock Honey Garlic Glazed, and I actually quite enjoyed the sweet saltiness of it though might be overly cloying and sweet for some). Chicken leg confit would be a more tender choice, while chicken wings were really crispy and flavourful (and also same price as with just the salad bar). Main star of the meal definitely has to be the free-flow salad bar that comes with a whole variety of salads (chickpeas, kidney beans, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, peppers, sunflower seeds etc), many many sauces, cooked (slightly unhealthy) food (potato wedges, buttered corn, sautéed mushroom), soups minestrone and cream of corn), fruits (watermelon, honeydew and grapes - all very very sweet) and drinks (fizzy drinks, ice lemon tea, mocha/Milo, very diluted coffee)! Definitely a very value place to come for a heart meal with unlimited Astons sides with a protein-rich main (and definitely appreciate the prompt service and no time limit) 👍🏻👍🏻

Pretty good in terms of variety but quality of food suffers in exchange 😢😢 Sashimi section consisted of salmon, tuna, mock abalone, shrimp while seafood section had mussels and prawns, with jellyfish, seaweed, pickles and kimchi to go on the side, with a. variety of sushi (inari, tamago, sotong, California roll). Sashimi was decently fresh (first batch was messy and gross, but second batch was better cut and arranged) but definitely lower-grade sashimi (what can you expect right), liked the jellyfish too! Western section had roast pork (dry), beef stew (super tough), cream spinach, buffalo wings, vegetarian and chicken pizza, cream mussels. Western and the hotpot sections were the more meh ones, with the hotpot broth being bland and ingredients substandard. Yakitori and teppanyaki sections were much better. I particularly enjoyed the chicken skewers, chicken cheese balls (ok but these taste cheap), Saba fish and grilled corn. Salmon head was too oily with minimal meat and teppanyaki chicken was the only ok one. Oden was tasteless and left me going “oh then??” Desserts like cakes (red bean matcha, mango) and puddings (goma) were bleh, but ice cream (matcha, black sesame, chocolate) was decent with many many toppings (red bean!!!). I’m just sold by the red bean with matcha ice cream combi, plus dipping their waffles (though soggy) into the chocolate fondue 😍😍 Overall, the dinner price wasn’t worth imo and I could easily have gone for a hotel buffet at this price. But do try them out for weekday lunches ($22.80++), and clearing service was fast and no time limit on your eating too!

My go to place whenever I’m free for on a weekday lunch + craving some good ol army stew! Love that the army stew is so customizable in every single aspect! 😍😍 (Other than Yoogane’s weekday lunch promo that comes with a free cheese ring but less variety of ingredients) The spiciness ranges from non-spicy to mild/normal/intense spiciness using different combinations of sauces 🌶🌶 There is definitely a good range of fresh ingredients (cabbage, beansprouts, mushrooms, bean curd skin, tofu, spicy chicken, normal chicken, luncheon meat, sausage, clams, sweet potato noodles, vermicelli), many many types of tteokbokki (sweet potato-filled, cheese-filled, normal in different shapes and sizes, potato gnocchi) and of course ramen! Basically everything that you might ever see in an army stew was available and the quantity of each highly customizable! 🎉🎉 Also, loved that there was cooked food on the side while waiting for the stew to boil, like fried gimbal, fried dumplings, fried fish cake, fried chicken (only the fried chicken and maybe dumplings were decent, most of the fried food was cold sadly) and eomuk/odeng (good thought but it was pretty plain, skip this or soak it in the army stew for more flavour). The time limit is strict at 60 min for students and 90 min for adults during weekday lunches, so plan you time strategically! Leave 10-15 min at the end to evaporate out the sauce and cook your own kimchi fried rice 🤤🤤 The rice really soaks up the sauce and was pretty delicious being fried up with luncheon meat, corn, kimchi and seaweed! A really worth it meal and definitely would recommend if you’re near Clementi/Suntec on a weekday lunch and craving some hot stew 😋😋


The army stew ($12.90++/pax) is flavourful enough and the first batch is chocked full of ingredients like marinated chicken, chicken sausage, luncheon meat, cheese ball, Korean fish cakes, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, tofu, tteokbokki, leek, cabbage, kimchi, baked beans and a slice of cheese. And to make things better, this comforting bowl of soup is surrounded by a huge ring of cheese! It’s a mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and the first few times I went it was really gooey and cheese pulley, but it was pretty watery on my most recent visit (hopefully it’s a one-off thing). But only certain ingredients (ramen, sausages, luncheon meat, cheese ball, tofu, kimchi and enoki mushrooms) are refillable so it might get a bit boring after a while. Overall, a good place to hang out (provided they aren’t busy and don’t chase you out after 90 min) and pig out (on the free flow side dishes which are self-help so don’t worry about waiters judging you for refilling 10X) 🐽🐽

They’re currently having a promotion at $53 nett/2 people or $26.90/person!! Not sure how long their promotion is for (so call up before going down) but it’s super worth it 😍😍 Salted egg cheese is easily the best cheese pull in Singapore and it tasted so so good with bits of curry leaves and strong hints of salted egg, all masked in a scrambled-egg-looking cheese. The mookata comes in a grill with 4 side slots, of which 3 can be different cheeses (salted egg cheese, truffle cheese, mozzarella cheese, ladyboy cheese, in descending order of bombziness) and the last being grilled egg (light taste was good for neutralizing the greasiness so can eat more!!). The variety was decent with 3 main categories. Category 1 (cheap ingredients) with vegetables, 3 types of mushrooms, maggi mee and rice. Category 2 (cheap meat ish things) with cheese tofu, different types of cheese balls (so so), pork collar, pork belly and quail eggs. Category 3 (the goods) with lamb rack, beef, chicken, smoked duck, salmon, clams, scallops and imitation abalone. Felt that the seafood wasn’t great except the salmon, and the beef, pork collar and chicken (takes long to cook tho) definitely tasted better (especially with the cheese). MVP of the meal still goes to the salted egg cheese which made everything taste amazing 😋😋 As if all these wasn’t enough, the meal comes with free flow super sweet drinks (thai milk tea, green tea milk tea, lemon tea) and ice cream (chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint, yam, blueberry). Pretty worth it meal with amazing superb service and no time limit. Location is near the supper stretch and opens till late as well! Free parallel parking around the area on weekends too 💯💯 Ambience might be a little hot and ventilation wasn’t great, but definitely a great spot to pig out and roll around in endless cheese 🐽🧀

Ade Tan

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Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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