All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

A pretty sinful and exciting drink to have, it topped with marshmallow, milo powder, malt balls and chocolate pocky. $14++

In the inspiration from the former Magnolia Milk Bar, they have a series of milkshake with interesting name.


The bubble tea war still going strong with another brand coming in at Ang Mo Kio. Unlike many other similar bubble tea shops, Daboba actually opened inside an existing shoplot; within a beauty salon.

The one I ordered was their top 2 drink in the menu so I give it a try. Was disappointed actually because the pearl really hard to chew. Even they gave lots of pearls but I didn’t finish them. $4.30

Chi Kinjo separates into 2 floors with top for the restaurant and bottom for the bar. The bar specialise in highballs, with their beverage consist of a base spirit topped with non-alcoholic, carbonated mixers, stirred and served in a tall glass layered with loads of ice.

Mine was one of it that mixed with Tanqueray 10 Gin, fresh pear juice, lemon juice, simply syrup, tonic water and rosemary sprig.

Unlike the usual cocktail, this is was less alcoholic taste but more taste on the fruits. Which is very refreshing without the strong alcohol. $16++

How could you come here without having their signature beer. For a pleasant taste with mild bitterness, you definitely can go for this one.

Beside their series of pastries, they also sell coffee and tea here. $5

First try this rice yogurt drink when I was in Sydney with another brand that going to open here soon at Jurong East.

Consider a much healthier drink than bubble tea, you could bite lots of purple rice inside the drink and it is a milky yogurt. Definitely worth trying it.

Finally there’s new outlet here in the west side. Spacious with plenty of waiting and seating area inside.

I got their seasonal drink, the Tipsy Grape Beer with a combo of Kyoho grapes, malty beer and aqua green. Be aware that this drink content limited amount of alcohol but definitely won’t make you drunk.

I enjoyed it considering how refreshing it was.

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Perfect for such a raining day, French rose tea with dried longan and cinnamon. Take note that this requires a minimum 10 minutes of waiting time as they need time to brew it. $7.50


After opening their first outlet in Jewel Changi Airport, finally they have reached the city area with one outlet inside Republic Plaza.

You probably won’t find this place easily because it is located on the second floor outside the building gantries, without connecting to any other places.

Not really a big space here but seats available for probably 20 people. I came here for their drink and it is all self-service with their kiosk outside their shop for you to order.

Their iced Thai Milk Tea was milky and you can choose the level of sweetness. $4.50

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A very old school coffee shop here at Kampong Glam that offer one of the best teh tarik. Milky but not so sweet.

Yet here I am in another bubble tea shop. Interestingly you probably wouldn’t know about this place until you visit City Gate along Beach Road. You won’t find this place easily, it is not on the ground floor or facing outside; but located at the basement of the building. So if you want to find this place you need to take the escalator down and there you are. I’m not sure why they choose to open in the basement with less crowd, but probably due to cheaper rental I guess.

They have different types of drink from milk tea to cheese tea. As usual for something refreshing you can go for their fruit tea. I find a huge piece of watermelon in my cup so you could eat it after you finish your drink.

Try it for the first time in Hong Kong last year and finally now I can try more of it here at their first outlet in Singapore.

I needed a strong taste of coffee so I went for the Americano. Cold and hopefully it can wake me up throughout the day. $6.60

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I hunt for foods.

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