All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Found this bubble tea shop at 111 Somerset and they offered quite a wide range of drinks here.

Their grass jelly milk tea taste sweet but not too overwhelming if you keep the sugar level low. Every sips could get you the pieces of grass jelly.

There’s some bar seats here to enjoy your drink.

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One of the Burpple Beyond merchants that serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during Artbox Singapore.

Wasn’t looking for something heavy on Thursday night, so going for something light and easy.

The butterfly pea biscoff soda is a refreshing drink served in beautiful colour of butterfly pea.

You may not in luck to see JJ Lin here, but at least you could grab a decent cup of coffee here.

The long queue has gone, so you could easily grab your coffee on weekends and enjoy the beautiful view of CBD and lily pond here.

For people come for the first time, I definitely recommend their signature Kaya Cloud.

Topped with thick layer of cream with sea salt, which created a rich blend of sweetness to the coffee. So for people who prefer strong taste of coffee might have to avoid this.

A new Japanese dessert shop recently opened at VivoCity, specialising with their signature matcha drinks and desserts.

They offered a wide range of matcha drinks here. For what I ordered here, it comes with 2 pieces of mochi in the drink.

The matcha itself actually sweet enough for me, not too bitter. But adding the Japanese sugar syrup actually added another layer of sweetness to it.

Bali On The Cove also could be a great place to just chill over some drink, and overlooking the yachts here.

I ordered the hot chai latte but sadly it wasn’t hot but just warm. So it get cold down very fast.

Although their address is at Arab Street, but Tarik actually located at the side of the corner shop; with the shop facing the mosque at Muscat Street.

Surprisingly to see there’s a queue when I was here on weekend. Many people came here for their coffee, tea and some snacks.

No proper seats here, only some benches. So mostly takeaway.

Teh Zaffron is one of their signature drink, which is a masala tea mixed with premium spice and saffron. It has a strong hint of spice in the tea.

Singapore’s most iconic beer would definitely belongs to Tiger Beer and you actually could get a glimpse of how the beer being make over at their factory in Tuas.

They have this brewery tour to bring you around the factory to learn the process, which definitely worth the trip and money.

Of course at the end of the tour, you will entitled for a half pint of Tiger Beer at their bar. A great escape with your friends and family and chill with some beer at the end.

This is definitely a great coffee place to grab some drink and pastries, whether you are waiting for someone, in between activities, chilling with friends or just finding a place to do your work.

They have a very nice and bright looking space here, and some seats comes with plug as well.

You can order from their website to earn reward points.

Singapore Latte is their take on the Nanyang style coffee, espresso added with fresh milk, condensed milk, salt and pepper. Every sips you could really taste the peppery, it is also very creamy and strong.

They served coffee and other drinks here. If you look for non-coffee, I would recommend their matcha latte. Smooth and strong taste of matcha even as it served with ice cubes.

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Coconut drink shops can be easily find around nowadays, and here we have a new concept of coconut drink shop that adapting the Japanese style.

I wasn’t going for any fancy but just a normal kind of coconut shake, so I went for this one. Which is the original coconut shake but added with light chrysanthemum.

It did has the hint of chrysanthemum on my first sip and the whole drink is refreshing and light, while the coconut still there. There’s also lots of coconut bites as well.

I’m not sure whether the shop they situated inside the mall now is accessible or not, as it seems quite hidden unless you really go all the way in. I also can’t find the shop at first.

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Times flies and I still remember my visit to their outlet in Taiwan.

Finally they have opened their outlet here in Singapore, offering a much similar menu.

One of the top drink is this super refreshing drink, definitely a cure for thirsty day.

They also have plenty of seats here for you to enjoy and chill.

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A quiet cafe located at Waterloo Centre, serving drink and cake from early morning.

Wasn’t looking for any caffeine drink this morning so I gotten their signature pumpkin latte instead.

Smooth and creamy, very tasty when drinking it warm. Paired with cinnamon stick for you to stir and adding some cinnamon hint in the drink.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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