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All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

A very old school coffee shop here at Kampong Glam that offer one of the best teh tarik. Milky but not so sweet.

Yet here I am in another bubble tea shop. Interestingly you probably wouldn’t know about this place until you visit City Gate along Beach Road. You won’t find this place easily, it is not on the ground floor or facing outside; but located at the basement of the building. So if you want to find this place you need to take the escalator down and there you are. I’m not sure why they choose to open in the basement with less crowd, but probably due to cheaper rental I guess.

They have different types of drink from milk tea to cheese tea. As usual for something refreshing you can go for their fruit tea. I find a huge piece of watermelon in my cup so you could eat it after you finish your drink.

Try it for the first time in Hong Kong last year and finally now I can try more of it here at their first outlet in Singapore.

I needed a strong taste of coffee so I went for the Americano. Cold and hopefully it can wake me up throughout the day. $6.60

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Finally the pop-up we have been waiting for is here! Saw the crazy queue in Shanghai and the trend was heat up once again in Singapore.

A Instagrammable truck parked outside Singapore Conference Hall, inside you not only can buy the drink but also find a whole range of merchandise available for sales.

Waiting time could be longer during peak hours consider only 2 staffs managing both the drink and merchandise sales.

For the drink itself, it also comes with konjac jelly pearls which much chewable than the usual bubble. The sweet wasn’t that strong as I expected but in the good way and the after taste of the white rabbit candy is there in your mouth. $5

With the bubble tea trend continue, here we are for another new brand just landed here in Singapore. Feng Cha is also well-known in China, with their first outlet here in Singapore; located at Burlington Square.

They are unique for their bottle where you can put the straw in directly without popping it. Then you stir your drink to create another colour of it. $3.90

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Finally there’s Real Food here at Yishun, you no longer have to travel far to the city area if you staying around here.

Thanks for their collaboration with Tzu Chi Singapore, they have setup an outlet here under their Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre at the former Yishun Polyclinic.

I came during their soft opening at night and not much people still unaware of this place.

But they have a whole range of interesting drinks available here from tea, coffee to smoothie. Butterfly pea is one of the refreshing series that I would recommend. $8

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I tried once when I was in Taipei and finally got the chance to taste it again here. It was milky and strong taste of chocolate. $4.80

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A very cosy and small cafe serving their brew tea and dessert.

Autumn is the first handcrafted expression from their travel series. Brewed with rooibos as a base and paired with homemade lemonade and a lemon verbena- lavender infused syrup, this refreshing drink is inspired by their family trip to Seoul in Autumn where they played with autumn foliage at Gyeongbokgung. $7.50

This place was crowded before 6pm for their cocktail promotion. So come after if you prefer lesser crowd and don’t mind paying more.

They have a extensive list of cocktails here with this being of their signature. Made of sake, lemon juice and cucumber. Not a big pour but refreshing taste. $18++

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I have hear about this place long time ago and finally made my trip here. Located on the second floor of Ocean Tower, the actual location is actually the lower building in front of it. Look for their signage along the walkway and take the lift up to 2nd floor.

The cafe is situated within the co-working space so expect the office setting layout of seats here.

I came during afternoon so I ordered this as I don’t want to consume anymore coffee. The matcha doesn’t taste strong enough and overwhelming by the milk. Probably I should try their coffee next time.


Strong coffee aroma hit the first slip. Perfect kickstart for the day here. $6

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If you are tired of all the bars around Clarke Quay and look for a much quiet place to have your drink. Heytea actually open until 1am with their Tea Geek kiosk inside serving cocktail.

Their Spring Fling took a spin on the classic Mojito, by infusing Jasmine Cloud Pine and crushed mint leaves in the mix. Made it very refreshing and tasty. $16

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I hunt for foods.

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