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All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung
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[Burrple Eatup]

I usually won’t visit places that target specially to tourists like this Bussorah Street. But thanks to Burpple for the invitation to try these restaurants along the street.

Started off the eatup with some refreshing drink. First slip and you already taste the mint which good for settling down after whole day of work; and get ready for some good foods here. $6.50+

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Most people come here for their ice cream and waffle. They also sell smoothie here using their ice creams.

Was looking for some coffee place nearby Little India and I found this tiny shophouse.

Due to the space constraint, they have this triple decker seats where you can climb to the top and enjoy your coffee.

Many backpackers would come here for breakfast and they have a small table here to use your laptop. $5

Interesting concept of supermarket here with everything about cashless and technology.

You can order your drink straight away from Honestbee app and wait for your food to be ready to collect.

They do have a selection of exciting local fusion mocktail like this. This Gula Melaka can be really savoury for some but definitely worth trying it.

Smoothie drink is always the best thing to have whenever it is a super hot day.

Ordered their smoothie drink for only $6.90 and I was not disappointed. Service was fast in the evening.

The drink mixed with mango, pineapple and banana; comes with basil seed pudding and coconut flakes. The mango somehow tasted the strong among the rest and there’s lot of basil seed pudding in it.

Decided to have some drink here over chat with my friend.

The tea trend is still ongoing here with another new shop located inside VivoCity.

Specialise in their fruit tea and tea latter. Impressed by the cup packaging, so I go for their oolong latte which you actually can taste the peach flavour in it. Overall refreshing and looking forward to try their fruit tea next time. $4.50

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Another reason to be here would be their large iced coffee for only $3. A perfect cup for grab and go.

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This is probably the most expensive cheese drink I have in the past, but the amount of cheese on top of my drink was not joking. The strawberry juice at the bottom taste a bit dilute for me but you still able to taste the strawberry. You need a straw to drink the juice while slip the lid on top of the cup to taste the cheese. $8.30

With so many bubble tea shops around, this probably another place for you to go if you are looking for a healthy drink. Hidden under the escalator at the 1st floor of Suntec City Mall, they are specialise in serving enzyme drink with different flavours.

Enzyme drink itself is a health boost aim to enhance bodily functions like digestion and metabolism. So perhaps after having your meal here in the mall, why not stop by and have some enzyme drink. $3.80 (Small)

Opened by the same team behind R&B, this place serve their signature drinks including the oolong series and the rest. They also provided some seats here. $3.20 (medium)

I hunt for foods.

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