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This was so disappointing 😩 barely any crab meat and vegetables were pretty much tasteless! Pizzas were better but It just wasn’t the kind of pizza I like eating. Nothing stood out here so I probably wouldn’t be back. 5/10

Had the prawn aglio olio (~$25) abs the jazz burger (~$23) both tasted really average and nothing to shout about. Jazz burger was slightly drier and less oily than normal burgers (smth I liked bc I didn’t like oily burgers) but wedges were too stale and dry. Aglio olio was very garlicky and generous with the prawns but again didn’t stand out as compared to other aglios I had.


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Was excited to see a whole section dedicated to Mac n cheese so decided to get the beef and meatball mac and cheese (~$15) to try. 🤪 presentation was lovely and Mac and cheese was adequately cheesy!!! Pasta to beef ratio was pretty good and the cheese tasted much more chewy than other macncheese places!!


Tom yum prawn pasta (~$13.90) and green curry pasta ($13.90) were interesting but nothing that special. Really like the ambience here though, very cosy and chill! Chicken in the green curry pasta was a little dry and the Tom yum tasted slightly too sweet.

Ice cream were much better

Pastas 6/10


The la nonna (~$24.50) had a strong truffle taste and smell!! Combined with the egg and the cheese, this was just goodness 😍 Egg was flowy and cheese was amazingly chewy ! A must to get whenever I’m back here !!

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Food wasn’t that great, had the vongole (~$17) and the turkey mac and cheese (~$13). Vongole was a tad bit salty for my liking, while mac and cheese was tasty but very filling.

Pandan pancakes (~$12) were amazing! Could smell the pandan before even putting the pancakes into my mouth. Pancakes were fluffy, moist, soft and light, and the coconut ice cream complemented the pandan pancakes really well.

Would suggest ditching the mains and just have dessert and coffee, but maybe just didn’t get the right pastas.


Read the reviews for this place so honestly had some kind of expectation.,,, but was pretty disappointed. Had the vongole (~20.90) Clams had sand (??) in them and some even tasted really smelly-ish. Pasta was unflavourful, not quite sure what I was even eating, as if I was eating just for the sake of it.

Although I must say service staff were really lovely and attentive, and friendly as well! A little sad though, cos this seems like such a nice place.

6/10 (only for the lovely staff!)

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Tried the crayfish pasta (~25), with 2 crayfish and loads of pasta! Very generous with their serving 😌 the di mare pizza (~28) was filled with seafood yet didn’t taste too fishy, something that many pizzas usually can’t avoid. Service was amazing and wait staff were really attentive 😛 would be back to try other items on their menu


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Umami prawn pasta (~20), came with 5 prawns and a very generous serving of tobikko! Tobikko was really good but pasta was lacking a strong umami taste, tasted a lil bland at times.

However extremely disappointed in the service. Wanted to go to the second floor ( bc we were seated on the same table as a really noisy group of people ) but staff told us it was reserved. Yet when another group came in, they managed to get the table on the second floor.... so clearly there’s some dishonesty going on..........

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Honestly forgot the name of this dish, but it was a seafood pizza (~23). Pretty disappointing as it tasted fishy and slightly one dimensional, with not much substance or additional flavour. Only saving point was the crust which was thin, crispy and to my liking. Probably won’t be back unless to try something else like their desserts


In the words of my friend, "the best burger i've ever eaten". Can't comment on that bc I didn't have the burger, but boy was the fries good. I mean who isn't a sucker for curly fries? Crab meat pasta was amazing as well, packing that right amount of spice to make it shiok but not too much that I couldn't take it. Wasn't ridiculously oily too which is a plus point for sure. Quite a substantial amount of meat so I'm really satisfied. Will be back to try out the burger heh. 8.5/10

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Read a couple of reviews which stated the laksa pizza was a must try so decided to get it, and I wasn’t disappointed. On first bite, I tasted the cheesiness and crispiness of the pizza, but the distinct laksa flavour kicked in soon after. Prawns and quail eggs really integrated the laksa into the pizza, making it an interesting and very yummy dish!

Umami prawn aglio was tasty as well, with 4 juicy prawns and bonito flakes!!! were!!! such a good touch!!!!!!

9/10 will be BACK 😻😻

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