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Finally managed to try the impossible meat !!! hehe 😋 Texture of the meatballs really felt like beef meatballs, however taste wise it was slightly more bland, and had this spice-like aftertaste??? Is it just me 😦 Didn’t like the impossible pasta (~$19) in particular though bc it was just really dry and I found myself not being able to finish it though I was hungry :-(
Also tried the brownie (~$5) with ice cream previously and it tasted average, very thick and chocolately, couldn’t stomach anything and ate about half.

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Highlight of this meal was probably the DOUGH BALLS (~$5). Eyed it on another table and decided to get decision.... 😛 Said I was gonna have 1 but ended up eating 4 bc the dough balls were so soft and light so it wouldn’t be too filling, and the garlic butter that came with it was garlicky and not too salty!

La Reine (~$16) a classic pizza with ham mushroom olives and mozzarella was pretty plain imo and there wasn’t much cheese on the pizza. Would suggest getting their thin crust signature pizzas cos that honestly looked MUCH better and the flavours were more interesting 🍤🦐🦀
Chicken and mushroom risotto (~$14) tasted like..... $14 salty atas porridge........ felt so salty (literally and figuratively) after eating it..... no go.......

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Prawn and chorizo orecchiette (~$20.90) a tomato based pasta with lotsa prawns and sausages. They were Super generous with the prawns- 5 huge prawns (although some had a really strong fishy smell). Pasta was very interesting and easy to eat, and tomato sauce was kinda thin instead of chunky.
My Friend had the spaghetti boscaiola (~$19.90), a carbonara pasta which was so smooth I was really surprised!! Wasn’t like normal carbonara pastas which got SUPER jelat and creamy after awhile, instead it was thinner but still very tasty ☺️


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Don’t be fooled by the looks of this pizza... bc I was. Crust was so guddd. Like a I don’t usually eat all my pizza crust but I did here good. .
Granchio (~$22.90) a tomato crabmeat pizza didn’t have a strong seafood-y taste and wasn’t too cheesy such that it became jelak (WHICH I really appreciate so much). However was a lil garlicky, not something I really liked.


Clam and hotate mentaiko pasta (~$23) couldn’t taste the mentaiko at all which was disappointing. Tasted kinda boring after awhile so I wouldn’t recommend this :(
Very crowded and hectic as well

Lobster ravioli (~$32) was thick, creamy and very satisfying. Ravioli was packed generously with lobster, and creamy tomato sauce complimented the pasta well!


This was so disappointing 😩 barely any crab meat and vegetables were pretty much tasteless! Pizzas were better but It just wasn’t the kind of pizza I like eating. Nothing stood out here so I probably wouldn’t be back. 5/10

Had the prawn aglio olio (~$25) abs the jazz burger (~$23) both tasted really average and nothing to shout about. Jazz burger was slightly drier and less oily than normal burgers (smth I liked bc I didn’t like oily burgers) but wedges were too stale and dry. Aglio olio was very garlicky and generous with the prawns but again didn’t stand out as compared to other aglios I had.


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Was excited to see a whole section dedicated to Mac n cheese so decided to get the beef and meatball mac and cheese (~$15) to try. 🤪 presentation was lovely and Mac and cheese was adequately cheesy!!! Pasta to beef ratio was pretty good and the cheese tasted much more chewy than other macncheese places!!



Tom yum prawn pasta (~$13.90) and green curry pasta ($13.90) were interesting but nothing that special. Really like the ambience here though, very cosy and chill! Chicken in the green curry pasta was a little dry and the Tom yum tasted slightly too sweet.

Ice cream were much better

Pastas 6/10


The la nonna (~$24.50) had a strong truffle taste and smell!! Combined with the egg and the cheese, this was just goodness 😍 Egg was flowy and cheese was amazingly chewy ! A must to get whenever I’m back here !!

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Food wasn’t that great, had the vongole (~$17) and the turkey mac and cheese (~$13). Vongole was a tad bit salty for my liking, while mac and cheese was tasty but very filling.

Pandan pancakes (~$12) were amazing! Could smell the pandan before even putting the pancakes into my mouth. Pancakes were fluffy, moist, soft and light, and the coconut ice cream complemented the pandan pancakes really well.

Would suggest ditching the mains and just have dessert and coffee, but maybe just didn’t get the right pastas.


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