Time For Rösti

Time For Rösti

Rösti the Swiss interpretation of hashbrown. Ok, not really but they are quite similar. Currently one of my favourite food.
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Dine here with my friend on a Sunday afternoon and ordered the rosti. Staff said it would be a 20 minutes wait and I was okay with it.

The rosti was a good size served with a sunny side up egg, sour cream and a choice of cheesy sausage ($17), smoked bratwrust ($19), smoked salmon ($22) or corned beef ($19). So your rosti paid is according to the sides that you choose. There's also an option to add on rosti at +$9. The rosti was good. Shredded pieces of potato, lumped together and fried till the sides were super crispy but yet not burnt. So you have this super crispy outer crust while the middle is soft. The smoked bratwrust was good as well. It had a good bite and was firm. Taste-wise it was smoky and salty which complemented well with the unseasoned rosti.

Overall if you love your potatoes real crispy, this is your go-to place but fyi we waited 1hr 20mins before we got a table.

Create Your Own Swiss Meal ($14.90 for 1 main + 2 sides + 1 sauce).

I chose chicken cheese bratwurst, rosti (+$1), roasted potatoes and sour cream. My friend had smoked pork ceverlat (+$1), swiss egg pasta and baby spinach (+$1).

Chicken cheese bratwurst was good. Firm, well seasoned with bits of flowly cheese. Rosti was fabulous. Perfectly cooked, crispy edges and well seasoned. Roasted potatoes on the other hand could use more seasoning.
Smoked pork ceverlat was firm but would have been tastier if it was more seasoned. Swiss egg pasta was not to my liking. Tasted kinda like chicken powder egg noodle? And also it kinda lacked seasoning. Baby spinach was good. Came with cherry tomatoes and coated with a vinaigrette dressing.

Also we had the Iced Elderflower Tea ($1.50 U.P. $3). Really nice, my first time trying elderflower. Their tea had just the right amount of sweetness and some slightly peachy floral-y flavour.

Overall I would definitely come back here if I have cravings for rosti. Plus with the burpple 1-for-1 this meal cost only $20.90 for the two of us.


I LOVE rosti so I brought my friends to marche! (Also there's a 20% off and a 1-for-1 rosti promo at a certain timing ongoing right now)

Swiss Rosti with Gravlax Salmon.($8.90 + $10.90) The rosti was perfectly cooked. Golden brown and crispy on the outside. The unseasoned rosti paired well with the salty cured salmon. The salmon might be the priciest add-on but I have no regrets.

The DIY rösti offered here let's you customise. (Base + 1 Protein + 2 Toppings + 1 Sauce)

For the base there's Original ($18) and Cheesy ($20). I chose the Original topped with Crispy Fried Streaky Bacon, Poached Egg, Sautéed Baby Spinach and Mustard Hollandaise.

The rösti was good. Crispy edges, firm well cooked shredded pieces of potato and well seasoned. Bacon wasn't crispy which made me a little disappointed. Poached Egg was perfectly cooked with the yolk oozing out when cut and the egg had a slight sweet taste. Baby Spinach was sautéed with onions. Did not quite like it as it reminded me of the Chinese minced garlic stired fried vegetables. Mustard Hollandaise also did not suit me. Maybe I'll get the Classic Hollandaise the next time.

Overall the base of the rösti was good. Taste and look-wise.

A Singaporean who loves trying new places and eating good food

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